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The UFO Disclosure Deception

Tucker Carlson of FOX acknowledges the existence of UFOs as potentially one of the biggest stories of his lifetime, yet he fails to ask the (obvious) and most important questions... In a recent interview with former Pentagon counterintelligence agent, and To The Stars representative Luis Elizondo, Tucker Carlson admits he once labeled people believing in UFOs as "wackos." He then goes onto identify the current disclosures of the UFO presence as "first-hand accounts by very sober people who...


Cataclysms, Happiness, & UFOs

We are continually bombarded with fear-based stories. Although some of those stories may be valid, we need to ask ourselves: when the end comes, will we be proud of the lives we've led, or will we hold regrets from the limits we allowed based on our fears? The End is near! The End is near! Nuclear war. Global Warming. Civil Unrest. EMP blasts. Famine. Revolution. Russia. Trump. Ebola. Plague. Terrorism! There is so much to be afraid of, its amazing anyone leaves their homes anymore. Should...


Conscious Creative Power

The wold is not what it seems - many things don't fit our narrative of how the world should be. We need to stop dismissing anomalies and start exploring them, we come up with a much different explanation... There is so much we don't understand about ourselves: consciousness; the purpose of life; what happens after physical death. We trudge blindly through our existence, ignoring the many clues and glimpses of what may lie beyond the physical, sometimes even offering ridicule to those who...


AI & Immortality

Within the next 30 years, we will have the technology to live forever... But there is so much we don't know about human consciousness and our souls. What impact will this have on humanity? What dangers might we face? Futurists, Engineers, and Scientists are sounding more and more confident that within the next 30 years, the world (and humanity) will look very different. With advancements in robotics, and rapidly developing software, the world is preparing to give birth to the singularity -...


Meditation, School & Guns

Once again, we watch in horror as yet another school shooting unfolds. Yet once again, we continue to have the same, divisive argument that serves to move us away from a solution and towards more turmoil. Let's look at the cause of this problem, and stop focusing on just the symptoms. School shootings have been an unfortunate growing trend in America. Since the beginning of 2018, there has been data circulating stating that as of February 15, 2018, there have been an alarming 18 school...


Mushrooms & Dreams - What Can We Learn?

Dreams and mushrooms may both be networks of communication, allowing us to learn and receive vital information, yet they often go ignored... During last week's podcast, Dennis explored the words of Colonel Corso's book, The Day After Roswell. In it, Col. Corso suggested that the silicon chips recovered from the Roswell Crash may have been the seeds planted by an Artificial Intelligence intent on expanding it's occupation. We don't have to look far to see the infestation of technology and...


Roswell To The Stars

History is once again repeating itself as we are witnessing elements of the Cold War and the Roswell crash play out once again in politics and with the To The Stars Academy... With the rumors of a crashed UFO at Roswell in 1947, the government allegedly worked to hide what it recovered. According to the book, The Day After Roswell, Col. Corso explains that he was part of a small unit within the Pentagon that worked to identify the wreckage and filter it out to development to reverse...


Spies, AI, & UFO Conspiracies

We need to stop and ask ourselves if we are searching for truth, or searching to prove our beliefs are right. Because the answers to each may be very different... In this podcast, Dennis attempts to dissect reality by exploring the questions: Who are we and what is our purpose? Through an exploration of 3 possibilities - we were created accidentally (big bang), we were created through diving creation (God), and we were created through intervention (aliens), Dennis suggests an alternate...


The Happy Medium - Talking With Loved Ones Passed

If you could receive messages from departed loved ones, what would they say? Just ask Rose, the Happy Medium... For the past 10 years, Rose McCormick has been communicating with the dead to bring closure, peace, and healing to surviving relatives. As an energy worker, Rose shares part of her journey of healing and communication in this open discussion about her contact with the other side. She is also a Reiki teacher, a yoga instructor, and a massage therapist and combines her skill set to...


AI & Demons - Are They One in the Same?

With the new robotics boom, we have learned that we can now summon our AI by simply calling out its name and it will do our bidding. From changing the temperature, to opening doors and flushing toilets, it truly seems magical. What's interesting, is that according to various spiritual teachings, summoning a Demon utilizes a similar process and can enact similar results... What does it mean? Talk of demons is often uncomfortable and scary. It brings to mind tales of darkness and fears of...


Who Will You Be in 2018?

Who will you be in 2018? We first need to take a deep look within and realize who we are. We must explore where we came from - and once we have an understanding, we can then chart a course for who we can become... With a new year comes new hope and fresh starts. But what does that mean? Sometimes we need to take an honest look at ourselves, and that isn't always easy. We need to identify our faults and face our culpabilities. It can be down-right terrifying, but is a necessary step in a...


Nimitz UFO - More to the Story with Ray Davis

There is more to the New York Times UFO article. The 2004 Nimitz UFO sighting possibly involved a larger craft - and performed some amazing maneuvers. Ray Davis provides some significant findings as we explore this story further. Since the December 16, 2017 New York Times Article revealed the Pentagon's secret program to study UFOs, there have been lots of discussion and speculation on the subject. There is, as we suspect, more to the story. Much more - but the mainstream still remains...


Analyzing Disclosure - The UFO Agenda

UFOs are real, and they don't belong to anyone we know of... Who are they and what are they doing? It's been almost 60 years since Betty and Barney Hill reported their encounters with strange beings in unidentified crafts. We've heard of the Roswell crash, Area 51, and the horrific encounters of Whitley Strieber and the short, insect-like beings who took him. There was the Phoenix lights and countless other sightings of unidentified crafts - yet the US government and mainstream media...


Religious Creation Myths & AI Development - One in the Same?

Is it possible that the Book of Genesis, The Book of Enoch, and Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadi Library are describing a creation event similar to the development of AI as we see it today? "Let us make man in our image..." Let us make Robots in our image. Are these acts of creation one in the same? In this podcast Dennis explores the possibility that history is repeating itself through the creation of AI by comparing ancient religious texts to modern-day current event press releases...


AI & Archons - Countermeasures for Survival

Is it possible that Revelation predicted AI Robots? Is it possible that the Archons are a form of AI? If so, what is their agenda and how can we stop it? Last week we reviewed a video circulating warning against the danger of weaponized AI drones. In this fictional video, Slaughter Bots were released to kill their assigned targets. In this podcast, we explore current tech that resembles the concerns raised in this video and the parallels are worrisome. Archons, Revelation, AI The Gnostics...


Vets, Peace, & Psychics

For those of us who served, what does our service mean? How can we use that to create peace? ALSO - Some fascinating results from last weeks remote viewing experiment! Many pieces are put together in this weeks episode of The Seiker Podcast as Dennis reviews news articles and reflects on his service in the military. As soldiers, Veterans' Day is a time to give thanks to those who served their country. But what does that service mean? How can we use our experience and training to continue...


ESP & The Moon

Ingo Swann once used his remote-viewing talents to observe the moon, and what he saw contradicts everything we've been taught. Ingo Swann is considered one of the greatest psychics that ever lived. Responsible for helping create the United States Remote Viewing Program, Ingo was often called to participate in secretive projects. In his book, Penetration, the Question of Extraterrestrial & Human Telepathy, Ingo tells of his participation in a remote viewing project to see the Moon. He found...


Lucid Dreaming & Remote Viewing

This podcast allows us to test our own intuitive abilities through an interactive experiment in remote viewing with immediate feedback. Lucid dreaming is the ability to recognize you are dreaming during the dream state. A recent Australian study has found a technique with proven results to help improve our ability to lucid dream. But what can we do with a lucid dream? Researchers suggest we can work through problems and even cope with PTSD by stopping a nightmare before it happens. Remote...


Open Thoughts - Dissecting Reality

The world seems to be both evolving and falling apart at the same time. Sometimes we need to pause and reflect so we can stay grounded in this matrix of existence. In this podcast, Dennis explores a combination of current events, history, technology advancements, conspiracy theories and philosophical wonderings in an attempt to momentarily process the high strangeness of this current reality. What is Real? As we are still trying to understand the events in Vegas, is it possible that the...


To The Stars: An Analysis of DeLonge's Announcement

Tom DeLonge has compiled a team of former top-level intelligence professionals and government employees. They have stated that UFOs are real and are not ours. They have told us that hundreds of declassified documents and video will soon be released. What does it all mean??? Tom DeLonge has created the To The Stars Academy - a public company with a goal of changing the world through the release of information and technology related to UFOs. On Tom's recent announcement, he introduced his...


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