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The Minus Man

Paolo and Carrie are joined again by Emily Neil to discuss Hampton Fancher's 1999 existential mystery The Minus Man. Topics include: what the hell this movie is about, literally flirting with death, and one of the greatest trailers in film history.

Duration: 01:20:59


Paolo and Carrie go it alone for a special Halloween-adjacent discussion of Takashi Miike's horrific 2006 short film Imprint. Topics include: a traumatically brutal torture scene, the pregnancy horror sub-genre, and a whole new way of looking at pinwheels.

Duration: 01:09:15

Great Balls Of Fire!

Paolo and Carrie are rejoined by Emily Neil to discuss Jim McBride's 1989 campy & creepy Jerry Lee Lewis biopic Great Balls of Fire! Topics include: the film's Solondzian tone, a refresher on the Bermuda Smile, and the dark secrets of Jerry Lee's love life.

Duration: 01:35:01

Open Windows

Paolo and Carrie are rejoined by Will Ackland to discuss Nacho Vigalondo's 2014 techno-thriller Open Windows, as well as his musical short film 7:35 de la Mañana. Topics include: general themes and trends of Vigalondo's career, Sasha Grey's acting, and our confusion over the implications & details of the ending.

Duration: 01:37:09


Paolo and Carrie are rejoined by Emily Neil to discuss Brian Yuzna's 1989 gruesome horror-satire Society. Topics include: goofy sound effects, totally sexy boobs, and the word "shunt" gaining a whole new meaning.

Duration: 01:35:44


Paolo and Carrie are joined again by Josh Benson to discuss Barry Levinson's 1998 underwater sci-fi thriller Sphere. Topics include: redundant intertitles, the continuing adventures of Barry Levinson's bad directing, and varieties of scary meat.

Duration: 01:31:58

My Kid Could Paint That

Paolo and Carrie are alone again for a very subjective discussion of Amir Bar-Lev's 2007 art world documentary My Kid Could Paint That and two bonus shorts: Chris Marker's 1990 film Cat Listening to Music, and Cory Arcangel's 2009 film Arnold Schoenberg Opus 11 - 1 - Cute Kittens. Topics include: everyone in the art world being crazy, having control of your narrative, and whether or not Marla's dad helping her really matters.

Duration: 01:40:38

Southern Comfort

Paolo and Carrie are joined by filmmaker & contributor to Chicago film guide Cine-File, John Dickson, to discuss Walter Hill's 1981 bayou thriller Southern Comfort. Topics include: broad similarities between this and Aliens, real animal corpses, and what the film argues about the United States.

Duration: 01:40:26

The Burning

Paolo and Carrie go it alone again (naturally) for a discussion of Tony Maylam's 1981 summer camp slasher The Burning. Topics include: blatant continuity errors, spatially impossible murders, and one of the slasher genre's greatest kill scenes.

Duration: 01:34:37

Accidental Love

Paolo and Carrie go it alone for a discussion of "Stephen Greene" and his 2015 political screwball comedy, Accidental Love. Topics include: Stephen Greene's origin story, television-style comedy writing, and one weird trick for enjoying Accidental Love and Alien: Covenant.

Duration: 01:35:45


Paolo and Carrie are joined by two guests - beloved composer Ricardo Ortiz and friend of the podcast Courtney - to discuss James Foley's 1996 thriller Fear. Topics include: Mark Wahlberg messing with clocks, what constitutes a great fingering scene, and Paolo's adventures through James Foley's more recent work.

Duration: 01:28:31

The Serpent And the Rainbow

Carrie and Paolo are joined again by the third member of The Secret Cinema, beloved composer Ricardo Ortiz, to discuss Wes Craven's 1988 voodoo horror film The Serpent and the Rainbow. Topics include: various insane tales from behind the scenes, scrotum stabbing, and Carrie and Paolo getting various facts wrong.

Duration: 01:13:19

Apt Pupil

Paolo and Carrie are joined by their friend Courtney to discuss Bryan Singer's 1998 horror-drama Apt Pupil. Topics include: key differences between the film and Stephen King's original novella, the uncomfortable blend of Holocaust imagery and sexual imagery, and whether or not baseball is really Todd's sport.

Duration: 01:33:11

Mr. Freedom

Paolo and Carrie are joined by Josh Benson to discuss William Klein's 1968 anti-American comedy Mr. Freedom. Topics include: whether or not this is the most anti-American film ever made, the hilarious costume design, and Paolo mistakenly believing that he coined the term "political sledgehammer."

Duration: 01:11:44

Stuart Saves His Family

Paolo and Carrie are joined again by Will Ackland to discuss Harold Ramis' 1995 family dramedy Stuart Saves His Family. Topics include: easement drama, emotional trauma, and Saturday Night Live movies.

Duration: 01:22:05

Krippendorf's Tribe

Paolo and Carrie are joined again by Emily Neil to discuss Todd Holland's 1998 "family comedy" Krippendorf's Tribe. Topics include: when exactly Krippendorf's wife died, a surprisingly offensive sex scene, and the logistics of circumcision.

Duration: 01:37:59

Office Killer

Paolo and Carrie are joined again by Emily Neil to discuss Cindy Sherman's 1997 artsy horror film Office Killer and her 1975 silent short Doll Clothes. Topics include: Cindy Sherman's photography career, cat ladies, and Paolo's frustration with James Franco.

Duration: 01:22:34

The Student Nurses

Paolo and Carrie are joined again by Emily Neil (as well as a secret semi-guest) to discuss Stephanie Rothman's 1970 feminist sexploitation comedy-drama The Student Nurses. Topics include: the career of Stephanie Rothman, stethoscopes representing penises, and a lengthy discussion of a protagonist's abortion.

Duration: 01:34:55


Paolo and Carrie are joined by Will Ackland to discuss Mike Judge's 2009 small-business satire Extract. Topics include where exactly the film takes place, Kristen Wiig's performance, and how long it takes a grown man to masturbate.

Duration: 01:27:09

Dillinger Is Dead

Paolo and Carrie are joined again by Emily Neil to discuss Marco Ferreri's 1969 existential puzzler Dillinger is Dead and Jim Trainor's 2008 short film The Presentation Theme. Topics include: the protagonist taking forever to eat, how to make a mental process cinematic, and the existential importance of the anum.

Duration: 01:36:11

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