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An independent-minded individualist, Michael fits no stereotype. He attacks big government and liberal media bias, but champions the environment and animal rights.

An independent-minded individualist, Michael fits no stereotype. He attacks big government and liberal media bias, but champions the environment and animal rights.
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San Francisco, CA


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An independent-minded individualist, Michael fits no stereotype. He attacks big government and liberal media bias, but champions the environment and animal rights.



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The Savage Nation - 1/19/18

​​​Live from Hollywood, Savage talks about his speech to a conservative group on Thursday. It was a great day for Savage. Listeners are treated to portions of Savage's speech from Hollywood. Savage updates the audience on Teddy, the Savage Nation mascot, who is undergoing surgery today to battle his cancer.

Duration: 01:07:22

The Savage Nation - 1/17/18

​The United Kingdom wants to cure loneliness, and have taken steps to do so. A minister for loneliness was appointed to tackle Brits’ growing social isolation​. The creation of this post comes after a report by a British commission that identified loneliness as a social epidemic. They also found that feeling alone was as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, the BBC reported.​ An illegal immigrant in California has confessed to killing cops, and warns that he'll break out of prison and do...

Duration: 01:05:06

The Savage Nation - 1/16/18

​​​Bradley "Chelsea" Manning is planning to run for Senate in Maryland. Can you trust a traitor in congress? Well we already do, so why not have Manning run? In Manning's first ad, posted on YouTube, Manning attacks Ben Cardin. Update on Teddy's condition. Headlines from Schumer calls out Trump on CBS' Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but the truth is Schumer is bankrolled by Wall Street. Nothing wrong with that, but Schumer has no credibility. Durbin tries to rattle the...

Duration: 01:07:25

The Savage Nation - 1/15/18

Savage opens the show talking about the mascot of The Savage Nation, Teddy. Teddy has been diagnosed with cancer, and Savage talks about the prognosis and treatment. Everyone has had either a pet or a family member go through something like this, it's very emotional. Savage pulls out "Teddy and Me" and reads some of his favorite parts. Project Veritas releases new video about Twitter saving your information, media ignored it until Savage brought it to the surface. Border control debate,...

Duration: 01:07:09

The Savage Nation - 1/12/18

We all know what the topic is today, and the left will be listening to what Savage has to say, hoping to paint him with the same racist brush they're trying to ​paint Donald Trump with regarding his alleged Haiti comments. Savage has a question for Hollywood, NBC, CNN and the knee-jerk liberals. While people are going crazy over Trump calling Haiti and parts of Africa a "shithole", the rat Sen. Dick Durbin is running his mouth looking for a moral high ground. Does he think we've forgotten...

Duration: 01:07:19

The Savage Nation - 1/11/18

DACA Thorough A Take Out Dish: Savage says his lunch was probably $8.95 because it was primarily based upon very, very low labor costs. If you actually pay a fair working wage to raise the vegetables, the rice, the shrimp in center, this dish it would cost probably $38.95. And then Savage wouldn't buy it. It would be too expensive. Then the Thai restaurant would go out of business. So you have to be very cautious. The factories are run by who? Your son? Your son is busy looking at himself in...

Duration: 01:04:25

The Savage Nation - 1/10/18

​Yesterday Savage talked about Trump and DACA, if you missed it, find the podcast or look it up online, not going to repeat the same show. Savage interviews James O'Keefe, director of Project Veritas, about their latest undercover investigation. The investigation has revealed a senior network security engineer at Twitter stating that his company is “more than happy” to turn over the private communications and deleted tweets of President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice. If true, it...

Duration: 01:07:47

The Savage Nation - 1/9/18

​Savage talks President Trump's two-step immigration reform plan and DACA. President Trump is pushing for the Republicans and Democrats to come up with a deal on DACA that will basically give these DREAMers amnesty in supposed exchange for a wall and border security. He says he’ll sign whatever they come up with because they’re smart people. Well if this happens, this will lead to a federal Tammany Hall for the next 70 years.​ This deal with these DREAMers will create another political...

Duration: 01:06:19

The Savage Nation - 1/8/18

On a difficult day where Savage had two of his studios fail and met with a member of the media working on a major story, Savage looks back at the 2018 Golden Globes and Trump ending protected status for Salvadoran immigrants​. Did anyone notice that Gary Oldman won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Winston Churchill? No, instead the talk is about NBC promoting Oprah as the next President in 2020. Could Oprah beat Trump? What are her deficits and strengths as a potential candidate? Old...

Duration: 01:07:53

The Savage Nation - 1/5/18

​Cable and TV landscape have changed. Latest TV ratings show a home improvement show is beating names like Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity. To make it worse, Maddow is beating Hannity, which shows that we're divided into two groups - those who support Trump and those that don't. All they want to do is talk Trump and Bannon for three hours. American school children are still on holiday break, and go to school much fewer days than children in China, Japan and other countries. Savage talks about...

Duration: 01:06:53

The Savage Nation - 1/4/18

Savage opens the doors to Cafe Savage, inviting the listeners looking to escape the cold weather with some warm conversation. Savage refuses to talk about the news today, no Bannon and frivolous book talk bashing the President. The untold lives of British convicts sold to America, how people were rounded up and sent to America for crimes and what they did to deserve being booted from England and shipped here. The world and radio have changed. Savage can remember doing shows in the '90s that...

Duration: 01:07:00

The Savage Nation - 1/3/18

Stephen Bannon attacks President Trump in the media and the President responds. Savage tackles what "Brutus" Bannon said and asks if your opinion of Bannon has changed. Savage revisits an interview he did with Steve Bannon on Dec. 12, 2017 and notices that the man being quoted by an author criticizing Trump sounds nothing like the man Savage interviewed just a few weeks before. A scene from 1953's Julius Caesar illustrates what is happening between Bannon and Trump, where Brutus speaks at...

Duration: 01:07:33

The Savage Nation - 12/27/17

Michael Delgiorno from WWTN Nashville in for Savage today. Michael takes a look back at 2017 and some of the major stories that shaped the year for America. America has a President that keeps their promises in Donald Trump, and while it may not be pretty, he's getting the job done. The leftist ideology is bankrupt in many ways, and as Trump continues to succeed, we'll see a new narrative from the Democrats in 2018. Groping and sexual harassment scandal being investigated in the Obama D.O.J....

Duration: 01:08:30

The Savage Nation - 1/2/18

​Savage returns live to airwaves today and ponders what will happen in 2018. Savage recaps his vacation and seeing the President in Florida. Savage talks about having his palm read and shares what Vernon the palm reader had to say. As more states legalize marijuana, Savage talks pros and cons of marijuana legalization and says second hand smoke lawsuits will become the Mesothelioma lawsuits of 2018. American Dreamers need to be allowed to dream first, with a DACA showdown looming in congress.

Duration: 01:07:20

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