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Episode 16: Doctor Who

A 2000 year old Time Lord. The oncoming storm. A mad man with a box. This week join Doctor Dan, Evil Lord Ken, and Chief Engineer Tom in the TARDIS as they try to break down 54 years worth of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey storytelling and explain it to Captain Dave, who has only watched 1 episode and … Continue reading "Episode 16: Doctor Who"

Duration: 01:11:11

Episode 15: Spider-Man: Homecoming Review & Comic-Con Wrap-up

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Everybody loves Spider-Man. Well, almost everyone. Listen as Captain Dave, Doctor Dan, and Evil Lord Ken break down what they liked and what they didn’t about Marvel’s latest outing. And with SDCC in the rear view mirror, the guys discuss what newly released trailers have them excited for the fall.

Duration: 01:12:04

Episode 14: Game of Thrones

Season 7 is finally upon us, and Winter is almost here. Join Doctor Dan, Captain Dave, and Evil Lord Ken as they break down what they hope to see, and which house they each truly belong in.

Duration: 01:11:04

Episode 13: Spider-Man

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, can a Marvel / Sony team-up save Spider-Man? Join Doctor Dan, Captain Dave, and Evil Lord Ken as they break down what has and has not worked for past cinematic outings of the famed web-slinger, and what they look forward to with the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Duration: 01:10:12

Episode 12: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a box office smash, which begs the question: did the DCEU just save itself? It’s complicated. Join Doctor Dan, Captain Dave, and Evil Lord Ken as they break down what they think work worked and what didn’t about DC’s latest offering.

Duration: 00:51:43

Episode 11: The Simpsons

Best. Episode. Ever.

Duration: 01:10:44

Episode 10: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This week, the guys dig into just what was it that made Buffy so good and ahead of its time? Plus, hear their reviews of Kong: Skull Island.

Duration: 01:10:27

Episode 9: The X-Men (Part 2)

In honor of the theatrical release of Logan, the guys discuss the pros and cons of the X-Men movie franchise and rank the previous nine films (including Deadpool, which is obviously the best and they will fight anyone who says otherwise). Was X2 awesome or boring? Or both? Listen and find out…

Duration: 01:14:58

Episode 8: The X-Men (Part 1)

In this episode, the guys dive into the extremely extensive universe of the X-Men to draft their all-time ultimate X-Team. With so many possibilities, realities, and universes to choose from, this has all the makings of an epic episode. Strap in folks, this one is going to run long.

Duration: 01:38:35

Episode 7: Time Travel

This week, the Captain Dave, Doctor Dan, and Evil Lord Ken dive into the perils of Time Travel. Are we using it for good? Should we right the wrongs? And when will then be now?

Duration: 01:07:13

Episode 4: Star Wars

In honor of Rogue One, the guys debate how to rank each Episode of the classic saga.

Duration: 01:19:43

Episode 3: Magic

In this episode, the guys discuss classic Doctor Strange stories, and battle it out over which magician would win in a fight.

Duration: 00:55:14

Episode 2: Monsters

In this episode, the guys break down their favorite classic movie monsters, and rank the best portrayals of the ultimate classic movie monster – Dracula.

Duration: 00:53:17

Episode 1: Pilot

It’s the inaugural episode of the Second Breakfast Club. Join Captain Dave, Doctor Dan, and Evil Lord Ken as they discuss all things nerd, and decide once and for all who was right in Captain America : Civil War.

Duration: 01:09:27