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ofo and the Future of Urban Transportation - With ofo SEA GM Alan Jiang (via The Harbinger)

Today we are joined by Alan Jiang, Head of Southeast Asian business for ofo, the world’s leading station-free bike sharing company. Alan oversees the company’s strategy and operations in Southeast Asia. Previously, Alan worked at Uber for four years, helping to launch Uber’s business in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Today, Alan starts by first sharing his story at Uber, before transitioning to ofo. Alan tells us more about how bike sharing is drastically different from ride...


The Do’s and Do Not’s of China Market Entry – with O’Melveny Managing Partner Walker Wallace

We sit down with Walker Wallace, managing partner of O’Melveny’s Shanghai office, to discuss how foreign tech companies should think about entering the China market. It’s worth noting that most tech start-ups should not even consider China entry in the early days, as building up tech and achieving a focused product-market fit should be the only priority, and a premature obsession over China could very well be a huge distraction. But for companies that have built up a relatively sustainable...


A Gradual, Evolutionary Approach to Disrupting Education - with 17zuoye Cofounder Dun Xiao

Dun Xiao's pursuit of a quality education has taken him around the world, from Cambridge University to MIT and Harvard, where he studied electrical and information engineering. Armed with a lifelong passion for education and his technical background, Xiao Dun was inspired to found, (a.k.a. Homework Together), the largest online homework platform for K12 students in China. And so today, we explore Chinese Edtech - a market of particular significance in China given its...


Tackling China's Pollution Problem One Solar Panel at a Time - With Xiaosolar CEO Henry Yin

Pollution is a real problem in China. So it should come as no surprise that the 13th Five Year Plan includes drastic policy measures, calling for a reduction of emissions from coal burning industries, while showing support for wind, solar and bio power. And beyond policy making or economic restructuring, there is also a call for domestic entrepreneurs who can help develop innovative solutions to mitigate pollution in China's major cities and improve the livelihood for all. Today, we sit...


From Silicon Valley to China to India - with Xiaomi Global Head of Sales & Ops Alvin Tse

Alvin's career to date has been an epic adventure, a journey that's taken him across epicenters of technology and the world's three largest internet markets: China, India, and the US. As a Stanford undergrad, he started ThinkBulbs, which developed 2 leading iOS photo apps and amassed over a million users before being acquired by Megatasty Labs. After college, Alvin spent time as EIR at StartX, before joining Flipboard to lead their China entry efforts. That in turn opened his eyes to the...


From Sequoia to Democratizing Consumer Finance For the Underserved - with Omni Prime CEO Dan Hu

Dan Hu has seen it all. From leading multiple successful investments for Sequoia China during the 2010-2014 tech boom to helping found ZhenFund (China's top seed fund), Dan has always had an eye for finding the next big thing. That penchant for uncovering opportunities has led him to found Omni Prime, a mobile consumer finance service company that provides payday loans to low income entrants with a complex, app based risk evaluation system. In China, hundreds of millions of consumers still...


The Boom Bust Chinese Sharing Economy - With Woo Space CEO Randy Wan

The sharing economy is one of the hottest sectors in China, with $250m of seed and Series A capital invested April-May '17, without accounting for the $1 billion+ poured into bike-sharing start ups Mobike and Ofo. While some of these start ups have the potential to create significant businesses (e.g. car hailing and bike sharing), the verdict is still out on others that are peddling shared umbrellas or even basketballs. A more sustainable opportunity in this sector is in co-working space,...


Exporting Chinese Business Models: Ofo, Xiaomi, and Beyond - with Shunwei Partner Cheng Tian

We sit down with Cheng Tian (or as we call him "Tian Ge"), partner at Shunwei Capital covering TMT and consumer related industries. Previously he held senior positions at Goldman and Temasek, and he has participated in many investments including: Alibaba, Xiaomi, VANCL, Youku-Tudou, Tuniu, Shanda Literature, Mogujie, Momo, Didi, Rong360, Jiuxian, etc. Building on a previous episode about the sharing economy, we examine bike-sharing in more detail, and in particular Shunwei's investment in...


What's Different About China's Tech Scene and How Are They Innovating? - with Shunwei VP Meng Xing

In our first episode, we sit down with Shunwei VP/EIR Meng Xing to explore a broad range of socioeconomic, institutional, and financial factors that shape the Chinese tech environment. For example, why are the Chinese typically fast followers and excel at 1-100 over 0-1? What are primary founder incentives, and why is there a lack of talent in middle management? Why are there so many unicorns in seemingly niche markets, and how come there are so many humongous, diversified platform plays...


Introducing the Shunwei Venture Capital Podcast

Shunwei (Lei Jun's VC) will interview China's leading technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors in order to share valuable insights about Chinese tech innovation with the West.