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Authors, are you struggling to get the word out about your books? Discover the latest book marketing and self publishing news, tools and strategies. This is the Sell More Books Show with Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen. Every week you'll get helpful tips and ideas to make your book sales soar. Visit for detailed show notes and more info.

Authors, are you struggling to get the word out about your books? Discover the latest book marketing and self publishing news, tools and strategies. This is the Sell More Books Show with Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen. Every week you'll get helpful tips and ideas to make your book sales soar. Visit for detailed show notes and more info.
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Authors, are you struggling to get the word out about your books? Discover the latest book marketing and self publishing news, tools and strategies. This is the Sell More Books Show with Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen. Every week you'll get helpful tips and ideas to make your book sales soar. Visit for detailed show notes and more info.




Episode 198 - Fifty Percent KDP Royalties, Sales Page Heat Maps, and Facebook Algorithm Changes

Is the 50% KDP royalty rate a goof or a hint at something coming? Bryan and Jim take a moment to thank their wonderful patrons: The Author’s Guide to Ebook Bundling, More than Monsters, and A Band Director’s Guide to Everything Tuba. They’ve got some great tips this week including how authors can make their “Look Inside” shine, hooking more readers with tips from BookFunnel, improving chances with Kindle Scout, and a new publishing platform which combines crowdfunding and author services...

Duration: 01:04:16

Episode 197 - Ethics, Page Stuffing, and the Constitution

Reminder: Jan. 12th is the final day to get your SMBS Summit ticket at the early bird price! Jim and Bryan kick things off with a big thanks to their featured patrons. Tips include why midlevel authors should slow down or pick up the pace, how authors get into the right business mindset, and how one author went from KU to wide. In news, one author’s Amazon rank was stripped for a third time, new and continuing trends for 2018, why Indian girls are falling behind when it comes to internet...

Duration: 01:09:16

Episode 196 - Scams, Engagement, and Actual Bigfoot Romance

If a business sends an email about an ill-conceived program, would you have a chat with them or respond in anger? Getting 2018 started off with a bang, Bryan and Jim thank their wonderful patrons Gone, The Cordova Vector, and Taking Charge: Making Your Healthcare Appointments Work for You. The first tips of the year include how authors can gather more audiobook reviews, how authors can combat common health problems, and how to set writing goals. In news, find out what changed Playster has...

Duration: 00:51:14

Episode 195 - 2017: The Year in Review

It’s been quite a year, what story is at the top of your list? As 2017 draws to a close, Jim and Bryan take some time to recap some of the ups and downs of 2017 including the top ad platform for authors, the closing of an e-book aggregator and who is stepping in to fill that void, what was the biggest growth sector in publishing, scammers taking over, and why authors complained so much this past year - and what they can do differently in 2018. Question of the Week: What do you think was the...

Duration: 00:50:43

Episode 194 - Reporting Delays, Patreon Backtracks, and KU on the Rise

Could changing how you react to negativity have a positive impact on your business in 2018? In the home stretch to the end of 2017, Jim and Bryan take a moment to thank their patrons: Covermint Design, Plain Talk Book Marketing, and The Efficient Writer. Tips include great advice on how to quit your 9-to-5 to write full-time, selling more books by keeping promises to readers, and how a key in making a living writing is to keep writing the next book. In publishing news, Patreon reverses it’s...

Duration: 00:48:32

Episode 193 - LitRPG Trademark, Patreon Fees, and Estate Planning

If you came up with a term that became popular, would you lawyer up and trademark it? Jim and Bryan start out by thanking their wonderful patrons: The Newbie's Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing, The Secret Blush, and What Sells Books. They had some valuable tips to share this week including how best to communicate with Amazon in order to resolve author issues, thinking like artisans rather than manufacturers, how one urban fantasy author Shayne Silvers went from earning a few...

Duration: 00:53:43

Episode 192 - Premium Goodreads Giveaways, Loose Id, and Chat Bots

Do you think it’s worth $599 for a Premium GoodReads giveaway? Jim and Bryan take a few moments to thank their wonderful patrons Write! Shonen Manga by R. A. Paterson, The Reluctant Detective by Tom Fowler, and Hypercage by Craig Lea Gordon. The latest tips include how authors can hook new readers with snappy taglines, how writers giving in to Imposter Syndrome are only hurting their careers, and tips for improving productivity. News from the publishing world includes how messenger bots...

Duration: 00:52:01

Episode 191 - Kindle's 10th Anniversary, Going Wide, and From Indie to Trad and Back

What’s been the biggest game changer in publishing since the Kindle was released 10 years ago? Jim and Bryan start out with a thank you to their patrons A Dragon Among Eagles: A Novel of the Roman Empire, Blogging for Authors, and The Ten-Year Turnaround: Transform Your Personal Finances and Achieve Financial Freedom. This week’s tips include how authors can save tons of money by avoiding these unnecessary publishing expenses, making the transition from KU to wide a bit easier, and...

Duration: 00:47:05

Episode 190 - Mark From Kobo, Buk, and Automatic Email Sequences

What marketing trends will be old news in 2018? After taking a moment to thank their patrons Rebel Song, Cowgirl, Unexpectedly, and Kiss Kill: Book 1 in The Girl in the Book Series, Jim and Bryan share helpful hints for authors like why authors need to block out other people’s voices while writing, how to use large-scale industry trends to improve sales, what auto-sequence one author uses to hook readers, and how LeadPages can help take the hassle out of Facebook ads. In publishing news,...

Duration: 00:56:24

Episode 189 - The Sell More Books Show Summit, Indie Stability, and Tips from 20 Books Vegas

Up for Chicago in May? It’s the perfect time to join Jim and Bryan for the Sell More Books Summit - have you booked your tickets yet? After taking a moment to thank their patrons, Leading Effectively: Proven Leadership, Ten Little Bridesmaids, and Sanyare: The Last Descendant, Jim and Bryan share tips on better use of Amazon KDP keywords, the plus-side of releasing books quickly, and using your personal mindset to increase success. In the news, latest research indicated libraries are a...

Duration: 00:53:13

Episode 188 - Pronoun Closing, Audible Romance, and Five-Year Goals (with Honoree Corder)

Did you see the Pronoun writing on the wall? After thanking their patrons Manhunt: The Power to Restore Civilization, Creative Collaborations: How to Form Lasting and Lucrative Partnerships without Being Smarmy, Write Like a Boss: From a Whisper to a Roar, guest co-host Honoree Corder joined Bryan for tips onn setting goals, using a Twitter hack to grow your email list, and using weekly meetings to boost productivity. In a big news week, they cover changes coming in the US brick and mortar...

Duration: 01:12:04

Episode 187 – Piracy, MailChimp, and Consistent Sales

With Amazon’s recent rank stripping, should authors focus on a slow and steady promo effort rather than starting off with a bang? After thanking their patrons Guerrilla Tactics Against Passive Aggression in the WorkPlace, 31 Days of Wisdom, and Wanderer's Escape, the dynamic duo of Jim and Bryan jump into tips about authors not feeling like imposters, keeping motivated during NaNoWriMo, and adjusting MailChimp settings. New items featured John Grisham’s biggest financial mistake, reading...

Duration: 00:57:52

Episode 186 - Amazon Brings Down the Hammer, Wide Release Strategies, and Audible Car Mode

How involved is your spouse in your writing? After thanking their patrons Vanguard: The Complete First Series, Divorced Dad: Kids are Forever, Wives are Not, and Hitler Out of Time, Jim and Bryan chat about tips on how authors can create books with perennial appeal, putting off learning new skills until they are needed, and using preorder promotions to launch a bestseller. News stories included what readers can expect from Wattpad’s new Premium service, Amazon’s new feature for young...

Duration: 00:56:30

Episode 185 - KDP Jumpstart, CreateSpace, and Seven-Figure Deals

Is this the beginning of the end for CreateSpace? After thanking their patrons, The Busy Busy Author, The Last Verdict, and Slow Burn: Zero Day, Jim and Bryan took on tips about podcasts, BookBub Ads, and social media anxiety. News stories included how to grow your business, outside-the-box marketing, KDP Jumpstart, the closing of CreateSpace's e-store, and seven-figure trad pub deals. This week's Question of the Week: When are you planning to start using KDP Print? What will you miss the...

Duration: 00:50:49

Episode 184 - iBooks Issues, Draft2Digital Affiliates, and Amazon X-Ray

With a trio of massive tips, Jim and Bryan brought the fire for episode 184. After thanking their patrons Carnal, Twisting Fate, and Character Sketch & Color, the publishing prima donnas discussed tips on nonfiction books, beta readers, and relaunching your books. News stories included romance publishers falling short on diversity, using Amazon's built-in X-Ray feature, Draft2Digital's new affiliate program, romance authors' frustration at a recent New York Times piece, and why iBooks may...

Duration: 00:56:26

Episode 183 - Bookfunnel Direct Sales, Hurricane Relief, and Facebook Ads (with Michael Cooper)

Sci-fi author Michael Cooper joined us today for a longer-than-usual but extremely informative Lab segment. After thanking their patrons, Peak Democracy, The Final Arrangement, and Nightblade, Bryan and Jim tackled tips on pen names, selecting your next story to write, and how to promote your books. News stories included the publishing practices of Marcel Proust, publishers helping hurricane victims, AAP's ebook sales increase, David Gaughran's thoughts on why you don't need cheating, and...

Duration: 01:11:11

Episode 182 - Michael Hyatt, Kindle in China, and The Future of Nook

Has Nook finally waived the white flag? Find out in our latest episode! Jim and Bryan take on tips about efficient book launches, common mistake, and information overload. After thanking their patron Dead Still, the two triple-threats discussed stories on Amazon's Alibaba sale in China, attitudes about intellectual property, Canada's audio battleground, an investigative report about Michael Hyatt's Author Solutions connections, and Barnes & Noble making changes with the Nook. This week's...

Duration: 00:57:48

Episode 181 – iPhone X, Author Customer Support, and Chance the Rapper

Bryan and Jim are back with a very news-focused show! After thanking their patrons, Black Shadow Moon, The Tilt, and Twins of Prey, the publishing pundits discussed making big plays, connecting with readers on social media, and how to improve your email engagement. News stories included an idea for improving KDP customer support, lessons Joanna Penn learned in her sixth year in publishing, why trad pub bet big against digital, a new system in erotica characterization, and what we can learn...

Duration: 00:57:04

Episode 180 - Kobo Audiobooks, AMS Advice, and Scammer Crackdowns

What's your KU pain point? Jim and Bryan ask the big questions this week on Episode 180. After thanking their patrons Guardian of the Brail, Achieve Anything in Just One Year, and How to Drive Your Next Car Deal, the Towers of Publishing Power discussed tips on paperback preorders, rookie publishing mistakes, and a new email swap service. News stories included teaching self-publishing to high schoolers, David Gaughran's wish list for Amazon Ads, Rip Van Winkle syndrome for midlisters, tips...

Duration: 01:07:15

Episode 179 - WordPress 5.0, Getting Personal, & Creating a Multiverse

Happy Labor Day! Jim and Bryan each ran special sales this week (discount book descriptions and reviewer submissions) and chatted at length about tips on sending personal emails, dealing with fear, and changing up your Facebook Ads. After thanking their patrons Thawed, The Hat Trick Series, and The Dragon Rustler, the emperors of entrepreneurship discussed news stories on earning from shorter works, WordPress 5.0, waiting to promote your books, creating a shared universe, and alleged...

Duration: 00:57:50

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