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Duration: 00:06:12

Ep 961: Clutch Dubs, Mayo's Heartbreak Diet, Jack McCaffrey High Jinks, Lyster's Stand-Up - 18/09/17

Another compelling, absorbing All-Ireland Football Final goes to the wire and once again Dublin emerge victorious by the narrowest of margins. Should Mayo have won it, or are Dublin just the best clutch side we've seen in Gaelic Football? The long west of Ireland winter stretches ahead for Mayo, with plenty of near misses, a sending off, and the usual diet of heartache and regret. Are they fragile mentally, or actually the gutsiest team of all time? Oisin McConville and Mike Quirke look at...

Duration: 01:05:44

What You're Missing On The World Service This Week

The Fair View, The Player's Chair with Paul Galvin, one of the greatest ever chats with US Murph, our All-Ireland Show and to a lesser extent Murph's Country Pages. Join the Second Captains World Service and support independent, member-led, commercial-free broadcasting at

Duration: 00:05:09

Ep 955: De Boer Skewered, Stupid Premier League, Sadio's Boot, Meek Barca - 11/09/17

Not for the first time, English football faces an intelligence crisis. There is evidence that unprecedented levels of ambient cash may be toxic to brain tissue. The hiring and immediate sacking of Frank de Boer is a new milestone in Premier League stupidity. Whose fault is the De Boer fiasco? Was he the architect of his own downfall? Is the Dutch football philosophy in need of an update? Or is the Premier League just the wrong environment to try to put it into practice Priya Ramesh and...

Duration: 01:08:45

Ep 950: O'Neill's Plan, Bigging Up Serbia, Wales' Golden Boy, The Future Isn't Watching - 04/09/17

Martin O'Neill's snippy interview with Tony O'Donoghue was the perfect ending to a drab Irish display away to Georgia. Ken watched it with an unfamiliar crowd and offers a report on what the casual fan and the fans of the future made of it. Ireland had no discernible game plan, a fact that makes them stand out in an age of systems based teams. Dion Fanning joins us to analyse the game and why Irish football just can't seem to get it right. Meanwhile the volley debate rages on - Eoin thinks...

Duration: 00:50:50

Ep 949: Galway's Day, Waterford's pain, Joe's Bus, Derek's Tears - 04/09/17

It was a day awash with emotion and nerves in Croke Park, but in the end Galway were the ones to hold their nerve in near-operatic drama to win a first All-Ireland title in 29 years. Tipp's Eoin Kelly and Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times are in studio to dissect the match, with Noel Lane, 3-time All-Ireland champion with Galway, on the phone to tell us why this means so much to Galway people. Where do Waterford go from here, and how important is it that Derek McGrath stays on? And now...

Duration: 00:53:08

Ep 943: Dublin Mayo Dream, RIP The Blanket, McGregor Divides The Land - 28/08/17

For the second year in a row, it's Dublin against Mayo in the All-Ireland football final and in truth, after this weekend, there's no argument - they're the two best teams in the country, and the two most likely to provide a dream final. We ask Mike Quirke if Jim Gavin is underrated, and he gives us the downbeat reaction from Kerry as they were out-thought, out-fought and out-played by Mayo on Saturday. Meanwhile Oisin McConville is purring at the thought of a brilliant Dublin display, and...

Duration: 00:52:09

Ep 937: Kerry Mayo Get Wet n Wild, Donaghy-O'Shea, Tactical Masterplans - 21/08/17

Mayo manager Stephen Rochford is getting it in the neck from all quarters after disgracefully opting for tactics that took his team of lowly underdogs to the brink of an All Ireland final against the immortals of Kerry. Eoin delves into the history of tactical masterplans, and Ken asks "did Mayo lose"? Oisin McConville and Malachy Clerkin join us to dissect the wet n wild football on display, analyse Andy Moran's brilliance, and tell us, in no uncertain terms, who will win the replay. We...

Duration: 00:46:17

Ep 932: Ireland Beat Chelsea, Barcelona's Desperation, Diego Costa's Hospitality - 14/08/2017

Eoin, Ken and Ciaran look back at an incredible weekend of football in the Premier League and around Europe. Is it good that Diego Costa at least appeared to be supporting Chelsea when a journalist called to his house in Brazil over the weekend? Have Barcelona got any ideas cleverer than just trying to throw hundreds of millions at the best young players in the Premier League and Bundesliga? Do Liverpool want to be a big club, or do they want to have a lot of money in the bank? Will Jose...

Duration: 00:53:15

Ep 931: Waterford Back In The All-Ireland Final, Crazy Red Cards, Farah Fires Back - 14/08/2017

Ep 931: Waterford Back In The All-Ireland Final, Crazy Red Cards, Farah Fires Back - 14/08/2017 by Second Captains

Duration: 00:54:55

Ep 929: Second Captains Premier League Night with Cadbury in The Sugar Club 10/08/2017

Our Second Captains Premier League Night with Cadbury in The Sugar Club came chock-full of football legends, incomprehensible Dublin accents and bold predictions for the coming domination of Manchester City... and for those of you unable to wrangle a ticket, we present it here for your listening pleasure. Shay Given, Jason McAteer and Niall Quinn talk about how to engineer a move if you want out of a club, why players can't meet fans socially any more, how Pep Guardiola's sorted it all...

Duration: 01:24:09

Ep 926: Premier League Returns, Conte's Tracksuit, Barcelona's Big Buys, Klopp's PMA Test - 07/08/17

The Premier League is once again on the march, with Arsene Wenger initially saying ten teams could win it this season, before scaling that back to six. Ken and Eoin discuss the most popular fantasy football footballers, bonus points for insouciance, ABBA, heaving Aviva, Barcelona’s big buys, and the growth of fan culture and prize-money in women’s football. Jonathan Wilson and John Brewin look at the likely winners of the league this year. Chelsea should be feeling serene but all is not...

Duration: 00:50:54

Ep 920: Connacht Football Misfiring, Kerry Cruising, Rory Sacks His Caddy - 31/07/17

It was billed as the day Connacht would storm the citadel, but after yesterday's All-Ireland quarter-final double-bill, all 3 of Galway, Mayo and Roscommon have reason for regrets today. Oisin McConville and Mike Quirke are on hand to talk to us about Kerry's facile victory, Galway's no-show, Mayo's constant struggles, and Roscommon's high-energy, high-error-count display. It's not you, it's me - Rory McIlroy has taken the plunge and sacked his long-time caddy JP Fitzgerald. Malachy...

Duration: 00:52:34

The World Service This Week: Michael Conlan, Vin B, Gina Akpe-Moses, Bray Wanderers & More

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Duration: 00:02:21

Ep 914: Spieth's Odyssey, Duignan on Davy Fitz, Mayo Abide, Galway Go Mad - 24/07/17

The rules of golf state that if you start a meltdown on the Sunday of a major, you continue that meltdown and lose the tournament. Jordan Spieth arrested an alarming decline yesterday with the gutsiest golf seen since the Tiger era. He has three majors but the question remains - is he Ice-Man or Maverick? Michael 'controversy follows me everywhere' Duignan has become a walking headline these last few weeks. He comes into studio to address criticism thrown at him by Wexford manager Davy...

Duration: 00:51:32

Ep 908: Football And Fake News, Liverpool's Sorry Summer, Giant Rashford, Wayne's Pop - 17/07/17

Eoin and Ken are talking about fake news. Ken confesses to a missed opportunity. Premier League teams are on pre-season tours, making money and trying to spend it. Liverpool can't get anyone to take their stinking money. Jose Mourinho has been impressed with Marcus Rashford's phenomenal upwards growth. News may be fake, but inches are real. We're joined by Rory Smith of the New York Times to talk about how football transfer stories were the original fake news. What is it about football...

Duration: 00:59:09

Ep 909: Transcendental Federer, All The Young Dubs, Tyrone Power - 17/07/17

Winning comes easy to some people - and this weekend Roger Federer, and the footballers of Dublin and Tyrone, all burnished their credentials with crushing victories. Oisin McConville and Mike Quirke reflect on the Dubs' 7th consecutive Leinster championship win, as each new game brings another scoring master-class from a different member of their forward unit. They are somewhat less impressed by Tyrone who they feel still have a bit to go to challenge the reigning All-Ireland champions,...

Duration: 00:51:37

Ep 902: Cork On The March, Kilkenny Dumped Out, The Lions Share, Pitch Invasions - 10/07/17

Cork are the Munster champions, and powered by a cohort of brilliant young players, the dip we've all been expecting as they adjusted to their new reality just hasn't arrived. We analyse the influence of Gary Keegan, former Irish boxing supremo, on Cork. We said a few weeks ago that there are 7 teams capable of winning the All-Ireland senior hurling championship this year - and with 6 teams left after this week, who was dumped out? Brian Cody's Kilkenny. Michael Duignan and Eoin Kelly talk...

Duration: 01:01:54

Ep896: Germany's Cup, Villa's New Lion, Instagram Hacking - 03/07/2017

Ken returns just as international football ends for summer 2017. Once again, Germany have won most of the trophies and have added the Euro U21-title and Confederations Cup to their haul. The World Champions look well set for the next World Cup, all Joachim Löw needs to do is figure out which of their 40 top-quality internationals to drop. As the Confederations Cup winds up, we talk to Nick Ames in Moscow. How did Russia perform as host? And is football making an almighty mess of video...

Duration: 00:41:42

Ep890: Second Captains, Live From Whiddy Island - 26/06/17

From the moment Tadhg Furlong told us about the unique charms and appeal of his uncles' home on Whiddy Island last December in the Liberty Hall Theatre, we have been dreaming of one day broadcasting from this jewel of Bantry Bay. And last Saturday morning, as Tadhg made his Test debut for the Lions against New Zealand, that dream became a reality. And as we all tried to digest the thoroughness of the All-Black win (and our beautiful al fresco breakfast), we recorded a very special show...

Duration: 00:52:26

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