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The 8-Fold Path to Great Spiritual Conversations

If something like the whistling theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly plays in your head when you go into “spiritual discussion mode,” then you probably are doing more damage than good. Unfortunately, many spiritual conversations end up in arguments over dinosaurs on the ark or whether or not Jonah was really swallowed by a fish instead of the real issue of sin and our need for Jesus. But it’s not just because Christians are bad at civil conversation. It’s because everyone is bad at...

Duration: 00:18:35

Church Tech and Media on a Budget w/ Brandon Rowe, Ep. 16

Churches with limited budget often find themselves in a difficult spot. They want to upgrade technology to reach an ever-changing and upwardly mobile community, but the money just isn’t there. Brandon is the tech director at FBC Porter and assists other churches with tech and media budget issues. He gives us a few hacks to keep money in your pocket while still reaching the tech-savvy people in our churches! Show Notes: www.sethmuse.com/episode16

Duration: 00:40:19

Mobilize Your Church to Action w/ Dave Shrein, Ep. 15

Dave Shrein hosts the Church Marketing Podcast and runs Shrein Media, an online company that helps businesses and churches reach their people with clear messaging. Dave has been in the marketing game for a while, so his insights on this episode are very valuable to church leaders! The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast wants to see you make more confident decisions with clear purpose!

Duration: 00:41:38