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People Who Celebrate Galentine's Day Are Stupid

Part of this episode is about how stupid the new fangled tradition of 'Galentine's Day' is. Then I wax intellectual about Food Allergy Shaming, Peter Rabbit, ISIS using peanut oil to attack elementary schools, and using porn to empower women. Stick around long enough and you'll hear Gary call in to talk about a woman who caught her boyfriend sending dirty dirty messages to horny dudes in a gay chat room, followed by a clip from my latest piece of work for The Goonery regarding the Aziz...


Talkin Sports With The Guys

The Eggles have finally won themselves a Super Bowl. Mike pontificates on shitty commercials, pre-historic incest, Indian orgies, sidewalk rage, opens a school for bullies. Dave from the Bench Mob calls in and we got to talkin about Colin Kaepernick, Cardi B, PEDs, the Patriots, the Baseball Hall of Fame, Chief Wahoo, and much much more. Facebook: Twitter: @MikeMontone Instagram: @Gary_Moyler


Beta Cucks Sure Do Suck

Kevin Gootee from Comics Watching Comics calls Mike a fag, and gets us up to speed on Season 5 of his Amazon Prime series. He also laid bare his thoughts on the #MeToo movement, Eli Manning, hecklers, male feminists, the New York Mets, and presidential pussy hounds. Mike recaps his trip to the West Coast complete with a review of San Diego's legal marijuana dispensaries, shitty dad jokes, the woke-ass white women of San Francisco, and observations on warm weather homeless and sidewalk...


They Rapin Everybody Out Here II

Sexual misconduct be running wild in these streets. Joey Lowsquats aka JT the Twink is back. Mike and Joey rehash their holiday shenanigans complete with a degenerate who skipped part of Christmas Eve dinner to watch the 4 p.m. game, drugs done next to a dumpster, and a walk to the Nabisco factory. They carve out some time to breakdown KFC Gate, then delve into the latest revelations in the sexual misconduct scandal that's been ravaging D.C. Hollywood, and the media. Instagram:...


The Lord Of Misrule

A 32-year-old man is given an advent calendar by his mother. He opens it with a toe nail clipper, only to find he's been swindled by a bunch of Germans. Mike gives a lesson in yuletide history. Frank Reynolds and Lavar Ball duke it out to earn the title Lord Of Misrule. A well known gift giver is accused of sexual misconduct, an all gay choir sings Christmas classics, Ebeneezer Scrooge is exposed yet again, and a brand new board game asks you to solve the mystery of who molested who in...


They Rapin Everybody Out Here (A Podcast On A Park Bench)

The year is 2017 and everybody in Hollywood is rapin everybody else in Hollywood. I'm joined by Adam from The Goonery, for the second installment of the Savage Sacktap's "Podcast On A Park Bench" series. We're discussing the Hollywood sexual misconduct scandal, the way we hit on women, and feminism in the modern workplace. Along the way were briefly interrupted by the screaming siren of a fire truck and ambulance racing towards Chelsea to save a pair of assless chaps that had gotten...


Talkin Turkey

Tim Whatley didn't invite me to his Thanksgiving Eve party so I'm stuck at home podcasting. It's an impromptu turkey talk, featuring a surprise special guest. I'll share tales of the glories of Thanksgiving's long long ago, like my fleeting romance with a Chinese restauranteur and a band of Fillipino hookers, digging through appetizers in my parents' basement, putting Girl Scouts in their place, and putting the kibosh on 'Friendsgiving.' Facebook:...


Cucks Of A Feather

Does letting another dude bang your wife make you a feminist? That’s what one writer seems to think. Mike and Dave believe otherwise, and we’re here to prove that cuck wrong in the latest edition of The Savage Sacktap ‘Cucks Of A Feather.’ Wife swapping is indeed on the docket, and so are some bawdy tales of conquest and wife swapping, as well as a dip into the Craigslist casual encounters section. Facebook: The Savage Crew Twitter: @MikeMontone Instagram: @Gary_Moyler


Halloween Spooktacular II

Cultural appropriation, child molestation, an impromptu grindr date, and visit from a very bawdy scarecrow are on the devil's docket for our Halloween Spooktacular. Mike started podcasting about the Halloweens of his youth, but was interrupted by a cast of eccentric trick-or-treaters. Along the way, he explained why apples and pennies are the shittiest things you can hand out on Halloween, ripped into parents for ruining the holiday with 'trunk or treat' and taught us all an important...


Shitting On The Neighbor's Lawn

Our friend took a shit on the neighbor's lawn. We'll tell you all about it, plus pontificate on teen drinking, have fun with misogyny, look back on fond memories with a gay for pay masseuse, and more in the latest edition of The Savage Sacktap. I was lucky enough to be joined by my siblings who are just as awful as I am, so you definitely won't wanna miss this. In addition to all of the above, we'll also be trying to crack the case of the mystery shitter. Check me out on social...


Sex Drugs And Acoustic Gueeeetarrrr

Fall has fallen! Or something. Anyway, I'm kicking off the season by shaming everyone who drank a pumpkin beer or spiced latte before Labor Day, because that's a big fuckin 'no no'. Then it's onto teacher sex stories. Found a good one down in Arkansas, some comely young lass was getting cum all over her ass thanks to a group of strapping young lads who wanted to take down a teacher. Allow me to explain why it was the ultimate act of heroism and patriotism Football is back, that means...


Good Vibrationz

Redneck homicide, gay bondage gone wrong, and To Catch a Predator style stings going down in real life are all on the docket when the Beach Boyz get 2gether in the backyard for a few brews and good conversation. Mike is joined by his brother and Savage Crew Charter Member Joey Low Squats, AKA JT The Twink. Our favorite street slut, Miss Kim Jong Poon also stopped by for a few a sodas and good conversation. You can catch it all right here, right meow. Social Media: Facebook: The Savage...


Total Eclipse Of My Ass

The eclipse and Charlottesville, the eclipse and Charlottesville, that's all I heard about all goddamn week, so let's talk about it. After profanity laced intro, I kicked back, relaxed and pushed play on the audio from last week's Booze And News. Peep this episode of the Savage Sacktap and hear me bitch about: - An awful train ride - Feeding unwanted children to the homeless - Taking your kid to a baseball game the right way - The wild scene in Charlottesville - And getting paid...


FIREd Up About Free Speech On Campus

Hey there Savages. I am incredibly excited to bring you this episode of The Savage Sacktap. My buddy Diego stopped by to fill me in on a project he's working on to make America's college campuses safe for free speech. For the unaware, there is a war on free speech being waged at institutes of higher learning across the country, and sadly it's being waged by students while faculty and administrators sit on the sidelines looking in the other direction, or in some cases offering their...


Shit Eating Grin

Aaaaand we're back with a fresh Sacktap. There's plenty to talk about this week including: -The story of man who got blown by 5 Fillipino hookers, while their friend stole his debit card. - Pondering the proper response to the weirdo in the locker room eating a banana and giggling 2 feet away from my bare ass. - A boy was murdered when he found out that his dad likes to wear diapers, put on women's makeup, and eat his own shit...yes you read that correctly. - Taking aim at the bullshit...


Shark Week Part 2

It's Part 2 of our Shark Week special here at The Savage Screw. In Part 1 we introduced you to the Jersey Shore, and talked about the first in a series of wild great white shark attacks, while peppering in our usual dick and fart jokes. More shark attacks, more dicks, more farts, and my secret strategy for escaping the ocean in one piece in The Savage Sacktap 'Shark Week Part 2.' Don't wait, download now. Social Media Facebook: The Savage Crew Instagram: The Savage Crew Twitter:...


Shark Week Part 1

I needed someone to talk at for this episode, so Kim begrudgingly got on the other microphone. Join us for Part 1 of a 2 part Savage Sacktap Shark Week special. This one's all about sharks, specifically the series of deadly great white attacks that shocked the Jersey Shore in the summer of 1916...oh yeah, and we snuck a bunch of dick jokes in too. Download now to go back in time, and celebrate Shark Week, with The Savage Crew. Social Media Facebook: The Savage Crew Instagram: The...


Toxic Masculinity

Buongiorno ya fucks! I'm fresh offa di plane from Italy, with a fresh episode of The Savage Sacktap...I call this one 'Toxic Masculinity.' Download now to hear me: -Discuss the differences between Europe and the U.S. -Explain my new favorite way to cleanse my anus. -Breakdown my failed attempt to have sex with a bus full of retards. -Overcome my anxiety about flying with an Arab in the cockpit. -Propose a new 'sexual harassment-friendly' airline. -Blast liberal nut jobs for...


Liberal Cannibalism And PC Silliness

Sup sluts; we've got an all new episode of the Savage Sacktap for your listening misery. In this episode you can hear Mike: - Recap his Memorial Day Weekend, and pontificate on the finer points of getting laid at the Jersey Shore. -Question the shit out of the most questionable birthday gift he's ever received. -Help a sushi chef get penis enlargement surgery. -Defend Tiger Woods as a pill, bottle, and pussy popping emissary for the game of golf. -Breakdown the controversy...


The Savage Sacktap - Romp Him Stomp Him Summer

Welcome to the Romp Him Stomp Him Summer, the next 14 weeks of fun are brought to you by the Romp Him -- the causal garment for men of leisure who like to suck a little dick on the side. Mike's raging against fidget spinners, manspreading accusations, and poor summer clothing choices in this addition of The Savage Sacktap. Then it's time to pontificate about the death of Celino and Barnes, masturbating in front of a window, Trump and his pals in the USSR and much much more. Before we...


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