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Good Vibrationz

Redneck homicide, gay bondage gone wrong, and To Catch a Predator style stings going down in real life are all on the docket when the Beach Boyz get 2gether in the backyard for a few brews and good conversation. Mike is joined by his brother and Savage Crew Charter Member Joey Low Squats, AKA JT The Twink. Our favorite street slut, Miss Kim Jong Poon also stopped by for a few a sodas and good conversation. You can catch it all right here, right meow. Social Media: Facebook: The Savage...

Duration: 01:21:37

Total Eclipse Of My Ass

The eclipse and Charlottesville, the eclipse and Charlottesville, that's all I heard about all goddamn week, so let's talk about it. After profanity laced intro, I kicked back, relaxed and pushed play on the audio from last week's Booze And News. Peep this episode of the Savage Sacktap and hear me bitch about: - An awful train ride - Feeding unwanted children to the homeless - Taking your kid to a baseball game the right way - The wild scene in Charlottesville - And getting paid...

Duration: 01:00:17

FIREd Up About Free Speech On Campus

Hey there Savages. I am incredibly excited to bring you this episode of The Savage Sacktap. My buddy Diego stopped by to fill me in on a project he's working on to make America's college campuses safe for free speech. For the unaware, there is a war on free speech being waged at institutes of higher learning across the country, and sadly it's being waged by students while faculty and administrators sit on the sidelines looking in the other direction, or in some cases offering their...

Duration: 01:13:52

Shit Eating Grin

Aaaaand we're back with a fresh Sacktap. There's plenty to talk about this week including: -The story of man who got blown by 5 Fillipino hookers, while their friend stole his debit card. - Pondering the proper response to the weirdo in the locker room eating a banana and giggling 2 feet away from my bare ass. - A boy was murdered when he found out that his dad likes to wear diapers, put on women's makeup, and eat his own shit...yes you read that correctly. - Taking aim at the bullshit...

Duration: 00:51:53

Shark Week Part 2

It's Part 2 of our Shark Week special here at The Savage Screw. In Part 1 we introduced you to the Jersey Shore, and talked about the first in a series of wild great white shark attacks, while peppering in our usual dick and fart jokes. More shark attacks, more dicks, more farts, and my secret strategy for escaping the ocean in one piece in The Savage Sacktap 'Shark Week Part 2.' Don't wait, download now. Social Media Facebook: The Savage Crew Instagram: The Savage Crew Twitter:...

Duration: 01:22:51

Shark Week Part 1

I needed someone to talk at for this episode, so Kim begrudgingly got on the other microphone. Join us for Part 1 of a 2 part Savage Sacktap Shark Week special. This one's all about sharks, specifically the series of deadly great white attacks that shocked the Jersey Shore in the summer of 1916...oh yeah, and we snuck a bunch of dick jokes in too. Download now to go back in time, and celebrate Shark Week, with The Savage Crew. Social Media Facebook: The Savage Crew Instagram: The...

Duration: 01:25:23

Toxic Masculinity

Buongiorno ya fucks! I'm fresh offa di plane from Italy, with a fresh episode of The Savage Sacktap...I call this one 'Toxic Masculinity.' Download now to hear me: -Discuss the differences between Europe and the U.S. -Explain my new favorite way to cleanse my anus. -Breakdown my failed attempt to have sex with a bus full of retards. -Overcome my anxiety about flying with an Arab in the cockpit. -Propose a new 'sexual harassment-friendly' airline. -Blast liberal nut jobs for...

Duration: 01:01:50

Liberal Cannibalism And PC Silliness

Sup sluts; we've got an all new episode of the Savage Sacktap for your listening misery. In this episode you can hear Mike: - Recap his Memorial Day Weekend, and pontificate on the finer points of getting laid at the Jersey Shore. -Question the shit out of the most questionable birthday gift he's ever received. -Help a sushi chef get penis enlargement surgery. -Defend Tiger Woods as a pill, bottle, and pussy popping emissary for the game of golf. -Breakdown the controversy...

Duration: 01:07:48

The Savage Sacktap - Romp Him Stomp Him Summer

Welcome to the Romp Him Stomp Him Summer, the next 14 weeks of fun are brought to you by the Romp Him -- the causal garment for men of leisure who like to suck a little dick on the side. Mike's raging against fidget spinners, manspreading accusations, and poor summer clothing choices in this addition of The Savage Sacktap. Then it's time to pontificate about the death of Celino and Barnes, masturbating in front of a window, Trump and his pals in the USSR and much much more. Before we...

Duration: 00:43:46

The Savage Sacktap - The Friendly Skies And Pantsless Guys

Mike begins the episode by using some serious firepower to put an end to the worst meme ever created. Then it's a trip down memory lane, as our fearless host recalls West Village run-ins with aggressive, meth fueled gays, and one very forward tranny. After that we're introducing listeners to a hot new lesbian dating app, pondering the pros and cons of flying United airlines, what to do if you're a pill dealing doctor in search of down low sex, and unleashing a firestorm of hate upon...

Duration: 01:21:07

The Savage Sacktap - Desperate Amateurs

Did you know – before United was beating the piss out of sex-addicted Asian doctors, they were fueling misogyny by preventing girls from flying with leggings on? Mike takes a look at the feminist uproar surrounding the airline’s original scandal, before grabbing a bowl of popcorn and watching the Pepsi commercial heard round the world. Then I’ll take a voicemail, and discuss the intricacies of amateur porn, explain how I tricked a friend into walking smack into a hotbed of steamy gay...

Duration: 01:14:02

The Savage Sacktap - Forward March

Well, Zeke grabbed a teat, I guess he was in the mood for a St. Patrick's Day treat. The media went ballistic about another winter storm that wasn't -- so this time around I'm examining the pros and cons of loading up on bread, milk, and eggs, during a storm, and explaining to the average man how a trip outside to shovel the snow can lead to your wife getting banged by a pair of high school linebackers! Then I'm breaking down the controversy surrounding Marines United, and their online...

Duration: 01:57:31

The Savage Sacktap - Let's Get Nuts

Guttentag and welcome to a fresh episode of The Savage Sacktap. If you hate social justice warriors, or just want to blow off some steam after reading through post after post of political pouting on your newsfeed then this is the episode for you. This time around I’m expressing my grief over fart covered edamame, ripping apart the feminist outrage over made up things like ‘period shaming’, helping poor African men pay for penis enlargement surgery, breaking down the controversy...

Duration: 02:08:24

The Savage Sacktap - Buckle Up

It's the New Year's episode that's being released a month late, and boy am I glad I did. I was supposed to record this weeks ago, but scheduling conflicts got in the way. Thanks to the delay you're getting two episodes in one! I'm kicking things off by counting down the best moments from 2016...why? Because I'm sick of hearing internet cry babies whine about how '2016 was the WORST YEAR EVER!' Along the way I take shots at Lena Dunham and Gawker, before giving a quick lesson on the...

Duration: 01:54:04

The Savage Sacktap - A Very Savage Christmas

It's the darkest Christmas special you've ever heard. Jackie and Joey join me for some liquor, waffles, and holiday fun. Listen as we put a fresh spin on Twas The Night Before Christmas, roast our entire family, and talk about the cocaine, DWIs, gay porn stars, strippers, binge drinking, smashed champagne bottles, and stolen street signs of Christmases past. Facebook: Twitter: @MikeMontone Website:

Duration: 01:14:43

The Savage Sacktap - Mourning In America

Mike is dissecting election 2016, in this edition of The Savage Sacktap. We'll take a look at what caused the left to drop the ball and let Orange Donald throw down a four year lease on the White House. Later in the show, Mike picks the brain of a Trump supporter, and tells the left where to go from here. Turn your speakers up to 11, you won't want to miss a second of The Savage Sacktap. Facebook: Twitter: @MikeMontone Web:

Duration: 01:39:09

The Savage Sacktap - Erection Day

Election 2016 is just days away. After a summertime hiatus filled with sun, sand, guns, and buns Mike is back to spread his verbal poison to the masses. We've got a brief review of everything that's gone down over the past few months (Pokemon Go, the DNC, the RNC, Donald Trump grabbing by the…Crooked Hillary, Lena Dunham, Locker Room Talk, and Colin Kaepernick), a little bit of commercial parody, and little chat with Jimmy from Philly. Twitter: @MikeMontone Facebook:...

Duration: 01:19:50