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Ep 026 - The X-Rated 'Elephant', Wedding Guests Get Nasty & The Chillest Bride of All Time

Episode 26 brings with it a new feature called 'Photographer Couch Confessions', which takes place both here on the podcast and over on the YouTube channel (link below). Joining Rebecca & Lisa on the first instalment is Trayc Dudgeon of Blue Rooster Studio, and she shares a ridiculously amazing true wedding story from her career as a wedding photographer. 'The X-Rated Elephant' story is a tale to behold... Lisa reads a story from a listener (also a photographer) about a couple of guests who...

Duration: 00:41:06

Ep 025 - Nightmare Proposal Stories - The McChicken Surprise, A Very Special STD Proposal & More!

It's episode 25 and with the holidays over and Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's officially engagement season! The girls are talking all about the world's worst wedding proposals! Find out how badly engagements can go and listen to tips to avoid such a fate yourself (or just don't propose to a jerk / be a jerk and you'll do fine.) In this show Lisa & Rebecca discuss everything from a McDonald's proposal gone wrong, what happens when guys propose to their girlfriends at sports...

Duration: 00:46:26

Ep 024 - The Jonathan Torrens Spectacular feat. an EPIC but TRUE Chris Farley Wedding Tale!

Wow do we have an EPIC show to begin 2018! On episode 24, we have a celebrity guest for you - Canadian comedy icon Jonathan Torrens ... aka J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys ... aka Jonovision ... aka talented writer for the hilarious show Letterkenny Problems. Jonathan hangs out with us to chat everything from his views on attending weddings, terrible wedding songs, really corny speech jokes that make our skin crawl & so much more, and then we get into the real dirt! First we share a couple of...

Duration: 00:58:13

Ep 023 - Catholic Wedding Catastrophe, First Dance Debacle & Man Splits His Pants

It's now (kinda) the future and the debut of our 2018 season with episode 23! After Lisa tells Rebecca about how she met Doc from Back To The Future (true story!) the girls discuss a listener's story about her Catholic wedding which was taken over by the Priest and some shitty bridesmaids. Next up we hear from our good friend Chef Brenden about a crazy venue owner who CUTS IN on the first dance! WTF... and last but not least, a good old fashioned splitting your pants story! Our favourite...

Duration: 00:33:57

Ep 022 - Rebecca's 2018 Predictions, Cheapest Wedding In History aka The Infamous Pizza Wedding & More!

Happy new year and welcome to episode 22! Rebecca shares her 2018 predictions for wedding trends, especially considering the upcoming nuptials of Harry & Meaghan Markle. Lisa recounts a listener's own wedding story about a coked up wedding guest and his runaway girlfriend. We check in with Chef Brendeaux who tells us one of the weirdest stories yet (seriously, WTF Brendan?) and we hear about the cheapest wedding of all time, the infamous pizza wedding! Listen to find out how NOT to host a...

Duration: 00:38:39

Ep 021 - It's a Wonderful Secret Life of Weddings! The Hypothermic Groom & Lisa's Ring Inscription

Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone, and welcome to episode 21! This week we talk about everything weddings and Christmas! From schmaltzy Hallmark Christmas wedding movies to films that actually mattered (hint in our episode title), Lisa & Rebecca talk about the best and worst wedding moments in cinema. But first, we hear from Rebecca about a poor guy who was getting married and ended up more like a popsicle than a groom. Lisa then reminisces with Rebecca about her own special...

Duration: 00:34:37

Ep 020 - Chocolate Fountain Faux Pas, 70s Wedding Gift, Flirty Bride Nose Dive & Roast Beef Apocalypse

We made it to 20! In this hilarity packed episode Rebecca begins with a story about a man who liked the chocolate fountain a little TOO much... A listener sends us a story about her parents and a very 1970s wedding gift they received. Chef Brenden favours us with 2 amazing stories, beginning with a very drunk and flirtatious bride who should have stayed inside the night before her wedding, and his own most embarrassing wedding story about a rogue roast beef dinner! Follow our guest & buddy...

Duration: 00:34:50

Ep 019 - Brawling Groomsmen, Hell's Angels Wedding & A Boozed Up Mama's Boy

It's the holiday season and on episode 19 Lisa has a purrrrty Christmas surprise for Rebecca! We get introduced to an old friend of Lisa's - Chef Brenden - who tells us all about some dumbass groomsmen who don't know how to stay out of trouble, and a Hell's Angels wedding reception (spoiler alert - they're super nice guys, but something pretty hilarious did happen...) Rebecca reads a listener story about a heavily inebriated Groom who ended up passed out in his mother's cleavage for the...

Duration: 00:23:34

Ep 018 - Drunk Kids, The Bridesmaid's Husband Sucks & What Pisses Off Wedding Guests The MOST!

Welcome to episode 18! This week Lisa makes fun of the way Rebecca says lots of words, including Croatian, Bagel & Italian. The girls share an absolute barrage of fucked up funny (and one very sad) but true wedding stories, and we asked YOU: What pisses you off most as a wedding guest? Listen and avoid these common pitfalls if you're planning your wedding! To share your story, please email or visit *Join our private Facebook...

Duration: 00:36:46

Ep 017 - The Dead Bird Wedding Gift, Hold On...That's Not Your Wife... & Satan In A Fascinator

Happy Friday and welcome to episode 17! This week Lisa & Rebecca catch up and before getting into the wedding dirt, & discuss the crazy importance of having 'passion projects' in your life, and what Lisa has been making DIY lately. Lisa reads a couple listener stories about a dead bird wedding gift (ewww) and a jerk wedding guest who is cheating on his wife and brings his mistress to a wedding instead of his wife (even grosser than the dead bird!) To top it all off, we have the epic tale...

Duration: 00:41:40

Ep 016 - Best Man Debauchery, The Ultimate Nana Shit-Fit & True Wedding Planner Nightmares

It's episode 16! This week Lisa & Rebecca chat with Kimberly Fu Skubic from Envision Weddings & Events about her most cringeworthy wedding planner nightmare experiences! Lisa reads a story that has the girls laughing about a drunk ass Best Man who the Groom won't be calling anytime soon (lol), and Rebecca tells a Nana shit-fit story which ruins Betty White forever for poor Lisa. Find Kimberly Fu Skubic at and on Instagram at...

Duration: 00:38:27

Ep 015 - Indecent Bachelor Party Proposal, The Bloody Hotel Room & A Drunken Burglary Fail

Bring your Timbits for episode 15! This week Lisa & Rebecca chat with Jessica Sclafini from Weddings Unfiltered about the no-bullshit way to approach wedding planning, and tips on keeping it real, so to speak. Jessica dishes on her own OMFG moment when a Groom she was working with made a very indecent proposal to her! The girls then read a listener's true story about the grossest thing you could probably ever find in a hotel room, plus how her husband's hotel room got broken into by a shitty...

Duration: 00:42:38

Ep14 - Car Prank Disaster, Photographer Fountain Misfortune, Worst Wishes Only & "Living In Sin" (LOL)

Episode 14 bitches! This week's episode is a grab bag of funny wedding tales including a wedding night car prank that turned into a disaster, why photographers & fountains don't mix, shitty wishes for the newlyweds & more. We also get an update from our Maid of (Dis)Honour from episode 9! To share your story, please email or visit *Join our private Facebook listener group at Instagram:...

Duration: 00:18:55

Ep13 - Bridechilla Crossover! Featuring The Not-Quite-Pregnant Bride, The Scrawny Stripper Tale & More!

Lucky episode 13 is here and lucky YOU, we chat with the lovely and super cool Aleisha McCormack from the Bridechilla Podcast in this special crossover episode! We talk about everything from keeping chill during wedding planning, to Lisa running into a Real Housewife of Toronto at a wedding, to a real story about a not-quite-pregnant Bride & more! Aleisha is the queen of accents so she teaches Lisa & Rebecca how to sound Aussie while L&R teach her how to sound Canadian (and specifically...

Duration: 00:43:05

Ep12 - Confessions of a Videographer, The Clumsiest Wedding in History & The Myth of Wearing White

Well helloooo episode 12! Lisa & Rebecca continue their escapades into the world of weddings with a TON of amazing true wedding stories from seasoned wedding videographer Adam. Lisa tells Rebecca about the clumsiest couple in history, and how their wedding day mishaps spread like a bad infection to everyone around them! We also debunk one of the BIGGEST wedding myths of all time - that a Bride SHOULD wear white on her wedding day - and the origin of how white dresses became the norm. To...

Duration: 00:28:24

Episode 011 - The 'Best Baby', Rattlesnake Mountain Wedding Circus & Lisa Drinks Too Much Wine...

Welcome to episode 11! While sharing Halloween candy stolen from (their own) kids, tonight Lisa and Rebecca chat about two wild weddings sent in by listeners. In story #1, you've heard of a Best Man, but what about a BEST BABY? For the whole story tune in! Then, while Lisa drinks copious amounts of white wine, Rebecca regales us with the story of the wedding that hard...but just kept failing. From the rattlesnake infested mountain & pothead guests, to waiter mishaps & even a...

Duration: 00:37:20

Episode 010 - Proposing at a Wedding = Douche Canoe, Sham Wedding Crasher & A Nasty Text Message Fight

In landmark episode TEN(!), Lisa tells Rebecca a cringeworthy tale about a wedding officiant who proposed to his own girlfriend during someone else's ceremony, and believe it or not, it gets WORSE than that! Rebecca reads a woeful story from a fed up wedding photographer about an illegal sham citizenship wedding where the supposed-to-be-but-not-legally-ex-husband of the Bride crashes the reception! Finally, Lisa & Rebecca realize their Hollywood dreams and act out parts in the 'The Most...

Duration: 00:34:28

Episode 009 - Maid of (Dis)Honour, Furry Wedding Crasher & The Wedding Shit Show Lightning Round 2!

In this episode, Rebecca reads Kate's story about being a Maid of (Dis)Honour (j/ are amazing Kate!). Lisa shares a (rare, lol) feel-good wedding story especially for animal lovers (calling out Team Cat vs. Team Dog), and before you feel TOO good, a brand new Wedding Shit Show Lightning Round, chock full of quick & cringeworthy wedding tales! ***Attention wedding vendors: To see the video we mentioned all about how to get wedding photographers to share their images with you, click...

Duration: 00:26:31

Episode 008 - The Jimmy Buffet Burn, Mother-In-Law Ring Stealer & The Biggest Clusterf**k Wedding Ever

In this episode, Rebecca reads a listener's stories about the biggest Jimmy Buffet first dance burn in history (courtesy of the groom!), and how a mother of the groom made a very WEIRD ring-related move... Also not even sure how to explain the final story, so let's just call it The Biggest Clusterf**k Wedding of all time, and a cautionary tale about why you should NEVER offer full day coverage as a wedding photographer! Finally Lisa & Rebecca discuss the wedding myth that the wedding party...

Duration: 00:27:23

Episode 007 - The Infamous BJ Wedding Photo, Attack of the 12cm Dildo & Golf Carts Gone Wild!

Wedding photographers Lisa Mark & Rebecca Lozer share true stories about weddings sent in from listeners. In this episode, Lisa & Rebecca finally give in and discuss the infamous blow job wedding photo that's gone viral worldwide. Rebecca shares a story about an aggressive sex toy attack at a stag party. Finally, Lisa tells a listener's story that is awful but hilarious, and Lisa & Rebecca end up in fabulously inappropriate tears and fits of laughter trying to finish the story. To share...

Duration: 00:29:40

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