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The official podcast of the official booster club of the Seattle Seahawks. By 12s for the 12s. GO HAWKS!

The official podcast of the official booster club of the Seattle Seahawks. By 12s for the 12s. GO HAWKS!
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The official podcast of the official booster club of the Seattle Seahawks. By 12s for the 12s. GO HAWKS!




197: No, Seahawks fans, the sky isn't falling: Kenneth Arthur of Field Gulls provides a rational perspective

The Seahawks have signed what many hope to be their most impactful free agent signing yet by bringing in D.J. Fluker. Fluker is another top draft pick from the 2013 season, and Kenneth Arthur, managing editor of Field Gulls, joins us to talk about the move along with some of his observations from the offseason to this point. One of the things Kenneth likes best about the Fluker signing - it's better than paying top dollar for the other guards who hit the market. But the best possible...


196: Richard Sherman is still better at life than Skip Bayless

We didn't think it would happen last offseason, and we still didn't expect it to happen this offseason, but Richard Sherman is no longer a member of the Seahawks now. What's worse is that he's actually a member of the San Francisco 49ers. A team that he seemed to have an strong sports hate for himself while Jim Harbaugh was coaching there. Adam and Brandan talk about how difficult it is to see him go there, but also with an understanding of why it made it an easy choice for him based on...


195: The Hawkpocalypse of 2018 with Danny Kelly: Michael Bennett traded, Richard Sherman could be next

Apparently the Hawkpocalypse is here and it has started with Michael Bennett being traded to the Eagles. Before that trade was announced, reports came out that Richard Sherman was saying goodbye to teammates and reports are suggesting that his release from the team is imminent. But after listening to reports that he was going to be traded last year, is this actually going to happen? Danny Kelly of the Ringer, former editor in chief at Field Gulls, joins the show and believes that this...


194: NFL Combine recap with Rob Staton and analyzing potential Seattle Seahawks draft candidates

To talk NFL combine action over the weekend, Rob Staton of joins the show to talk about his takeaways from the event. Before getting to the prospects, they discuss Pete Carroll and John Schneider's press conference as well as the recent reports of the Seahawks interest to find a trade partner for Michael Bennett. We kick off our discussion about the combine by talking about running backs and offensive line, considering the weakness of the Seahawks last year and...


193: Seahawks team needs via free agency, Russell Wilson trade talks, is P-Rich worth signing long-term

With the new league year and free agency just a couple weeks away, this week's show focuses on how the Seahawks should approach free agency. Is it best to fill needs through free agency or trust your scouting and address the biggest needs through the draft? The guys look at the various position groups for the ones that seem to be the most critical to address this offseason. When looking at the offensive line, it seems as though there's still a spot on this team for George Fant even with...


192: The end of the LOB, franchise tag candidates, analyzing the Schottenheimer offense

The Seahawks will have the opportunity to use their franchise tag as early as this week. Who are some of the players who the team might target? The guys look at some recent metrics on the pass rush as well as the running game. They also discuss the interest among media to try and break up the Legion of Boom as the story lines around Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are now clear going through the offseason. Samuel Gold breaks down the Brian Schottenheimer offense after...


191: Seahawks potential draft candidates, grading the 2017 NFC West draft classes, Russell Wilson traded to the Yankees

The biggest news of the week seems to be the Russell Wilson trade from the Rangers to the New York Yankees. With media speculation about how this could impact the Seahawks, Adam and Brandan talk about how this will in no way have an impact and the reasons why. With the NFL Combine approaching, Rob Staton of joins us for the first time this offseason and covers a lot of ground with some of his top picks from the Senior Bowl to join the Seahawks. He talks about what it...


190: Scoring outlook for 2018, three free agency moves to sign the best available lineman, regrets with Pinterest

We look back and look ahead in this week's show. First we start by congratulating the Philadelphia Eagles on their Super Bowl title over the Patriots. Adam believes he may be living in some alternate reality. We then look back at some of the worst free agent moves in Seattle's history, especially considering how the 2017 free agency period went. Looking ahead, we talk about the red zone production for the Seahawks and how that could potentially change in 2018 with the departure of Jimmy...


189: Seahawks could replicate 2017 Vikings success, why establishing the run is a myth, and Mad Mike is ready to launch

As the Seahawks launch into the offseason with a clear goal of running the football better, this week we look at a team who made some dramatic shifts on offense a year ago and ended up playing for a chance at the Super Bowl this year. Adam and Brandan explore if Seattle has the same ability to make the kind of changes that can help make it so just about any running back can have success. They even explore a couple free agent prospects depending on the type of direction the team may want to...


188: More coaching changes, how Cable's departure impacts the offensive line, and the worst part of mock draft season

A major shakeup in terms of the number of coaches turned over in the past week for the Seahawks, but we explore whether it really is a major overhaul in terms of philosophy for the team. Adam and Brandan discuss some of the major similarities with the new coaches compared to the former coaches who held the position. Brian Schottenheimer replaces Darrell Bevell, Mike Solari is in for Tom Cable and Ken Norton Jr. returns to the team to take over for Kris Richard. Adam explains why he is...


B83: New Seahawks coaches, conference title games and picks with The Nach On Sports

Note: Episode 188 of the Sea Hawkers Podcast is on track for Saturday release this week. Keith Myers of Hawks Playbook and is set to join the show. Adam and Brandan will talk about their thoughts on the latest coaching hires for the Seahawks. The Seahawks filled many of their open coaching vacancies this past week, and Brandan joins The Nach On Sports to discuss the hiring of three new coordinators. Anthony and Brandan talks about how it's difficult for fans to get...


187: Coaching changes, optimism among position groups heading to 2018, potential Seahawks OC candidates

Big news this week for the Seahawks as offensive coordinator Darrell Bevel and Tom Cable both let go by the Seahawks. This week's show focuses primarily on the change at offensive coordinator and some potential names that have been discussed immediately after the news came out. Adam talks about a candidate he likes who coaches running backs for the Titans while Brandan looks at a quarterback coach of a division rival. After venting last week, the guys come back toward looking ahead for...


B81: An offseason preview for the Seahawks, Patriots report suggests an end of an era, and Wild Card Round picks

Anthony of the Nach On Sports invites Brandan on this week to talk about the end of the season for the Seahawks and preview some of the decisions the Seahawks are set to make changes including the top spot the team needs to work at in the offseason. The ESPN reporter who talked about the Seahawks in the offseason has a new report out that goes into the decision to trade Jimmy G to the 49ers and why Tom Brady's trainer was booted from the Patriots facility. But is it really the end of an...


186: A fitting end to the Seahawks season, venting the anger from what went wrong in 2017, and possible changes ahead in Seattle

Pete Carroll called this Sunday's game against the Cardinals a microcosm of the season. Because he's absolutely right the brief overview of this game ends up leading into some of the major complaints for the season as a whole. Adam and Brandan attempt to dissect where some of the major grips are, and recognizing that this team still went 9-7 shows how the situation isn't as dire as many would suggest. Especially when you consider the circumstances of injuries and 3-4 kicks that contributed...


185: Seahawks spoil Zeke's return to Cowboys, Seattle in playoffs with a win and Atlanta loss, and potential Wild Card match ups

Though the final offensive statistics weren't what we've come to expect from a Seahawks team, this 21-12 victory over the Cowboys reminded both Adam and Brandan of a version of this Seattle team from recent history. Russell Wilson didn't need to put it in the air 30-40 times to get a win, instead they kept it on the ground and grinded out 30 runs while getting takeaways from the defense to secure the win. The run defense returned to help slow down Elliot's return to the Cowboys and it...


B79: Cowboys preview, catch rule, and Week 16 picks with Nach On Sports

Following a big loss to the Rams, Brandan points out that the Seahawks have only lost by two touchdowns or more a handful of times in the Russell Wilson era. How many times has Anthony's team lost by those types of deficits? He doesn't have an answer off hand. Looking ahead to the game against the Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott is coming back and he's going to want to make a statement. Even after Todd Gurley ran for big yardage last week, the team still has the personnel who stopped the Eagles...


184: Seahawks can still win the West after historic loss, other playoff scenarios and Santa is a Cowboys fan

Even after a loss to the division rival, it turns out that the Seahawks can still win the division. If that's the case, why are people ready to throw in the towel, not just on the season but seemingly throw in the towel on the future potential of this team. Adam and Brandan put the loss to the Rams in historical context. With that context, it may be easier to understand why some Seahawks fans seem to be losing their mind. Brandan turns to the playoff generator to look at the scenarios out...


B78: Rams preview with Nach On Sports (600 KGEZ), Clinton Bonner with the Jaguars 3 IN, 3 OUT

After a quick look back at the game against the Jaguars, Brandan previews the upcoming game against the Rams with Anthony of Nach on Sports. With the amount on injuries on defense, it's likely going to be up to Russell Wilson to do Russell Wilson things throughout this game. Incredibly the offensive line hasn't been a big topic of conversation, and they comment on where that turned for the Seahawks this season. In the second half of the bonus show, Clinton Bonner brings an audio version...


B77: Previewing Seahawks vs Rams with James and Bear of the Rams Podcast

James and Bear of the Rams Podcast invite Brandan on to talk about some things that have changed between these two teams since they played earlier this year. Injuries have hit the Seahawks defense particularly hard whereas the Rams have stayed relatively healthy. On offense, the Seahawks offensive line has seen huge improvements compared to earlier on this season. Brandan talks about Russell Wilson being in the MVP conversation, while James introduces a name that the NFL should be paying...


183: Frustration among players and fans, linebackers will play a key role in the NFC West showdown, and Fox was holding Rams fan auditions

If there's any lingering frustration after the Seahawks 30-24 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, let's get it all out now. Adam and Brandan read through comments from The Flock following the game that hit all of the major points of frustration. But perhaps it's not the team to blame, maybe it's one of our listeners who is 0-4 when he's not able to watch the games live. No matter what happens, he's pledging to watch the upcoming game against the Rams live. Whether you're a Seahawks player...


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