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Ep. 17 - Coaching Carousel (pt. 3)

Episode 17 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast brings you the 3rd installment of our Coaching Carousel series. In this episode, a group of my younger coaching buddies sit around a mic at the 2018 AFCA Coaches Convention in Charlotte, NC and reflect on the lengths we've gone to break into the coaching profession and the crazy things we've done trying to climb the ladder as a young coach. We also share some really interesting thoughts on the current state of the profession as a whole from a young...


#SidelineStories - Climbing The Coaching Ladder/Alabama Bowl Trips

#SidelineStories *Coach Friedgen tells us a story about Atlanta Falcons QB Coach, Bush Hamdan, climbing up the coaching ladder. *We talk about Bowl Rings. *Fridge shares his experience with Alabama at the 2017 Peach Bowl. ********* Reference: James Franklin - Head Coach at Penn State, former HC at Vanderbilt, former OC for Coach Friedgen at Maryland. Bush Hamdan - QB Coach for the Atlanta Falcons. Will Muschamp - Head Coach at South Carolina, former Head Coach at Florida. Dan Quinn - Head...


Ep. 16 - Bowl Season

Episode 16 of the Podcast is all about Bowl Season and it is the most outrageous episode yet! We share hilarious stories about the craziness of going to a Bowl Game all while providing insight into how the process works and what it takes to leave a Bowl Game victorious. I was only apart of one Bowl Game, and it was in Detroit no less... but it was an experience I'll never forget and winning that game really does change everything headed into the offseason. ******** Episode References:...


#SidelineStories - Coach Friedgen vs. Bobby Bowden

#SidelineStories Former Maryland head coach, Ralph Friedgen tells some stories about his heated battles against Bobby Bowden and the Florida State Seminoles from 2000-2010. ********** Host: Drew Lieberman TSH Team: Ralph Friedgen Theme Song: Cornelius Plus (@corneliusplus) Outro Music: Freddie Rugga Background Beats: The Custodian of Records Recorded, Produced and Mastered by: Drew Lieberman


2018 Coaches Convention (part 1)

2018 AFCA Coaches Convention (part 1) Probably going to say the word "coach" at least 5,000 times over the next 3 days. More updates coming soon...


Ep. 15 - Rants

Episode 15 of the podcast is a collection of the best rants and soundbites from the previous 14 episodes of College Football and NFL talk. Everything from our most thoughtful and informative opinions to the most outrageous stories, all organized in chronological order from episode 1 to 14. *** Host: Drew Lieberman TSH Team: Ralph Friedgen, Mike Teel, Leonte Carroo, Sean Stanley, Gary Nova Intro Song: Jill Scott - Golden Theme Song: Cornelius Plus (@corneliusplus) Outro Music: Cornelius...


Ep. 14 - Coaching Carousel (pt. 2)

On Episode 14 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast, we continue our conversation about the Coaching Carousel in part 2 of our 3 part series. We talk about the process of finding jobs in all levels of the coaching world. We share stories about climbing the ladder as young coaches and lay out the requirements for someone looking to break into the profession, advance later down the road and the lifestyle demands of becoming a football coach. ******** Episode References Jerry Claiborne – head coach...


Ep. 13 - Coaching Carousel (pt. 1)

Ep. 13 - Coaching Carousel (pt. 1) by The Sideline Hustle


Ep. 12 - Motivation

On episode 12 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast, we continue the conversation we had last week about building team culture, but we focus the discussion more specifically on the art of motivation. While a program’s culture provides the blueprint for the standards and expectations that players and coaches must buy into – motivating them to put in the work day in and day out to meet those expectations is what I believe is the true “art” of coaching and is what separates good coaches from great...


Ep. 11 - Team Culture

In Episode 11 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast, we talk about the process of building Team Culture in what is probably the most important episode that we’ve produced thus far. Establishing a winning culture and constantly enforcing it every day, is the most crucial job of every football coach and the foundation for every team’s success or failure. We share our philosophies on building culture and discuss the differences between establishing culture in a position group vs. an entire team and...


Ep. 10 - Coach Fridge (The Ralph Friedgen Story)

In Episode 10 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast, Ralph Friedgen takes us on a journey through his 43-year coaching career with some hilarious stories and incredible insight about the business of coaching and the inner workings of the game of football. Coach Friedgen retired in 2015 after a legendary 43-year career as a college and professional football coach. He was the head coach at University of Maryland for 10 seasons (2001 – 2010) where he finished with a 75-50 overall record, a 5-2...


Ep. 9 - NOISE!

The Sideline Hustle Podcast is back! We took about a month hiatus while Coach Liebs finished the season coaching his Wide Receivers at Wesleyan University, but Episode 9 is finally here! We cover a lot of different topics and are joined by almost every member of The Sideline Hustle team. Coach Friedgen, Mike Teel, Leonte Carroo, Sean Stanley and Gary Nova will all join Drew Lieberman on today’s show and talk about our interactions with the fans as players and coaches, dealing with crowd...


Ep. 8 - Highly Recruited (The Leo Ferrine Story)

In Episode 8 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast we sit down with Leo Ferrine who tells us the journey of a highly touted recruit chasing his football dream to becoming the gate keeper of those dreams as the Recruiting Coordinator at Boston College. Leo was a standout high school football player at St. Peter's Prep in New Jersey. He went on to play Defensive Back at Notre Dame from 2004-2007 before transferring to the University of Delaware as a Redshirt Senior. After his playing came to an end...


Ep. 7 - Jersey Mike (The Mike Teel Story)

In Episode 7 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast we sit down with Don Bosco Prep Head Football Coach, Mike Teel. He served as the Offensive Coordinator at Bosco for the past two seasons (2015-2016) before taking over the helm at his alma mater. Before coaching, Mike was an outstanding Quarterback at Don Bosco and later Rutgers before being drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2009. ​ At Bosco, Mike finished with an undefeated, 23-0, career record as the starting quarterback, winning two state...


Ep. 5 - Practice

In episode 5 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast we talk about Practice. We explore some of the different ways to structure practice, players and coaches share stories about surviving practice and we talk about the importance of conditioning. We also welcome Wesleyan University Defensive Line coach, Sean Stanley to The Sideline Hustle team. Sean started at Defensive End for Penn State for 3 years under both Joe Paterno and Bill O'Brien. Hosts: Drew Lieberman, Gary Nova Guru: Ralph Friedgen TSH...


Forward Progress (part 2) - Rutgers Scoutcast Interview

Part 2 of Forward Progress features Drew Lieberman's recent interview with Sam Hellman on the Rutgers Scoutcast podcast on


Forward Progress (part 1) - A Sideline Hustle Series

Forward Progress is a Sideline Hustle series that will delve into the process of creating and growing The Sideline Hustle Podcast. We will use this series to update you on our future plans and provide insight and tell stories about our daily lives as football coaches who are also hustling to provide great content on the podcast each week. Stay tuned! Episode 4 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast will drop later today (Friday, September 1st).


Ep. 3 - Preseason Training Camp

Ep. 3 – Preseason Training Camp On Episode 3 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast, we discuss everything you need to know about Preseason Training Camp. The midsummer grind is where the foundations for success are built and everyone involved in the program must be at their best leading up the first game. As co-host Gary Nova says, “we do all this stuff…all the preparation, all the hard work… we do it just to give ourselves a chance on Saturdays. Nothing is guaranteed in College Football. We do...


Ep. 2 - Summer Recruiting Camps

Ep. 2 - Summer Recruiting Camps by The Sideline Hustle


Ep. 1 - The Manifesto

Episode 1 of The Sideline Hustle Podcast is a brief introduction to The Sideline Hustle and a preview of what to expect from us going forward as we share stories and layout our goals and aspirations for the podcast. Theme Song: Cornelius Plus (@corneliusplus) Outro Song: P. Muna ( (@p-muna) Background Beats: The Custodian of Records