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24: What is Transformation? Interview with Personal Development Coach Joey Bellus

Interview with Personal Development Coach and motivational speaker Joey Bellus on the topic of transformation in everyday life. In this episode we examine what transformation means to him and how it plays out in his career, daily life and actions with the people around him.


23: Transformation Exercise - What's Your Slogan?

What's your life slogan? Believe it or not you already have one, or maybe four. This a neat idea that came to me as a powerful exercise to help you create a life you love through the words you use every day. Your language is powerful, use it wisely!


22: Create a Life You Love - Interview with Belly Dancer Elina Ghazal

Interview with Professional Belly Dancer, Artist and Travel Abroad Adviser Elina Ghazal on how she is creating a life she loves! In this episode we ask Elina a variety of questions about her successes and challenges on the path toward a life lived full out. Show notes available on the website.


21: The Dance of Life - 5 Pillars of Good Leadership

In this episode I discuss five critical components to good leadership that I learned from my life in dancing - energy, timing, listening, cooperation and non-obvious power. It was inspired by a conversation I had with my dance partner shortly after making the final in our category at a recent competition in Vegas.


20: Create a Life You Love - Interview with Personal Development Coach Joey Bellus

Interview with Personal Development Coach Joey Bellus on his journey in creating his life as a motivational speaker and coach.


19: My 3 Recent Lessons on Creating a Life You Love

In this episode I also share about my life lessons from the competitions I attended in California and Vegas, and outline three major ones that are critical to creating a life you love: (1) evaluate your "why" for doing what you are doing regularly and make sure it is out of love, (2) change your relationship to results and (3) keep consistently motivated through your desire to quit. These lessons are something that I've experienced and reflected on several times from my journeys in...


18: Motivational Monday - Balancing Investment and Non-Attachment

Happy Monday! For most of us, starting the week is usually not the most exciting thing, and it takes a few days to "warm-up" and get fully present to what we are up to. This episode covers one of the most important dichotomies for creating a successful and happy life - investment and non-attachment. Light your conference room, relationship or appointments on fire today by being "fully there" and, regardless of what happens, move forward with freedom and peace in your heart because life is...


17: De-Mystifying the Mystical 6 - Spirituality

In this episode we examine the foundation of spiritual thinking and awareness, and how to bring it into your daily life simply and naturally. Part of a series of episodes designed to "de-mystify" words that have been put on a pedestal and alienated from daily experience, spirituality is one of the most important aspects of living a transformed life you love and so in this episode we look to rediscover it's primary role in our quest for self-improvement.


16: Valentine's Day 2018 - The 3 Pillars to an ABUNDANT Relationship

Healthy, vibrant relationships are one of the most critical components of our lives and in this episode, timed with the day of love and relationships, we take a look at three simple yet extremely powerful tools to creating meaningful, abundant relationships in your life as well as maintaining them through the tides of life's more stormy times. Happy Valentine's Day!


Discovering Your Life Purpose: Listening & The Creative Energy Piggy Bank

Another episode in a series on Life Purpose and connecting to our own through honing our ability to listen to the Universe's constant messages. Life is full of amazing, silly and sometimes crazy signs that we are either on the right path or otherwise - the question is are we really paying attention to them. A secondary topic of the episode looks at a simple metaphor on how to view your daily actions and creative power in the form of a bank, and particularly how that bank is given limited,...


Unveiling Fate's Whisper: Curiosity and the Purpose of Life

As children we approach the world with wonder and curiosity, giving us access to a life of joy and creativity. This episode continues on the previous one about the Purpose of Life, examining curiosity as a mechanism to self-discovery and also what obstacles are in the way of our curiosity as it grows and manifests into our destiny.


De-Mystifying the Mystical 6: The Purpose of Life

This episode examines one of mankind's most esoteric and fundamental questions, yet the answer(s) may surprise you in their simplicity. By bringing this mystical idea back down to earth and connecting it to our daily lives and actions we can empower our quest for fulfillment and creating the life we love. The purpose of your life may not be as complicated or philosophical as you may think. Perhaps it is much simpler, and in connecting to that simplicity lies freedom and power.


The 7 Obstacles to Gratitude

I got some good feedback about episodes on Gratitude, so I will be creating more on a regular basis. This episode is about "obstacles to gratitude" that are frequently in our days and how to address them in your own life to build a regular, thriving practice of one of the most important virtues.


De-Mystifying the Mystical 6: An Introduction

Introduction episode to some upcoming content regarding major words or ideas that are within the realm of transformation that have been put on a pedestal or are otherwise alienating and how we can bring them "back down to Earth" to empower our pursuit of personal growth and self-discovery.


Gratitude Practice: Finding That Little Something

Gratitude is an essential part of my life and this is a spontaneous episode inspired by having just finished a bout with that nasty flu that is going around. There is nothing like the absence of your health to bring you back to being grateful even for the little things, and today I wanted to talk about just how important finding those little things are in our lives. Thanks for listening!


Re-Defining Creativity: The Creative Energy Piggy Bank

This episode discusses creativity in a different light with the goal of making it something that is available to anyone. What is the value of your time? You have the same amount of hours in a day as any successful person you admire, so what is the difference? Is creativity about talent or is it something that we all have? These are some of the questions inspiring the conversation.


The Healing Power of Music

Music for nearly all of us is a core component of living a happy, healthy life. For me personally, I couldn't live without writing music or listening to different kinds throughout the day - it is a therapeutic and powerful tool for transformation and in this episode I wanted to take a look at why and how it works the way it does.


The Importance of Listening

Listening is one of the core foundations of living a created, meaningful life - but it is also very difficult to do because it is fundamentally opposite of our ego and animal brain. In this episode we take a look at why listening is so powerful, as well as important, to do employ in everything from our health, to our relationships to our life purpose within this amazing Universe.


The Power of Language: Keywords as Activators

Language is a powerful tool to create the life we want and words can activate our emotions, mental and physical states. This episode opens up the conversation about words as activators and their use as tools for meditating actively in the face of life's challenges. What if you had a "safe word" that you could rely on to deal with a recurring challenge or an upcoming "performance" of your own in life's dance?


Perfecting Your Perfectionism: Leveraging Control as a Tool to Create

Very often Monday rolls around and we are usually caught by surprise - for most of us Monday is about accelerating back to the pace of the work week and momentum of our high-achieving standards. It's great when you've got the energy, but when your body or mind just aren't cooperating those perfectionist standards are not that helpful anymore. This episode opens up the conversation about a topic we can all relate to in our busy lives and how to approach (and embrace) your perfectionism...


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