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New podcast from 3 leading content creators in the Smash 4 tournament scene.

New podcast from 3 leading content creators in the Smash 4 tournament scene.
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New podcast from 3 leading content creators in the Smash 4 tournament scene.








The Set Count Episode 29 - After Midnight is the Perfect Time

We're BAAAAACK. Except not really. It's been a long time, but Suar, Vayseth and Sage are here again to bring you some defeatist attitudes, talk about how there's no money, and loom with some overall dread yet again! But really this time, we're chatting GTX, The Big House 7, and all sorts of other topics to get caught up on. We've got an extra long episode to make up for the fact that you haven't heard our silky smooth voices in a while, so sit down and enjoy! Edited by Xyless


The Set Count Episode 27 - An Interview With The Best

Who is the best? You already know. The one, the only, Team Solo Mid's very own scarf wearing beauty, ZeRo. Suar and Vayseth have a sit down with the #1 ranked player worldwide and talk recent placements, future expectations, as well as getting in to the mindset of the greatest to ever do it, as well as laugh in deep depression as we find out how close he is to becoming a Bayonetta main. Tune in to this special runback edition as well, with all of the questions being directed straight to ZeRo,


The Set Count Episode 26 - Angry Reacts Only

This week, we're all about EVO. We talk the good, then not so good, and then Sage gets especially heated as we talk about the very, very bad. (He also gets Vayseth to admit he's right. Suck it Vayseth) Also be sure to send in your runback questions! We'll be looking for an all runback episode very soon, so help us fill our library!


The Set Count Episode 23 - He's a Proud Father

This week, we're catching up on all the PGR goodness, talking about the release of 31-50 so far and the general perception. Vayseth sheds a tear, and we have some grim news regarding EVO numbers. But could that change?


D1 Announced as the Narrator for the PGRv3!

suar interviews D1 in light of him being chosen to narrate the PGRv3 -- the defacto community rankings for Smash Brothers (Wii U). Many different topics are discussed so take a listen as suar and D1 talk about all things PGR!


The Set Count Episode 22 - We're Switching Games

This week, we're catching up with all of E3. We go on a wonderfully long tangent about the new DBZ game, discuss Nintendo's presentation, and really take an in depth look at what we think Nintendo VS means for the scene. Listen in and find out if our outlook is as doom and gloom as it usually is!


The Set Count Episode 20 - The Runback: Super Awesome Extended Edition

This week, it's an all runback episode! Tune in as we answer some of the questions that we've been letting sit in a poorly organized spreadsheet for a little too long. Some of the talking points include the over saturation and how to solve it, new job opportunities, and side events!


The Set Count Episode 19 - The Not So Midseason Midseason Report

This week, we're Vayseth-less (that's a word because I wrote it. Deal with it) again, so Sage and Suar are going over the "midseason" report for the PGR. Focusing on the potential top 5s, along with a couple sleeper picks and some players who you might be surprised to see fall off. *cough* washed *cough*.


The Set Count Episode 17 - Smash is Funner Than FGC

This week, we're taking a deep look in to Smash culture, and why sometimes it looks like we're biting the hand that feeds. We're talking EVO, Dreamhack, and some of the other majors that could be viewed as a "failure" due to various reasons, but most stemming from financials. We also take a bit to talk about Armada dropping from Dreamhack and what that portrays. Suar also lets us know he doesn't know anything about sports, jokes or not.


The Set Count Episode 15 - Two Week Notice

This week, we don't have Suar in our midst but that's not stopping us from going over all the craziness of CEO Dreamland. From the stream being down, to potential shade across Twitter, we also find time to catch up on a few runback questions.


The Set Count Episode 14 - Is the PGR in Shambles?

This week, we're talking a bit about the coaching rule and some clarifications we think need to be added before diving right in to the CEO Dreamland discussion. We also get quite a few interesting questions from long time listener Trent about the PGR, in which Suar delves in to some of the changes we can expect in V3.


The Set Count Episode 10 - I Put That Right In My Mouth

This week, Suar and Sage fanboy over the Nintendo Switch while Vayseth is a big old hater. We also talk a lot about the idea of a Smash 4 Summit and if it's feasible, how to pull it off correctly and how we'd do it. Sprinkle in a little bit of bringing the Switch to an esports environment and talks about streams.


The Set Count Episode 09 - We've Got Candy Hearts On a Paper Plate

Grab your winter coats, because this week is all about Frostbite. We recap what it was like behind the scenes from each of our perspectives, talk about tsu, team Japan, crew battles, and all the craziness that went down over the weekend while we nitpick endlessly because apparently none of us can be happy. Oh and we take some Runback questions. But you already knew that would happen.


The Set Count Episode 08 - Suar is a Giant Fan Girl

This week features special guest cFive from the BeefySmashDoods! We poke cFive's brain about European Smash, YouTube content creation, and the origins and success of BSD. We also have a brief talk about tournament hygiene and to Vayseth's joy, WE DON'T TALK ABOUT COMMENTARY. Be sure to follow Both cFive and the BeefySmashDoods on twitter. You can find them here: And of course check out BeefySmashDoods great YouTube content!...


The Set Count Episode 07 - Vayseth is Basically Japanese

Vayseth's back! We talk about Vayseth's trip to Japan, his meetings with Nintendo, more about esports and wrap up 2GG Midwest Mayhem Saga. Apologies again for the late release! Next week's will be back on Wednesday morning!


The Set Count Episode 05 - Who Invited Vayseth

This episode is a whole number! This week, we're talking rules, rules and more rules! We also dive in to the EVO situation, Mr R's travel issues and the executive order and how it damages esports, and go over some more great runback questions!


The Set Count Episode 3.9 - Official Statements

OOH boy. Our fourth episode, where we give a brief recap to the now final PGRv2, before jumping in to the wonderful discussion about Genesis 4. Tune in for our thoughts on the .9 ruling, hear Vayseth read a bunch of official statements because he can't say anything else, and a whole lot more. This podcast was recorded at roughly 2 am, consider it The Set Count - After Dark


The Set Count Episode 3 - Seeding is Hard

This week, we featured special guest PG | Bear! He joined in for the chat as we went over the PGR, discussed Genesis 4, talked about seeding and a bit about running an event and production. Wrapping up the episode is a short Q&A with the T.O. himself!