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Ep. 23 Connecting Through Activism and Sharing Our Stories with Divya Nawale - Plus a Climate Reality Leader Catch-Up

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! Today’s episode is jam packed, and it’s a good one. First you’ll hear my conversation with Divya Nawale. Divya and I met last year in Denver, Colorado when we attended the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training with The Climate Reality Project. Then you’ll hear from five Climate Reality Leaders who I also met in Denver - Andrea McGimsey, Karen Harrington, Linda Kraemer, Joanclair Richter, and Mayela Manasjan. It was so fun to catch-up with everyone and hear...


Ep. 22 Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart with Monica Kade

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is Monica Kade. Monica is a writer, podcast host, and communication specialist - and our very first guest from Sydney, Australia! (Yes I freaked out about this, I mean come on - my name is Sydney!) Monica is highly sought after for her work with entrepreneurs, where she helps them find clarity, fine-tune and express their personal business message, and connect to the space within them so that they realize the solutions to their questions....


Ep. 22 Building Our Brave with Mary Burke of Building Brave

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is Mary Burke, the founder and CEO of Building Brave. Building Brave is an online community of women who connect, inspire, and empower each other to discover and be their most confident selves. They’re creating this community and celebrating women through their mobile app that connects women with inspiration, support, and collaboration. We chat all about Mary’s journey from business woman, to candidate for governor of Wisconsin, to founder...


The Power of Storytelling - Episode 2

Welcome back to The Power of Storytelling. This month’s episode blew me away. The courage, vulnerability, and trust in these stories is undeniable. Chelsea, Victoria, and Lauren, I’m so honored and excited to share your stories, in your words. This week’s episode touched on mental health and mental illness, and I think the timing is no accident. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, The Suicide Prevention Lifeline has 24/7, free & confidential support for people in...


Ep. 20 Making Your Passions Clear and Following the Things You Love with Elise Fabbro

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is Elise Fabbro, and Elise and I met while at USC. She is an environmentalist to her core, but she’s not your typical environmentalist - and she explains why on today’s episode. We chat all about the importance of learning to follow the things you love, being honest about your limits, and making your passions really clear - both to yourself and to others. Elise also shares with us what brings her joy, the lessons she’s learned from working...

Ep. 19 Living a Life Fueled by Joy with Joy Whisperer Dr. Katie Henry

On the podcast today is Joy Whisperer and Queen of Joy, Dr. Katie Henry. Katie is a transformational life and business coach, speaker, author, and all around lover of life. Her energy is contagious, and when it comes right down to it, joy is just who Katie is. On today’s episode we chat all about Katie’s journey living a life fueled by joy, choosing not to play it small, what living a location free life is like, what she’s learned about herself along the way, and much more. Katie’s...

Ep. 18 Celebrating Our Voices and Stepping into Connection, Joy, and Creativity with Kimothy Joy

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is Kimothy Joy - the wonderfully kind, inspiring, and talented woman behind the empowering and powerful images that have uplift and inspire all of us. Kimothy brings strong women to life in her watercolor and ink portraits, and she creates illustrations made with joy to spark social change. She’s committed and passionate about spreading messages that empower, uplift, inspire, and celebrate women and girls. Her messages of empowerment,...


Ep. 17 Growing With Your Passion, A Conversation with My Friend Alyse Friedman

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is one of my oldest friends - Alyse Friedman. Alyse has been working in the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember, and this is truly her passion. I really loved having this conversation with Alyse - it’s always so much fun for me to have these conversations with my friends who are following their passions and putting themselves out there. We chat all about her journey, what she’s learned about herself along the way, the...


Ep. 16 Stand Up and Be Heard with Gina Keller of Nasty Woman Cosmetics

Welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast, and happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is Gina Keller, the founder of Nasty Woman Cosmetics. Nasty Woman Cosmetics is a socially minded cosmetics company dedicated to supporting feminist ideals. After watching the Women’s March last year, and seeing so many come together to fight for human rights, gender equality, reproductive rights, healthcare for all, and basic civil liberties was so inspiring to Gina. On today’s episode we chat all...


The Power of Storytelling - Episode 1

Guys, it’s here. The first episode in our new storytelling series. I’m over the moon about this new series, and I’m so honored and excited to share your stories, in your words. When I started this podcast, my intention was to create a space to share, connect, and grow. This new series - does just that. The three stories featured in today’s episode are honest, raw, vulnerable, brave and courageous. I’m so honored to share their stories. Hanan, Sarah, and Em - thank you for being part...


Ep. 15 Diving Deep into Vulnerability with Charlotte Haimes of Women Making Waves

Welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast, and Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is Charlotte Haimes, the founder of Women Making Waves, a global community of women who aspire to show up as their true selves, and who define success on their own terms. On her platform, you can share your story, read up on their blog, and learn more about their events. We chat all about Charlotte’s journey creating Women Making Waves, we dive deep into vulnerability and what that means, and how by...


Share Your #SeekTheJoy Story!

Seek The Joy Podcast is launching a new Storytelling Series in 2018 - and we want you to be part of it! On today’s bonus episode (or should we say, announcement episode!) Sydney shares more information about the new storytelling series - what to expect, how to get involved, and more! The first episode in the series will air next Thursday January 18th, want in? ✨🙋🏼‍♀️ We hope so. To be one of the stories chosen to be included in January’s kickoff episode, make sure to send in your...


Ep. 14 Empowerment, Self-Love, and Connection with Tedi and Sonya Serge of Sand Sisters Los Angeles

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is Tedi and Sonya Serge, the founders of Sand Sisters Los Angeles, a youth empowerment 501(c)3 in Los Angeles designed to encourage children to live active and healthy lives. Through their summer beach camp and after school enrichment program, their goal is to help children become leaders, build high self esteem, make health conscious decisions, and be positive and active members of the Los Angeles community. We chat all about how Sand...


Ep. 13 Discovering Joy Through the Stars with Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology

Welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast and to the first #SeekTheJoy Tuesday of 2018! On the podcast today is Natalie Walstein, the career astrologer behind Soulshine Astrology. We chat all about the magic behind astrology, living with passion and purpose, and how by gaining an understanding of your chart you can begin to call more joy and purpose into your life. By diving into astrology and learning about her own chart, Natalie was able to learn more about herself, step into her own...


Ep. 12 Manifestation, Joy, and the Power of I Am with Lauren Sanders of The I Am Journal

Welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast and happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! Joining me on today’s episode to talk about manifestation, joy, and the power of “I Am” is Lauren Sanders, the creator of The I AM Journal. The I AM Journal is a beautiful manifestation journal that helps you transform your thoughts, raise your vibrational energy, deepen your spiritual journey, reprogram your subconscious mind, and manifest with ease. We chat all about her journey creating The I Am Journal, the role...


Five Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Starting My Podcast

In today’s bonus episode, I reflect on and talk about five things I’ve learned about myself since starting Seek The Joy Podcast. The past three months have been a lot of fun, and I’ve learned SO much about myself. To read more about today’s episode, head over to the show notes section of the website at If you enjoy episodes like this one and would like to hear more, let me know! Send me a message on Instagram, Facebook, or via e-mail. Until next week, ✨...


Ep. 11 Breaking Down Our Facades with Kiara Harris of The Facade Project

Hey guys! Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday and welcome back to Seek The Joy podcast! On today’s episode is Kiara Harris - the host and creator of The Facade Project. The Facade Project is a podcast aiming to break down the real struggles of living in LA. Kiara says, from Cali living, to the reality of getting your foot in the door, it’s time to break down the facade that everything is alright in your life and get to the truth about working and living in Los Angeles. We chat all about where the...


Ep. 10 Spreading Messages of Self-Love, Expression and Sisterhood with Brittany Priore of The Write Dose

Welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast and Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast today is Brittany Priore, the founder and the editor of The Write Dose. The Write Dose is a community of intelligent, brave, and strong young women sharing their stories through their expression of art. What I love so much about The Write Dose is that they’re giving a voice to all women by sharing diverse perspectives and insight. Too often, these diverse perspectives are not given a space to have their...


Ep. 9 Creating the Media We Wish to See in the World with Sam Sedlack

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday and welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast! On today’s episode is Sam Sedlack, the creator and host of Super Normal Podcast. Super Normal is a podcast about humans sharing their stories in hopes of showing who we really are. In a world where social media corners the market on communication, Super Normal allows for connection on a deeper level through new insights and understanding. I’m on her podcast this week too and you can listen to the episode on iTunes here...


The Comeback Kid

Two weeks ago tomorrow I found out I passed the California Bar Exam. Next Wednesday, I’ll be sworn in as a member of The State Bar of California. To say that I’m overwhelmed… is an understatement. I share my journey over the last year and a half on today’s episode. ✨ This was an exciting but also emotional episode for me to record. Have you had similar experiences? I’d love to connect and chat about it. For more information about today’s episode, head to the show notes page on our...


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