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The Power & Pleasure of Sex After Trauma With Rachael Maddox

Watch/read on the blog for full resources: Support Rachael's 'Sex After Trauma' book Kickstarter: Download my free resources here: Follow my erotic adventures on Instagram: Join my 1900+ private Facebook group for women only:


Loving Your Secret Bad Girl, Healing Sexual Trauma & Becoming a Grown Goddess with Rachael Maddox

Watch on the blog for full resources: Download the Jade Egg Sexual Mastery ebook: Join my private Facebook group for women: Connect with me on Instagram Last year I stumbled upon an amazing woman and her book, Secret Bad Girl, which helped me heal a part of myself that I hadn't expected to face. My own inner archetype of the secret bad girl. This woman who...


Hour-Long Orgasms, Deep Sexual Healing & Surrendering to the Masculine with Eyal Matsliah

For full resources, including Eyal's information, watch or listen on the blog: Have you been curious about what a conscious, sexually empowered man has to say around female sexuality and orgasm? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast conversation…it’s super juicy and full of practices and insights that will help you begin unleashing your own orgasm and activating yourself deeper as a sexual woman. Today I have someone special on the podcast....


Shedding Shame, Finding Self Love Through Masturbation & Owning Your Sexual Shadows - Vanessa Cuccia

For full resources, visit my website: A couple of years ago when I was getting deeper into my own sexual healing journey I somehow stumbled upon a beautiful company called Chakrubs — the original crystal sex toy company. I don’t quite remember how I found this website, but I’m so fucking glad I did. I had been craving to go deeper into my vagina through self pleasure as opposed to be addicted to clitoral orgasms and I chose to gift myself with the...


10 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex With Yourself Regularly

Listen on the blog for full resources: Click play to listen. Here’s what you’ll hear: 10 reasons why you should have sex with yourself regularly (they're juicy!) How one of these reasons continues to effect me every single time I self pleasure Why you should self pleasure in THIS specific scenario...when it's usually the last thing you want to do Download my free orgasm guide here: Sign up for my Manifest Through...


My 2 Hour Long Orgasm

Today’s podcast episode is more of an erotic musing and me sharing my latest orgasmic experience with you. Here’s what I share: An important mindset shift to have while self pleasuring that will condition you for orgasmic pleasure The essential key that allowed me to experience this 2 hour long orgasm Sensual foreplay that lead into the most exquisite solo sex I’ve had so far Listen on the blog for full resources: Download my free jade egg...


My Favorite Practice to Cultivate an Empowered Pussy

Listen on my website for full resources: Listen to today’s podcast episode and learn… What having an empowered pussy means (for me) and how you can find what it means for you My favorite practice to cultivate an empowered pussy How your pussy is the source of WHO you are as a powerful, erotic woman You can sign up for my upcoming FREE MASTERCLASS Awaken Your Erotic Power & Ignite Your Pleasure Through a Jade Egg Practice. It’s taking place on Monday...


The Power of a Woman's Desire

Today’s episode is all about the power of a woman’s desire and how your erotic nature, sexual energy, pleasure and orgasm tie in with your desire and your ability to have what you want. I’ll be sharing a few exercises you can try to begin unearthing your desires and start to feel actual sexual desire thrumming through you, which also helps you manifest what you want. Tune in on the blog: Check out my free offering for women--Download The Erotic Woman’s...

How to Go From Feeling Underfucked & Unfulfilled to Orgasmic & Deeply Fulfilled in Life

In today's podcast episode I talk about why women feel underfucked and unfulfilled, how they truly desire to feel and some steps you can start to take immediately to go from feeling underfucked and unfulfilled to feeling orgasmic and deeply fulfilled! Tune in on the blog: Check out my brand new 9-week virtual group coaching program for women Manifest Through Orgasm: Once you're done...

The Sex & Money Connection

In this podcast episode I’m going a little deeper into the connection between sex and money and how it really affects women from fully owning their erotic power, worthiness and source of self-love. Listen in to learn more about: How sex and money are connected (even love and power too) The power of sexual energy in your finances and abundance A few easy (and pleasurable!) steps to take to begin opening yourself to the flow of love, sex, power and abundance, including money Tune in on the...

A More Erotic Way to Manifest What You Want

In this podcast I share with you more about the vicious cycle that most women get caught in that keeps them from having what they want, the true (and natural) way for a woman to manifest, create and receive her desires AND how to begin to tap into this erotic path of manifestation! Listen in to learn more. Once you're done tuning in, head on over to my site to download a free copy of my jade egg ebook or you can check out all of my jade egg offerings here:...

How to Make Love Like a Goddess

In this podcast episode I talk about what makes a woman a goddess and how YOU can begin to awaken your sensuality and use your pleasure, sexual energy and senses to make love like a true goddess. The tips and information I'm sharing will also apply to your self-pleasure practice or for living an orgasmic life and making love to your life like a goddess! Listen in to learn more. Once you're done tuning in, head on over to my site to download a free copy of my jade...

Self-Pleasure As A Spiritual Practice

In this podcast episode I talk about how self-pleasure aka masturbation can be an amazing reflection of your spiritual practice. Spirituality and sexuality are one and spirituality is not just limited to church, nature, goddess culture or meditation, for example. All of that and more--including touching your most intimate regions can be both erotic AND spiritual. Listen in to learn more. Once you're done tuning in, head on over to my site to download a free copy of...


How I Experienced Orgasm While Walking On the Beach

How I Experienced Orgasm While Walking On the Beach by


SEW Podcast Ix-Chel Sandivel & Sacred Sexuality

SEW Podcast Ix-Chel Sandivel & Sacred Sexuality by


Embodied Pleasure Guided Meditation

This is a guided meditation to turn you on in your body and sensuality. To fill your body, heart, and soul with pleasure and love.


SEW Podcast: Jillian Anderson & the Power of Using a Jade Egg

Every so often I come across a soul so beautiful and aligned with me and the work that I do that I can’t help but share their work with the world. This week’s podcast episode guest is one of those souls–one of those women. Her name is Jillian Anderson. Words cannot express how magical our conversation was and I’m honored and deeply grateful to have her in my life as a soul sister, friend, and fellow jade egg and sacred sexuality advocate. Here’s what Jillian and I dish on: The importance...


The Importance of Your Desires & How to Embody Them Fully

This is a quick podcast episode talking about the importance of your desires as woman and how to embody them fully, and awaken your sensuality, sexual energy, and womb energy for cultivation, manifestation, and creation of your desires and more!


Full Moon Womb-Heart-Yoni Ritual

This is a guided meditation for the full moon to release what is no longer serving you in your body, sensuality, womb, heart, and yoni.


Carly Morgan Gross & Sexy Self Care

Interview with Carly Morgan Gross.


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