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A Nightmare on Elm Street with Jenny Owen Youngs & Kristin Russo from Buffering the Vampire Slayer

“I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy.” One, two, this week on The Scare Review, Sarah and Maggie have a DREAM of an episode. Double the podcasters means double the fun as we welcome Buffering the Vampire Slayer’s Jenny Owen Youngs and Kristin Russo to talk about a personal favorite and iconic horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. So, pull out your backup coffee pot, pop a “stay awake fast” pill, and settle in with your shell-shaped bath pillow. Whatever you do… don’t fall asleep....

Duration: 02:17:21

Jaws: Shark Week, the 1970s & Steven Spielberg’s first blockbuster – with special guest Levi Obery

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” To celebrate the most sacred of weeks, Shark Week, Sarah and Maggie talk about Jaws, the first Summer blockbuster. Special guest, Jaws superfan and filmmaker Levi Obery, helps us navigate the film that made a generation of moviegoers afraid to go into the water. www.scarereview.com Twitter: @scarereview Instagram: @scarereview Facebook: facebook.com/scarereview/ Email: scarereview@gmail.com

Duration: 01:38:27

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane: The Hithcock Era, Hagspolitation & Feuds

“You aren't ever gone sell this house, and you aren't ever gonna leave it either!” In celebration of Ryan Murphy's popular new show Feud, Sarah and Maggie watch the 1960's film the show is based on. Warm up your vocal chords and adjust your hair bow as we enter the deranged world of a former child star and her differently abled sister. This week's horror classic will have you reaching for the sleeping tablets and Scotch. www.scarereview.com Twitter: @scarereview Instagram: @scarereview...

Duration: 01:28:25

Leprechaun: Lore, St. Patrick’s Day & Jennifer Anniston’s Debut

“Burn in hell, you little green bastard!” In the wake of St. Patrick’s Day, Sarah and Maggie discuss the campy, 1993 horror classic, “Leprechaun” – a film so memorable it spawned six sequels. Warwick Davis and Jennifer Anniston shine like gold in Anniston’s screen debut. So pour yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms and hold that four-leaf clover tight. This week, you might just laugh more than you scream. www.scarereview.com Twitter: @scarereview Instagram: @scarereview Facebook:...

Duration: 01:21:58

XX: Horror Shorts, Female Directors & International Women's Day

"I'm hungry." For International Women's day and Women in Horror month, Sarah and Maggie discuss 4 creepy short films written and directed by Women. From zombie dinners, a terrible birthday party, and a camping trip gone wrong to a deal with the Devil, you don't have to have a second X chromosome to appreciate these scary stories. www.scarereview.com Twitter: @scarereview Instagram: @scarereview Facebook: facebook.com/scarereview/ Email: scarereview@gmail.com

Duration: 01:18:59

Get Out: Horror, Racism & Film Theory

"Black is in fashion." This week, Sarah and Maggie imbibe spiked sweet tea and talk about the new horror film with a coveted perfect rating and a serious critique of current race relations: Get Out. Watch out for those Bingo cards and always listen to your best friend’s advice, because in this all-too-real thriller, we talk about everything from simple jump scares to horror film theory. www.scarereview.com Twitter: @scarereview Instagram: @scarereview Facebook: facebook.com/scarereview/...

Duration: 01:41:03

Urban Legend: Folklore, The 90's & Robert Englund

"Don't you want to be an urban legend, Nat? All your friends are now." This week, Sarah and Maggie combine pop rocks and soda, and live to talk about the 1998 horror film, Urban Legend. So check the back seat, turn off those high beams, and make sure the call isn't coming from inside the house. In this late 90's slasher, we take a closer look at the modern folklore we've been warned to fear. www.scarereview.com Twitter: @scarereview Instagram: @scarereview Facebook:...

Duration: 01:33:56

Rings: Samara's Return, Supernatural Horror & Viral Media

"Seven days." This week, Sarah and Maggie discuss the 2017 movie reboot, Rings. Fans of the original film rejoice as, 13 years later, Samara gets her groove back. In this supernatural sequel, we learn more about The Ring's ghostly past, and unpack the mysteries of VCRs and the teens who love them. Whether you like thriller, suspense, or horror, this scary cast is worth listening to. www.scarereview.com Twitter: @scarereview Instagram: @scarereview Facebook: facebook.com/scarereview/ Email:...

Duration: 01:24:25