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Segment 4: Maintaining Compassion for the Patient

We hear from medical professors Ronald Epstein, MD (University of Rochester) and, Victoria Maizes, MD (University of Arizona), along with nursing professor Mary Jo Kreitzer (University of Minnesota). Each has given deep reflection to the dynamics of communication between a health professional and the patient. What are the obstacles? How is information and support conveyed to the patient? We also learn about the fascinating health benefits of common integrative techniques: Tracy Gaudet, MD,...

Duration: 00:29:49

Segment 3: Doctors of the Future

Medical education is in transition – but not rapidly enough, according to a several reformers we’ll hear. For one thing, instruction in nutrition remains mostly marginalized in medical school, despite widespread health care crises related to dietary intake (obesity, heart disease and diabetes). In this segment, we visit medical students at the third largest U.S. college campus, Ohio State University in Columbus, who are committed to a greater focus on wellness. We hear their vision of...

Duration: 00:29:49