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tSE 072 - Andrew Seidel Returns (again!) to sex up the Johnson Amendment!

Episode 072! We talkde to Andrew Seidel (for the fourth time!) about the importance of the Johnson Amendment and how to #MakeTheJohnsonAmendmentSexyAgain! Andrew on Twitter: Andrew on FB: FFRF: Get an ad-free version of the show, and early access to every episode, by becoming a patron at: Why we love the internet: HOBBY HORSES!...

Duration: 00:55:13

tSE 071 - It's just us.

Episode 071! This week, it's just us. We talk about a lot of things, including harassment, cyberstalking, and social justice that's surrounded Dan, Natalie, and others over the past year, that seemed to spike in intensity subsequent to us making the radical suggestion in episode 035 that you probably shouldn't punch people due to ideological reasons. Irony, thy name is extremist "social justice" advocates. Get an ad-free version of the show, and early access to every episode, by becoming a...

Duration: 00:59:12

tSE 070 - Writer & Storyteller, Jenny Splitter! (And Author JR Becker, too!)

Episode 070! Jenny Splitter writes about parenting, science, health, and food for Slate, Salon, Parents, Refinery29 and other outlets, and is featured in the documentary Science Moms! Get an ad-free version of the show by becoming a patron at: Or, shop using our Amazon affiliate code (at no cost to you!) by clicking this link: Bonus interview: JR Becker, creator of the...

Duration: 01:19:14

tSE 069 - Ron Miscavige!

In this episode, Natalie talks to Ron Miscavige about his escape from the Church of Scientology after over 4 decades as a member. We, along with our fellow podcasters from The League of Nerds, are putting a call out to our listeners to help fund our friend Dr. Chad Hayes’ trip to a conference of quacks (Mercola! Wakefield!) in Florida. (Note: Extra funds raised from the campaign will go Voices for Vaccines, not the Gates Foundation, as stated in the episode.) And, finally, Nat shares her...

Duration: 01:36:02

tSE 068 - Philosophy of Rick and Morty with Real Atheology Podcast!

This week, we talked to Justin Schieber and Ben Watkins of the Real Atheology Podcast about the philosophy behind one of our favorite TV shows ever, Rick and Morty! Full archive: Real Atheology: & Full episode on YouTube: Bonus content for this episode: tSE on Patreon: Nat...

Duration: 01:05:48

tSE 067 - MythControversy: Part II

Tonight’s episode of The Science Enthusiast podcast is brought to you by the need for the CDC to be allowed to actually research gun violence. Because we just experienced the worst mass shooting in the United States. And because of the state of things, I almost typed “so far” at the end of the previous sentence, as if there’s inevitably going to be something more terrible. Because this is how fucked it feels - how much worse does it need to get before something is done to prevent future...

Duration: 00:56:14

tSE 066 - Mary Mangan talks science activism!

We welcomed one our favorite people in the Twitterverse, Mary Mangan, to the show to discuss science activism in the age of Trump. Quote of the Week: "Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception." (Carl Sagan) Relevant Links: Mary Mangan on Twitter Why We Love the Internet: Terribly Weird Fashion Note: This interview was recorded on May 31, and our beginning and ending banter was recorded a couple weeks ago. We ended up posting our "Mythcontroversy" and Thomas Smith episodes before...

Duration: 01:08:42

tSE 065 - Thomas Smith

We welcomed Thomas Smith to the show, and discussed skepticism, Mythcon, and who's deserving of platforms. Plus, we tell a new God of the Week story, and finish off by talking about the radness of Eli Bosnick. Like what we're doing? Support the show on Patreon: Other relevant links: Embrace the Void: Zachrilege Cast episode with Nat: Nat’s Patreon:...

Duration: 01:18:21

063 - Dr. Michael Shermer, Editor-in-chief at Skeptic Magazine!

This week for The Science Enthusiast Podcast: Dr. Michael Shermer! But before that, you should donate to Foundation Beyond Belief ( to aid the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. Relevant links:

Duration: 01:16:54

tSE 062 - Armin Navabi of Atheist Republic & Secular Jihadists Podcast!

tSE 062 with guest, Armin Navabi of Atheist Republic and Secular Jihadists of the Middle Relevant links: Dickwhistle pastor - GoTW -

Duration: 01:36:02

tSE 059 - Former Scientologist, Chris Shelton!

We talk about Christians who are butthurt over butt stuff, then to former Scientologist Chris Shelton ( & about his experience in the 'Church of Scientoogy,' then close out the show discussing the... pastor? Facebook personality? Something? That is Joshua Feuerstein ( Support the show and get early access to an ad-free version at:!...

Duration: 01:43:17

tSE 058 - Scientists & Skeptics in Pop Culture LIVE from the 2017 Indy PopCon!

We talked to a an audience comprised (generally) of non-skeptics about what skepticism is, then gave some examples of scientists and skeptics in pop culture, such as our 'god' of the week ('Doubting Thomas'), and also Dr. House, RIck (and Morty!), Andrew Ryan (from Bioshock), Batman/Iron Man, and more! Support the show:! Why We Love the Internet: Skeptical Podcasts, YouTubers, and Facebook Pages George Hrab for the inspiration behind this episode Skeptics...

Duration: 00:48:42

tSE 056 - Musician Jon Stewart talks about secular alternatives to AA

Intro- Reza Aslan/NECSS recap (YOU can sponsor the show on Patreon!) GoTW - Eros! Interview - Jon Stewart! Failure of AA Why we love the internet- Indy PopCon (Our first-ever live show!) QoTW - That is the way to learn the most, that when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes. (Albert Einstein, in a letter to his son) THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Contact:...

Duration: 01:19:26

tSE 053 - Surgical Oncologist Dr. David Gorski!

Sponsor: Fried chicken pizza ( or... A chiropractor ( (YOU can sponsor the show- be a patron at JUST LIKE: All three Michaels, Trevor, Nathan, Alice, Cynthia, Magnus, Savhannah, Felix, Kris, James, Sarah, and Josue!) GoTW: Whatever this ( post is Interview: Dr. David Gorski! Follow Dr. Gorski on Science Based Medicine (, his blog (, and Twitter...

Duration: 01:21:53

tSE 052 - Food Author & Blogger, Sarah Lohman!

Follow the podcast on Youtube! Sponsor:Covfefe? (YOU can sponsor the show on patreon at!) God of the week: Errr. Sarumon? Interview: Sarah Lohman, author of the blog Four Pounds Flour and of the book Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine. Follow Sarah as @FourPoundsFlour! Why we love the internet: Mel Rice of the #NormalizeAtheism campaign! Quote of the Week:Craig Jenkins! Be like Trevor, Michael, Alice, Michael, Nathan, Felix, Michael, Magnus,...

Duration: 01:11:23

tSE 051 - BJ Kramer talks to us about his experience with Orthodox Judaism!

The Science Enthusiast Podcast! Just the right amount of not-a-science-podcast! It's not the worst, but thank you for listening (and we're sorry?)! Hosts:Natalie Newell (Skeptical Parenting) and Dan Broadbent (A Science Enthusiast)! Follow the podcast on Youtube at! Sponsor:Blue Apron! Except not. But really: Our Kickstarter project, Offensive Crayons (! (YOU can sponsor the show at patreon [] or by...

Duration: 01:27:05