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The Science of Social Media is a podcast for marketers and brands interested in learning about new and exciting ways to implement social media marketing across a variety of platforms and industries. Join Buffer hosts Hailley, Brian, and Kevan each week as they interview some of the best marketers from brands and businesses that are leading the way in social media innovation and experimentation around the world. We promise to keep it fun, insightful, interesting, and most of all, actionable. The Science of Social Media is a podcast presented by the social media publishing and analytics tool, Buffer.






57: 7 Surprising Facts Behind Why People Like, Comment, and Share On Social Media

Likes, comments, and posts we share on social media can often seem inconsequential, but they matter. They tap into some of the very elements that make us human, our addictions, desires, anxieties and joys. What if we could understand the psychology of social media and use that knowledge to bring customers closer, give them more of what they want, and create better relationships? In episode #57 of The Science of Social Media, we explore just that! We take a deep dive into the psychology of...

Duration: 00:12:34

56: 10 Captivating Instagram Stories Content Ideas and Our Favorite Tools to Create Them

More than 15 million businesses now use Instagram worldwide and over half of those businesses are creating Stories every month. Stories are an incredible way to connect with your audience in fresh and authentic ways. Who knows, maybe they’ll even become the new News Feed. But creating attractive Instagram Stories can be challenging and time-consuming. We’d love to help with that! In episode #56 of The Science of Social Media we explore everything you need to know about creating...

Duration: 00:14:11

55: 5 Exciting Social Media and Marketing Trends to Know in 2017

What if you could predict the future and gain access to the latest social media and marketing trends that will eventually make a huge difference in your business? And what if you could take that knowledge and prioritize the channels and networks of tomorrow, today? You're in luck! Noah Kagan - employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint - shares the top 5 most exciting social media and marketing trends that all marketers should consider in 2017 and examples of how you can get at started with...

Duration: 00:16:09

54: How to Use Hashtags: How Many, Best Ones, and Where to Use Them

Have you ever found yourself explaining how to use hashtags to someone whose only connection with the word is as a telephone button? Internet language has evolved considerably over the past few years (what once was a telephone button is now a social media phenomenon.) No wonder people are curious! Hashtags have the potential to be a truly valuable in your overall social media strategy. In episode #54 of The Science of Social Media we explore everything you need to know about using...

Duration: 00:13:19

Our 5 Biggest Social Media Mistakes and What We Learned

We've made a good number of social media mistakes - Mistakes that have cost us reach and engagement, maybe even fans and customers! But with each mistake came a ton of great learnings that helped us to improve our social media marketing results. In episode #53 of The Science of Social Media we explore the 5 biggest social media mistakes that we've made here at Buffer and what we've learned along the way (so you don't have to make the same!) About the Show: The Science of Social...

Duration: 00:12:50

6 Proven Instagram Marketing Tactics To Grow Followers Engagement

It's an exciting time to get to know Instagram. The popular photo-sharing app is fun, simple and growing---Instagram now has more than 700 million monthly users and sky-high user engagement levels. And for marketers, it's an especially interesting time. With Instagram launching new, brand-friendly features by the day, it seems like marketers and social media managers might be more excited than ever to get acquainted with Instagram for their business. I know we are at Buffer! Lately,...

Duration: 00:11:45

The 20-Minute Social Media (PRISM) Sales Playbook for Marketers

Ian Cleary - Founder and CEO of RazorSocial, contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur, and avid kick boxer - shares his unique PRISM funnel system that helps to convert loyal social media fans into customers. Ian has been using the PRISM funnel to help businesses of all shapes and sizes build valuable relationships and convert customers on social media for several years, and we're hopeful that this system will help yours, too. Join us for episode #51 of The Science of Social Media and learn...

Duration: 00:20:20

A Delightfully Short Guide to Social Media Benchmarks & ROI

Does the concept of social media benchmarking and ROI feel rather enormous? You're not alone! We are am amazed---and often astounded---by the breadth of the topic. Benchmarking and ROI alone could make for an entire podcast series. That's exactly what inspired this "delightfully short" guide to social media benchmarking and ROI and made it all the more fun and challenging to record. Discover the four benchmarks that are considered industry-standard and how you can apply them to your own...

Duration: 00:09:02

How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Every Major Social Media Network

Follower count is one of those metrics that has tons of meaning - both for the confidence of the social media manager and for the distribution of the content you share. If you want to grow your followers, there are tons of useful tips to try. In episode #49 of The Science of Social Media, we explore some key learnings we've drummed up about how to get that first initial batch of followers on some of the major social media networks. We hope you enjoy and are excited to hear your thoughts...

Duration: 00:10:58

A Facebook Posting Strategy That Led to a 330% Increase in Reach & Engagement

Facebook marketing is no easy task! Especially when you consider all the content shared to Facebook every 20 minutes: Over the past year our Facebook reach and engagement were on a steady decline. We needed to make a change! In episode #48 of The Science of Social Media, we explore the change we made to our Facebook strategy and the eye-opening (and awesome) results that ensued. We hope you enjoy and are excited to hear your thoughts using #BufferPodcast on social media! Your ratings...

Duration: 00:12:18

On Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Social Media and Becoming a Better Marketer - Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis - one-time touring musician, veterinary assistant, and paperboy turned full-time entrepreneur - has written 4 critically acclaimed books, built several software companies, and has taught more 10,000 students through his online courses. He also hosts two podcasts of his own. In episode #47 of our show, Paul shares the secret sauce to social media success and why it's within reach for all marketers, brands, influencers and companies. We hope you enjoy an would love to hear your...

Duration: 00:17:48

Change is Inevitable: How Will You Adapt?

For 38 straight weeks, we've released a brand new episode (or two) of The Science of Social Media. It has been an absolute pleasure, during that time, to speak with some of the most brilliant minds and brands in social media today. Names like Rand Fishkin, Marie Forleo, Mari Smith, Jay Baer, Nat Geo, The Next Web, and so many more. We sincerely appreciate you listening week in and week out thus far! But the podcasting world is changing quickly and we need to change with it in order to...

Duration: 00:03:55

10 Little-Known Facebook Marketing Hacks You Can Try Today - Minisode

Looking for new and exciting ways to use Facebook to reach fans and grow engagement? Join Hosts Hailley Griffis and Brian Peters as they explore and share 10 little-known Facebook marketing hacks and features that you may not have used before. Everything from Facebook "Pages to Watch" to installing and utilizing the Facebook Pixel on your website is included in this jam-packed episode! [Minisodes are our version of a podcast "side-project" where we share interesting tidbits about social...

Duration: 00:08:36

Inside the Thriving Six-Figure Facebook Ads Strategy at Classpass - Mary Rykaczewski

Classpass is one of the fastest-growing "all-in-one membership" startups out there today. Part of the reason is due to their useful (and awesome) product and part of it is due to their incredibly successful Facebook ads strategy. Mary Rykaczewski, Paid Social Manager at Classpass, is the brains behind it all. From managing their six-figure budget to coordinating more than 500 Facebook ads at any given time, Mary knows the ins-and-outs of what it takes to run a thriving Facebook ads...

Duration: 00:27:55

11 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Using Buffer - Minisode

Hosts Hailley and Brian explore 11 proven ways to use Buffer to get the most out of your social media marketing. From user generated content to video marketing to the Buffer app for iOS & Android, this episode is packed with behind-the-scenes insights into how we use Buffer... at Buffer! Utilizing each one of these features has helped us to grow our social media audience size and engagement by more than 155% in one year. Today, we hope to help you do the same. [Minisodes are our version...

Duration: 00:10:56

5 Key Elements of the Perfect Facebook Ad - Molly Pittman

Molly Pittman - VP of Marketing at DigitalMarketer - is one of the premier experts and resources for Facebook Advertising knowledge on the planet. And so we asked her: Is it possible to create the perfect Facebook ad? Today we're excited to be exploring the 5 key elements that help to create Facebook ads that really work for your brand and business. - Offer - Copy - Creative - Audience Targeting - Ad Scent Molly has been creating and rocking Facebook ads for businesses for more...

Duration: 00:28:34

Social Media for Small Businesses: Less Is More - Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo has been helping small businesses with their online marketing and social media strategies with incredilbe success for more than 15 years. We had the pleasure of chatting with her in episode #41 of The Science of Social Media. Marie shares specific ways that you can use social media to build an audience, connect with your customers, and eventually, grow your business. Whether you're just starting out on social media or you've been using social media for years, you'll learn the...

Duration: 00:32:29

Using Social Media for Good: Meet the Entrepreneur Changing the World One Story at a Time - Branden Harvey

Branden Harvey has built an audience of more than 120K on social media by telling stories of good in the world. Focusing on making a positive impact has allowed him to work with some of today's most innovative companies and has earned him features in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, WIRED, Fortune, Mashable, and more. In episode #40, Branden shares some actionable insights into why telling stories of good on social media has been such a powerful tool for change. From...

Duration: 00:26:49

How Merriam-Webster Made Dictionaries Fun by Building a Powerful Brand Voice - Lauren Naturale

Lauren Naturale shares her expert insights into how Merriam-Webster has developed one of the most powerful and unique brand voices in the industry - which has led to major social media growth. Their Twitter account alone has grown by more than 200,000 followers in just one year - gaining the attention of major publications like Mashable, BuzzFeed, NPR (and more) and winning awards along the way. In this episode, you'll learn all about how you can create a powerful brand voice of your...

Duration: 00:29:21

The 4 Ways to Fix Your Broken Content Marketing and Social Media - Jay Baer

Jay Baer has been building audiences, online and off, for more than 20 years. His approach to content marketing is simple yet incredibly effective. It all starts with an understanding of what your customers are looking for online and overdelivering on value through content and customer service. In this episode, Jay shares the steep challenges that marketers are facing online today and the 4 ways they can fix their broken content marketing and social media programs. You won't want to miss...

Duration: 00:30:55

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