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Episode 25: Backlash!

Shithole countries and shitty media men… Maya and Rebecca break down the budding backlash against (and surprising resilience of) #MeToo, and yes take a moment to gawk at the foulness spewing out of Trump’s shithole of a mouth. It was a hell of a week. Good thing we have liquor.


Bonus Episode! Han, Luke and Leia’s Last Stands

Surprise! Here’s a little extra Sauce to flavor your week. Maya and Rebecca talk about The Last Jedi, Star Wars Episode 9 and the last stand Leia never got to have.


Episode 24: The Last Jedi (Spoiler: It Isn’t Luke)

Brace yourselves, nerds. In this episode, Maya and Rebecca attempt to ruin Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Yet how can one ruin that which already sucks?You might want to drink along with this one. (Warning: Massive spoilers.)


Episode 23: Feminism’s Red Pill?

Enjoy Maya and Rebecca getting way off topic in these deleted segments from a previously recorded episode. They ask if #MeToo is feminism’s “red pill” moment, marvel at the GOP’s personal responsibility fetish, and touch on other seemingly unrelated subjects. Of course, Maya and Rebecca see literally everything as related, and after a few cocktails … Continue reading "Episode 23: Feminism’s Red Pill?"


Episode 22: Maya and Rebecca Ruin Christmas

Have you heard? There’s a war on Christmas. And The Sauce is leading the charge.


Episode 20: No to Roy Moore, Yes to Cat Person

Maya and Rebecca discuss the two major events of the past week – the election in Alabama, and a New Yorker short story that went viral. Okay, one major event and one weird internet thing nobody remembered 3 days later. But we still think it was a good short story.


Episode 20: Rom-Coms, Anti-Fascist Theater, and Everything Circles Back Again

Maya has some feelings about what makes a good (and bad) romantic comedy, Rebecca asks how we know when it’s time to *really* amp up the resistance, and WE DON’T WANT TO KEEP TALKING ABOUT #METOO but it keeps happening so we have to. Al Franken got pushed out, John Oliver held Dustin Hoffman’s feet … Continue reading "Episode 20: Rom-Coms, Anti-Fascist Theater, and Everything Circles Back Again"


Episode 19: Revenge of the 80s

Maya and Rebecca talk 80s comedies, sex and misconduct. Back to the Future, Revenge of the Nerds, Weird Science – why did so many of our favorite movies from childhood have such… problematic ideas about sex?


Episode 18: Louis CK, Al Franken, and Where We Go From Here

OK, we’re getting sick of talking about it, but we have to talk about it. As more and more tales of harassment and abuse come to light, Maya and Rebecca take a look at the direction the conversation is taking. Will this lead to long-term, meaningful change? Or are we on the verge of accusation … Continue reading "Episode 18: Louis CK, Al Franken, and Where We Go From Here"


Episode 17: Thor Ragnarok

Maya and Rebecca return to the podcast’s geeky roots, really getting into it over the most recent Thor movie. Maya is uniquely positioned to analyze this latest Marvel offering – as, it turns out, she knows absolutely nothing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is Thor: Ragnarok the worst possible place to start? Is it inaccessible … Continue reading "Episode 17: Thor Ragnarok"


Episode 16: Narrative Pleasure and the Mueller Investigation

Happy Indictment Day, to one and all! Rebecca and Maya are loving the way the FBI’s Trump/Russia investigation is playing out, so they analyze what makes this ongoing story so damn compelling and what it means to watch a high stakes procedural drama unfold in real life.


Episode 15: Mother!, Male Genius and Muses

Maya and Rebecca jump back in to last week’s topics, responding to listener feedback: How do fictional social problem films differ from documentaries? Are feminist social problem films all disguised as comedies? Then they explore a new but related question: What the heck is going on with Gen X white male film directors? The sauced-up … Continue reading "Episode 15: Mother!, Male Genius and Muses"


Episode 14: Much Ado About #MeToo

If we ever needed reasons to drink, this week delivered an abundance. Adult beverages at the ready, Maya and Rebecca consider the #MeToo hashtag and social media’s reaction to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Is this part of a larger pattern – not just on social media but in American culture generally? What does this sort … Continue reading "Episode 14: Much Ado About #MeToo"


Episode 13: Madeline Kahn Makes Things OK

What with everything in the world being total crap recently, Maya and Rebecca comfort themselves by talking about stuff that’s distinctly not crap, like the underappreciated progressiveness of Dirty Dancing and the unparalleled awesomeness of Madeline Kahn. Yes, there’s also a Weak Sauce Award because of course there is. But then again there’s also booze. … Continue reading "Episode 13: Madeline Kahn Makes Things OK"


Episode 12.5: Political Correctness and Comedy

What do you get when two mouthy Jewesses with liquor and microphones get together? Enough material for bonus content! Here’s some of the stuff that wound up on the cutting room floor last week, as Maya and Rebecca had too much to say about free speech, Blazing Saddles and whether political correctness is really ruining … Continue reading "Episode 12.5: Political Correctness and Comedy"


Episode 12: Free Speech

It’s been a hell of a week for free expression, with everyone from NFL players to alt-right trolls expressing opinions about who gets to express opinions. Of course Maya and Rebecca have opinions about it too, and after a few drinks they’re more than ready to express them. They explore how media discourse and narratives … Continue reading "Episode 12: Free Speech"


Episode 11: REBOOT / Oprah Would’ve Won

THE SAUCE IS BACK! New co-host Maya Gurantz jumps right in with a deep dive into the strange world of ASMR videos. Then Maya and Rebecca talk about how we talk about Hillary Clinton and the lessons we can draw about being a powerful woman on the public stage. They also give out a well-deserved … Continue reading "Episode 11: REBOOT / Oprah Would’ve Won"


Episode 10: Game of Thorns

This week Rosie and Rebecca delve into the world of HBO’s Game of Thrones, a top problematic fave. So much to love, so much to problematize! And can the showrunners responsible for it possibly deliver a not-offensive Confederacy drama?


Episode 9: Stockholm Syndrome

Rosie is back from San Diego Comic-Con and Rebecca is back from vacation, and boy did they bring back lots of opinions with them. The saucy ladies share their thoughts on the movie trailers which debuted at Comic-Con and reflect on the weirdness of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast. They also introduce a … Continue reading "Episode 9: Stockholm Syndrome"


Episode 7: Teachable Moments

So many topics to discuss this week and guess what? Rebecca and Rosie have a lot to say about them, including a few words for people defending offensive comic book covers and some thoughts about changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They also cover the (somewhat) diverse new Academy class and the shamefully … Continue reading "Episode 7: Teachable Moments"


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