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Episode 7, Frankie: Sex as a weapon and a redaction/confession from your Philosopher

Carlene and Frankie talk body acceptance, the search for power in sex and how to do it ethically, and the effect that children can have on a sex life Content Note: In this episode introduction, I issue a redaction for a previous episode and discuss my own destructive thought and behavior patterns.

Duration: 03:19:19

Episode 6, Steve: How very Buddhist of you

Carlene talks with Steve about accidental polyamory, asexuality, and being curious about all of the experiences

Duration: 01:47:45

Episode 5, Nikki: Find someone to Masturbate with!

In this episode, Carlene talks with Nikki about late night scrambled porn, making your fantasies a reality, and why mutual masturbation is the shit. To find where Nikki is performing, click here!

Duration: 04:14:53

Episode 4, Interlude: This is Life with Lisa Ling–Sexual Healing

First “Interlude” podcast in which I discuss the portrayal of Surrogate Partner Therapy through the lens of mainstream media, using a recent news story. To read Emiko Yoshikami’s essay “This is Life… One Year Later” (a reflection on her clients and the question of sex work), click here:

Duration: 00:43:49

Episode 3, Brooklyn: I don’t want to give them the satisfaction

Carlene speaks to a former co-worker turned friend about the benefits of finite love affairs, when cunnilingus doesn’t cut it, and what a global vision of a sexually healthy society might look like.

Duration: 01:01:18

Episode 2, Natalie: I want to learn to stay present during the pain.

Carlene speaks to a friend and lover about being a teenage asshole, coming out as trans, forced feminization, and how you can be into kink without being active in the kink community.

Duration: 01:36:25

Episode 1, John: Is sex simply a release?

In this episode, Carlene speaks with her domestic partner, John, about his Wyoming upbringing, the cognitive dissonance of believing in both science and religion, and navigating the challenges of being socially-conscious while dating.

Duration: 01:19:24