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Episode 131: Cold Case 18-2/The Batiggi Homicide

Paul sits down with Detective Robert Dewhurst of the NYPD Cold Case Squad to talk through the mysterious homicide of then 41 year old magazine editor William “Bill” Batiggi . On June 19th 1991 Police were called to Battigi’s NYC apartment to find him dead of multiple stab wounds after what appeared to be an apparent struggle. Paul lays out the updated information as well as a call to action to TSB listeners for information needed to solve this crime. A picture of the deceased as well as...


EP 130: The many faces of HATE CRIME

As is the case with so many violent crimes, a deep rooted intrinsic agenda lies at the core of each and every Hate Crime. In true Security Brief form, this episode came at the behest of our listeners who, for the last several months, have been writing to us over concerns of growing hate crimes. In keeping with The Security Brief tradition, Paul sits down with one of our country’s foremost experts on the subject, Ms. Cynthia Deitle, former Unit Chief of the FBI’s Civil Rights Unit for a...


EP 129: Staying in the ZONE

As unfortunate as it is, staying safe when traveling abroad is primarily up to each and everyone of us; a blatant fact that, if ignored, may cause irreversible consequences. With this in mind, Paul sits down with corporate leadership from Zone Intelligence to learn about their new technology that delivers government grade intelligence to the general public and an app that can steer you away from crimes in progress and areas presenting a need for law enforcement surveillance. This is a...


EP 128: “Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio.” Security Brief Cold Case 18-1

As The Security Brief opens up its Cold Case files, Paul examines a case which has seen 6 women disappear from a small geographical region in Ohio within a 2 year period where 4 were found dead and 2, remain missing. This episode focuses on the case of Megan Lancaster, a young Mom who was last seen on April 13, 2013 as she argued with a strange man while in a vehicle that was speeding off. The eye witness, her sister in law, sits with Paul for a one on one chilling interview and a complete...


Episode 127: The roadmap to preventing School Violence Shootings

In the wake of the recent massacre in Parkland FL, Paul draws on his 30 + years of experience in responding to school violence shootings and illustrates both the behavioral profile and violence continuum associated with the school violence shooter. Students, parents, teachers, legislators and first responders are just some of those this episode is a must listen for.


Episode126: CONFIDENCE Crimes: Not so psychic, Psychic’s

CoThere are very few crimes that are more appalling than those perpetrated by individuals preying upon those in desperate search for answers to health, money and love related issues and fears. Joined by world renown Confidence Crimes Investigator Bob Nygaard, a childhood friend of Paul’s from his hometown of New Hyde Park, NY, Paul and Bob breakdown everything everyone needs to know about how to detect and avoid becoming a victim of these skilled fraudsters. So, if you or someone you know...


Episode 125: Inside the FBI

Perhaps never more important than the present is a detailed look inside the worlds most prolific Law Enforcement Agency. Given the recent groundswell surrounding the FBI Paul invites you to join him for a deep dive into the agency and a behind the curtain look at how it actually functions. Joined by 30 year FBI veteran Ron Hosko, the conversation will leave you with some astonishing facts. Paul also salutes one of our country’s most dedicated veterans Chris White, as our hero of the month....


Episode 124: Avoid Being TAKEN!

In true Security Brief form, Paul drills down on all aspects of international travel security and lays out all the elements of a true, personal security plan. From pre-travel to travel precautions to the do’s and don’ts while you are at your location, a blueprint is carefully laid out for all out listeners to follow. This episode is brought to you by Zone Intelligence ( .


Episode 123: For all Stalking Victims

As we recognize National Stalking Awareness month Paul is joined by long time friend of The Security Brief the Safety Chick herself, Kathleen Baty. With an average of 6.6 million reported Stalking victims per year, it is imperative to impart the information Paul shares in this episode to provide victims the information they need to take their lives back and for friends/family of victims to Get Involved.



On the heels of yet another tragedy in an American community (Riverside County, CA), Paul initiates his most powerful and passionate ‘Call To Action’ by launching his GET INVOLVED campaign. With having worked with victims of crime for over 38 years he crystallizes the common denominator behind crimes ranging from terrorism and child abuse to Domestic Violence and homicide. That being a conscious decision not to get involved. So now Paul lays out the challenge to all, let’s Get Involved and...


Episode 121: The Evolving 1st Amendment Debacle

It is more than foreseeable that the plethora of issues garnering 1st Amendment support will create increased friction and divide in our ability to navigate safely with each other in 2018. Clearly, riots that grow from protests and social media communications that beget national security compromises to all sorts of expressions of religious preferences will grab continuous headlines and spark spirited, if not violent, debate. The question is, how do we gauge what is legal and reasonable....


Episode 120: Swatting: Learn About This Dangerous Crime That Puts Lives In Danger

The Security Brief brings in the new year talking about swatting. Chief Ted Gonzales is an 37 year veteran and founder of Island Protective Services. He is an expert on swatting and joins the show to discuss this growing problem.


Episode 119: Security Brief Looks Back at 2017 and Ahead to 2018.

As we close out 2017 Paul and Seth review the major occurrences we covered at The Security Brief which leads to Pauls personal security briefing for all our listeners on the risks and needed precautions for 2018. A very happy, healthy and blessed new year to all!


EP 118: Keep a Cool Head During the Stressful Holiday Season

Road rage, drinking to excess, parking problems and just flat out holiday stress can turn your holiday season into a nightmare. Join Paul as he gives you the keys to a successful and safe holiday season! Happy Holidays to all of our Security Brief listeners!


EP 118: So, What Is The “Something” In The See Something Say Something Campaign.

It is a glaring fact that, absent the public’s involvement, our fight against terrorism on US soil will be an uphill battle. Understanding this, LE implemented the See Something Say Something campaign and continues to encourage participation nationwide but citizens remain a bit in the dark as to what exactly is “something” is. With that in mind Paul provides a detailed breakdown of both the areas of concern that need to be reported as well as the manner in which to report.


EP 117: Workplace Violence Outside of the Office

This episode is dedicated to the loving memory of Beverly Carter. Risks to Realtors and other independent professionals continues to grow as violent criminals focus on obvious opportunities to perpetrate robberies and physical harm up to and including kidnapping and murder. Recognizing the need for personal safety education in this area, Paul sits down with Carl Carter, Founder of The Beverly Carter Foundation for a chilling recount of the tragic crime perpetrated against this wonderful...


Episode 116: Slavery-Sex Trade and the Trafficking of Human Beings in Today’s World

With approximately 800,000 people trafficked each year and an estimated 30 million people living as slaves worldwide, the need for a call to action on Human Trafficking is paramount! Paul sits down with Inspector Jim Klein from the NYPD to drill down on the depth of this problem and what state and federal law enforcement is doing to mitigate this despicable crime. Additionally, Paul breaks down his ‘case for the day’ from one out of his own library that provides a gut-wrenching...


Episode 115: Cheap IS Expensive-----A Unique Thanksgiving Special Report

Using Paul’s signature phrase Cheap IS Expensive as the foundation, he lays out 3 actual cases from his consulting firm Viollis Group International to illustrate this powerful yet humbling concept about life, risk, reward and tragedy. He pulls back the curtain using cases such as missing persons, domestic violence and hostage recovery to illustrate how, often times, our own decision making sits as the root cause of our most challenging trials. These riveting real life stories will leave...


EP 114: Crimes against the elderly

As despicable as it is, crimes against the elderly are growing at an alarming rate. However, there are very clear resolution paths one can take to avoid becoming a victim and Paul breaks them all down from who the offenders are, their approaches and how to be safeguarded from them. For those that have an elderly person in their lives, this is a must-listen episode. The Security Brief’s financial expert Kimberly Foss and legal expert Vincent Ancona offer their expertise to any victims that...


EP 113: A Tribute to the Worlds Greatest Military, Part II

In perhaps the most overdue episode of The Security Brief, Paul sits down with five (5) national hero’s, veterans of each branch of the United States Armed Forces, to garner an inside look at the power, humility, strength, courage and selfless character that lays before us everyday allowing us the very fabric of freedom we enjoy with each breath we take. From the very inception of the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force to their current day duties, we go behind the curtain to...


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