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Hey, you know what it is. Its the Sean Jackson Show. We are live on facebook this Saturday. Have you watched us live? Well you should! You can participate in the conversations in real time. We are live on Saturdays. Follow our facebook page to be alerted when we go live. Hey.. you can go watch it now! On the show, we are doing 80's music. We gave an update on the California Wildfires; Amazon is hiring 120,000 people for their peak season, most of those jobs...

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So what had happened was.. Glenn was out of town for 2 weeks, Laurie had a couple engagements, Sean had to DJ some parties, Brandon had some parties to go to.. LOL. Anywho, WE ARE BACK! Hope we wasn't gone to long. On the show: The musical theme this week is artists that have passed on. We talked about: Hugh Heffner died. Julie Louis Dryfus has breast cancer and took a poke at the Presidents attempt to repeal healthcare. Kim Kardashian's robber wrote her a letter of apology. Netflix...

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New Music Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Im Sean Jackson of the Sean Jackson Show and you have made it through the week. Welcome to New Music Friday a new show where I will attempt to bring you the new music before it comes out so you'll know what to go buy. Listen in and share with friends!

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Its the SJS Show. Welcome to our new listeners and followers. You can find us on the iHeart app, Mixcloud, iTunes, Google Music and more. Share with your friends. On the show: Irma, Irma, Irma. At the time of this records she was working her way through the Florida Keys, leaving a trail of destruction. Also.. nurses are suspended after taking in the sights that is a dead man's penis. Janet Jackson has dropped that baby weight and is back on tour. Equifax had a security breach months ago...

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Urban Legends Episode 1

On this first episode of SJS Urban Legends. Since the song's release 40 years ago in 1975, “Love Rollercoaster” by the Ohio Players has created an urban legend that still permeates to this day. There lies a mystery right into the middle of the song. What really did happen during its recording session? ​ The myth is that one of the band members was murdering his girlfriend or a cleaning woman in the recording studio or it's a call from a psychiatric ward, and lastly, the scream was...

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I'm pregnant by my F$%^ buddy. Help!

Lady enters into a no strings attached relationship. They are in it strictly for sex. She was so stressed in her daily life that she lost track of her birth control. Well as faith would have it... shes now pregnant with the sex partners baby and he wants nothing to do with it or her. She has thought about abortion but doesn't feel that's the right option. Is she wrong for not terminating the pregnancy? Hear the rest of the story and what the crew thinks.. then let us know what you think

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Need Insurance? Call StateFarm

We had LaTorya Street from Street Insurance Agency, Inc. A StateFarm independent agency on the show to talk about all of the wonderful products they have available. Renters and Homeowners Insurance, Credit Cards, Checking Accounts, Vehicle Loans, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance and more. They have you covered. Contact LaTorya Street at 773.417.3638 to get a free quote!

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Happy Labor Day everyone! We are giving you "backyard party" music today to compliment your outdoor BBQ activities. Glenn is in Punta Cana this week. Today on the show we are talking about: The letter Paris Jackson wrote to her father to celebrate his birthday last week. The Cobb County Chief of Police has been fired after his "We only kill black people" comment during a traffic stop. Serena Williams has delivered her baby. Amazon bought Whole Food's this week and A woman has been...

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Welcome back to yet another episode of The SJS Show. Glenn leads us off this week and we have a studio full of people. Sean & Lauries cousins Shalon and Raymond is in the building along with Glenn and Brandon. Tyrone and Chris is also in the building. With this many people in the studio, its bound to be a good time! On the show this week we have LaTorya Street from Street Insurance Agency to talk to you about State Farm insurance products and what she can do for you. Also Raymond has a...

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Happy Solar Eclipse Day! The first time this century and not in 38 years has there been a solar eclipse. Protect your eyes with approved eye wear. Blindness from looking at the sun IS REAL and you won't know it until its over. Be safe. On the show, the crew wishes Congresswoman Maxine Waters Happy Birthday. Omarosa is looking her black friends. Trump is loosing his support base. News agencies are predicting Trump will not last through next year. The young man walking from Chicago to DC to...

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Welcome to the show! Thanks for listening and sharing with friends. Welcome to all of the new Facebook followers. On the show, we give an update on whats happening in Virginia. Find out what states will require a passport for domestic air travel as of January 2018. Oak Park, IL is about to implement a $.10 tax on plastic bags. Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives/Love&Hip-Hop clears up rumors that she is no longer with her baseball fiance. Omarosa showed up at the National Association of...

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Its the SJS Show. Welcome to all of the new followers to our Facebook page and visitors to the website On the show today: Reports that Usher has given the package to 2 more females and one male. #45 is investigating racial discrimination at colleges and universities (code for investigating HBCU discrimination). Bobby V is claiming the Transgender episode is an extortion attempt. Lil Duval allegedly said he will kill a Transgender if they do not tell him whats up...

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Its the SJS Show. On the show this week: R. Kelly holding girls hostage. Usher has herpes. Kevin Hart cheating on his wife. Woman arrested for sending Ricin tainted letter to President Obama and others. South Carolina man orders a prostitute from hotel and his wife showed up! American Airlines plane grounded because passenger passed gas. Prada is selling paperclips. Man with tattoo covering half of his face is looking for a job and a $350k lottery ticket is sitting unclaimed in Chicago for...

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Thanks for sharing the show with friends. It is The Sean Jackson Show for the week of 7/16. On the show: LL Cool J is looking for co-star Maia Campbell; A black family in Indiana is told to mow their lawn because 'this isn't the ghetto'; A new study shows coffee is linked to a longer life; We tell you 5 cities in the U.S. that has a low cost of living but jobs with high paychecks; Tamron Hall is coming back with her own daytime talk show; A California Democrat has filed the Articles of...

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Hey, welcome to another edition of The Sean Jackson Show. On the show this week: Kenya Moore is being made to choose between her new husband or Housewives of ATL; True Religion has filed bankruptcy; 50 cent says Jay-Z's new album sounds like golf course music; Amazon prime's big sale is coming up; Damon Wayans Jr's joke was not received well over the holiday weekend; Mariah Carey's credit card declined and Beyonce sends Kim Kardashian's baby gift back. Also on the show we have Lemond Hayes...

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One of the most legendary moments that ‘90s R&B fans everywhere have been waiting for arrived when Xscape came to the stage for their first BET Awards reunion performance. ​Seated for a calming, soft, but powerful reintroduction, the ladies were absolutely stunning in their ensembles. The highly-anticipated comeback saw Tiny, Kandi, LaTocha and Tamika become the throwback stars of the night in just a few songs. And according to the internet, they were the stars of social media as well....

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They don't need to know who you are!

Ask Laurie: So... husband works out 7 days a week. He doesn't want wife to work out at the same gym because he says it's for wifes protection from his nosey co-workers and he says people don't need to know who wife is. (Husband also works in the area). Wife believes that husband is truly protecting her from nosey co-workers. Whatchuthink?

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Hey Hey Hey!!! The Sean Jackson Show is back after a month of being off. We've celebrated Sean's birthday. Sean, Brandon and Glenn went to Phoenix and Glenn is still on tour in Puerto Vallarta this week so we have Sean, Laurie, Brandon, Tyrone and Chris in studio. We have the standards: Inspirational Song of the Week, Word of the Week, Celebrity Birthdays and the mini mix with DJ WyldChyld. This weeks Ask Laurie wants to know what we think about a husband who will not allow his wife to go...

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You're Smothering Me! - Ask Laurie

Would you move across the country to be with someone, who doesn't know that they wan to be with you and there has been no communication about this life changing move? Well, check out this letter submitted to Ask Laurie and let us know what you think. Do you have an issue or question you would like the crew to discuss? Have your letter read on the show anonymously! Submit your issue, question or concern to Share with your friends! PJ Productions Radio Network:...

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Welcome back to the SJS Show. We would like all of our current listeners and those who may have stopped listening, to go to our Facebook page at and take our focus group poll. Its only one question. We are trying to determine where our focus will be for the future. So tell us what kind of show do you prefer to listen to. Your contribution will help make this a better show for you! On the show... The man accused of killing Jennifer Hudson's family is still...

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