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The Shift is the official podcast of Beyond the Box Score -- bringing you baseball analysis from some of the brightest minds in sabermetrics. Hosted by Bryan Grosnick and Stuart Wallace.




The Shift Episode 32: June 10, 2015 (w/ Eric Garcia-McKinley)

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan talks with Beyond the Box Score writer and Rockies expert Eric Garcia-McKinley! Eric and Bryan discuss the Rockies, the Rule 4 Draft, and using sabermetrics on broadcasts. If you like baseball players who wear purple, this is probably the episode for you. (Dinger is still the worst, though.)

Duration: 00:44:23

The Shift Episode 31: June 3, 2015 (w/ Matt Goldman)

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan is joined by Matt Goldman of Beyond the Box Score and MLB Daily Dish. Bryan and Matt discuss the important things ... namely the San Francisco Giants and whether or not Buster Posey should move off of catcher. You know, the things America needs to know.

Duration: 00:28:00

The Shift Episode 16: Baseball Writing Breakdown - September 4, 2014

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan and Stu discuss their favorite baseball writers, and other various topics. It should be a good time!

Duration: 00:54:20

The Shift Episode 14: Saberseminar - August 19, 2014

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan and Stu discuss this weekend's Saberseminar in Boston! How was the analysis event of the season? Find out in today's episode!

Duration: 00:49:29

The Shift Episode 13: Baseball Potpourri - August 7, 2014

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan and Stu discuss a mixed bag of ball topics. Waiver trades! Trade rules! Surprise pitching performances! Surprise pitchers! Javier Baez! It's an episode of The Shift unlike any other. Enter at your own risk

Duration: 00:49:27

The Shift Episode 10: Great Moments in "What If?" - July 24, 2014

On this episode of The Shift, Alex Skillin joins Bryan and Stu for some talk about some "what if?" scenarios. The guys are talking past drafts and deals: A-Rod to the Red Sox, Justin Verlander to the Padres, Buster Posey to the Rays and more!

Duration: 00:52:57

The Shift Episode 9: JAVIER and Prospect Projection - July 22, 2014

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan and Stu are joined by Beyond the Box Score writer Chris St. John. Chris, Bryan, and Stu discuss the JAVIER prospect projection system that Chris has recently introduced, as well as some of their favorite prospects in minor league baseball. If you're a fan of minor leaguers, you probably won't want to miss this episode!

Duration: 00:51:11

The Shift Episode 8: Handicapping the Second Half - July 17, 2014

Bryan and Stu are back, this time joined by Beyond the Box Score writer and editor Jeff Bellone! The guys are giving their thoughts on what to expect during the second half of the season. They'll offer opinions on the best players of the second half of the season, the playoffs, and potential new faces. You won't want to miss it.

Duration: 00:52:54

The Shift Episode 5: Shark to Oakland / You're The Worst - July 8, 2014

We're baseball writers, so we can't resist talking about the week's big trades, as Oakland and Chicago have made a blockbuster deal, and Arizona has, well, I'm not sure what they just did. Plus, our hosts are talking about the worst players in baseball. How did we get to this point? What's wrong with these players? How can they come back to mediocrity? Neil, Bryan, and Stu are asking the tough questions!

Duration: 00:46:59

The Shift Episode 4: Trader-metrics - July 2, 2014

Our hosts attempt to quantify the places where teams can acquire undervalued assets via trade, rather than free agency or the draft? Are the Athletics on the right track in trading for relief pitching? With the hot stove heating up and the trade deadline closing in, we're looking to use analytics to find sweet spots for contending (and non-contending) teams.

Duration: 00:46:54

The Shift Episode 3: Is There Magic Left in No-Hitters? - July 1, 2014

On this episode of The Shift Bryan, Stu, and Neil discuss a polarizing topic in the sabermetric community: the no-hitter. Are no-hitters awesome, or played out? Are they still special when Henderson Alvarez can throw one? Whatever happened to Phillip Humber? All these questions and more, sort of answered by three guys and a spreadsheet.

Duration: 00:48:31

The Shift Episode 2: Hard Choices in Left Field / San Diego - June 26, 2014

In this episode of The Shift, Stuart, Neil, and Bryan discuss the most pressing question of all: who's the best left fielder in the National League ... and which LF should be going to the All-Star Game. Also, the guys play a game of "Would You Rather ... " and debate the merits of being GM of the Padres or of the Diamondbacks

Duration: 00:45:44

The Shift Episode 1: Questionable Deals and Early Surprises - June 24, 2014

In the relaunched first episode of The Shift, Bryan, Neil, and Stu discuss some early trades that haven't panned out and some early performances that have. It's baseball and analytics, brought to you by Beyond the Box Score. Hosted by Bryan Grosnick, Neil Weinberg, and Stuart Wallace.

Duration: 00:46:51