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Tsh Oxenreider—entrepreneur and author, lover of guacamole and hater of socks—loves to talk shop with some of her favorite people. She's a big fan of simple living, but it's not just about getting rid of your stuff—it’s about living holistically with your life’s purpose. On the show, Tsh talks with other people about what that looks like for them. Whatever their passion, that's what's on tap: food, travel, writing, books, parenting, work, fashion, and everything in between. It’s fun!






Ep. 90: Eating Locally

Chickens, canning, farmer’s markets, and prepackaged food from the grocery store. There’s a place for all of it… and also a place to not make it our thing, guilt-free. It’s all good. We know we’re “supposed” to eat local, but what does that look like in the real world? In the spirit of our no/yes season, Tsh and Haley go back and forth and share what they let go of in the name of sanity, even if they'd love to have the time/money/freedom/ability to do [insert local-eating habit here]. But...

Duration: 00:34:53

Ep. 89: What (& How) to Watch Stuff

There are so. many. things. to watch these days. How do you choose what to see with your precious few viewing hours? That’s the topic of this episode… How to not be overwhelmed by the onslaught of entertainment choices we have. They say it’s the Golden Age of television—there’s more than any one person can watch. If you don’t want to spend your life in front of a screen, yet you do enjoy the occasional movie and TV show, how do you watch what you want to watch without it becoming an...

Duration: 00:37:05

Ep. 88: No & Yes

It’s a new season of The Simple Show! In this episode, we'll pull back the curtain on what we’ll be talking about for awhile. Our days are spent making thousands of decisions, and a bit at a time, it’s from the choices we make that we carve out a life. What we say yes and no to matters, possibly more than anything else. Most of our decisions don’t involve black or white decisions. They lie in the gray. They look like deciding between all good things. They look like distinguishing what’s...

Duration: 00:47:47

Ep. 87: When to Quit

We start our new season of The Simple Show in the next episode, and it's gonna be fantastic. But today I've got a conversation I don't want you to miss. My friend (and AoS writer) Brooke McAlary recently announced she's quitting Jackrabbit, the podcast network she helped found—and when she did, I thought, Hmm.... I could use a good chat with her. So, we poured ourselves some coffee and hit record. We're 8,400 miles away—she's in Sydney, and I'm here in Central Texas. (If you read At...

Duration: 00:39:31

Ep. 86: Women's Work - A Singer

It's the last episode of our summer series, Women's Work! Tsh talks with Liz Vice, a singer-songwriter. She’s a gospel, soul, and R&B artist from Portland, Oregon who loves story telling—she’s gone from behind the scenes in the film and video world to right behind the mic. It was a line of work she got into accidentally—growing up, she always thought she’d be in film, not in music. Liz talks about the heart behind what she does—what motivates her, the risks she’s taken moving across the...

Duration: 00:31:58

Ep. 85: Women's Work - A Fabric Designer

Next up in our summer series, hearing from entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives as they let us peek behind the curtain and learn more about what they do—Tsh talks to Alison Glass. She's a fabric and pattern designer... and Tsh has known her since the 7th grade, they lived together for two years in college, and they were each other’s maids-of-honor. You could say they go way back. Alison started fabric designing just a few years ago, but her work has taken off like wildfire. Her fabrics...

Duration: 00:31:55

Ep. 84: Women's Work - An Artist & Shopkeeper

Continuing our summer series on creative women who do interesting work, Cat Seto is an artist and author who decided, one day, to head to Paris to become re-inspired in her work. Little did she know, she'd find a whole new style, process, and book idea. Cat talks with Tsh about juggling her work with parenting (she also owns a brick & mortar store in San Fransisco), what it was like to create her book, and the collaborative work she's looking forward to next. If you've ever wondered what...

Duration: 00:34:37

Ep. 83: Women's Work - A Chef Turned Meal Planner

Adding to our summer series on entrepreneurs, artists, and creative women, Tsh talks with a personal chef who decided to multiply her services to thousands of families at a time. Allison Schaaf started a digital company, Prep Dish, out of her love of cooking and nutrition (if you’ve been around this podcast for long, you’ve heard of them—they're one of our regular sponsors). This is Allison’s baby. It's a healthy meal-planning service that emails you a plan, grocery list, and...

Duration: 00:32:04

Ep. 82: Women's Work - A Social Entrepreneur

Next up in our series about creative women who do interesting work, Tsh talks to a woman who, on a whim (and fresh out of college herself), told a group of Ugandan women that she'd pay their way to college. Little did she know this was the beginning of a social enterprise that's changing both the footwear industry and the lives of hundreds of women. Liz Bohannon is the founder of Sseko Designs, a company that started with leather sandals with interchangeable ribbons. They now also make...

Duration: 00:41:09

Ep. 81: Women's Work - A Digital Storyteller

For the next seven episodes, Tsh is sharing conversations with creative women who do interesting work—entrepreneurs and artists, all taking the risk of doing something they love, and making our lives better for it. First up is a name you might not know, but her work might be familiar if you're a regular listener of The Simple Show. Tania Landin is the co-creator of Around the World Stories. She talked with Tsh from a guesthouse in Germany, where she and her family are parked for a good...

Duration: 00:31:30

Ep. 80: A Man Called Ove + Dark Matter

There's no better time to read than summer—in this episode, Tsh and Haley talk two books that make great summer reads. They go outside their usual reading boxes to talk fiction they wouldn't normally read—Haley goes for something written in the last fifty years (gasp!), and Tsh goes for a sci-fi with a lot of heart. For links in this episode, head to http://thesimpleshow.com and look for episode 80.

Duration: 00:30:40

Ep. 79: Best Travel Spots with Kids, as a Couple, & Solo

There's so many great places in the world, but there's some that are even better when you're with your family, with the one your love, or when you're on your own. Stephanie and Tsh share their favorite spots to wander in each scenario. Buckle up, because you explore the world in this episode! For show notes, head to http://thesimpleshow.com and look for episode 79.

Duration: 00:35:43

Ep. 78: Summer Hospitality & Entertaining

When we say "hospitality," we don't mean fancy tablescapes and canapes—we mean, it's cool to use paper plates. In this chat, Tsh and Erin talk about what it means to make your home a place people want to be. They talk about ways to make your house the "kid hangout spot," where to focus on house cleaning when people are coming over and your house isn't so clean, and easy food to serve. This is about real hospitality, with real families, in real homes. For show notes for this episode, head...

Duration: 00:34:16

Ep. 77: Summer Family Roadtrips

Epic global travel is all well and good, but what about family roadtrips in your own country? (What a concept!) Tsh talks with Kat Lee, host of the Inspired to Action podcast, whose family has nailed the American family roadtrip. Every summer, they drive somewhere new in a quest for hitting all lower 48 states with their kids before they leave the nest. They’ve been at it for several summers now, and their family of 5 does it well. She shares their favorite places, how they plan a two-week...

Duration: 00:39:38

Ep. 76: Summer Reading!

There's no better time to catch up on good stories than in the summer. We're not sure why (a leftover from our childhoods?), but the lazy days of summer beg for a good book and a cold drink. Tsh and co-host Haley share five books each (plus one extra)—three they've read, two they haven't, for a grand total of 11 book recommendations for your summer. Enjoy! For show notes, head to http://thesimpleshow.com and look for episode 76.

Duration: 00:38:52

Ep. 75: Flights & Food Questions, Answered

How to find good deals on tickets, when to actually buy tickets, jet lag and sleeping on planes, how to find good restaurants (even when there's no menu posted), and what to cook in guesthouse kitchens when you're far from home—all popular questions. So in this chat, Tsh and co-host Stephanie answer your questions about travel. For show notes, go to http://thesimpleshow.com and look for episode 75.

Duration: 00:49:44

Ep. 74: "Capsule" Wardrobes

There's quotes around capsule on this podcast's title because Tsh and Erin have a more... laissez faire approach to this idea. They dish about what it means to love everything in your closet—for normal people. Erin's a professional stylist, so there's no one better to toss in two cents to this fountain. Creating a capsule wardrobe doesn't mean a uniform of black turtlenecks and jeans a la Steve Jobs—it means loving to wear all that you've got to wear. Plus, Tsh shares the 8 reasons...

Duration: 00:37:35

Ep. 73: Man's Search + Living Danishly

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming of books, travel, and life at home ...and in this episode, Tsh talks with co-host Haley Stewart about two recent reads of theirs—and for the first time, they've each chosen a non-fiction read. Haley's got Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl; Tsh read The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell. Both these books have good insights into life, but one is significantly deeper than the other. (Both types of books are needed, in our opinion.)...

Duration: 00:44:41

Ep. 72: At Home at Home

This is the fourth of a short, five-episode special series of the podcast to celebrate Tsh's new book, At Home in the World. There's a place that’s so familiar to us all, sometimes we forget to recognize the foreign and beautiful adventure that lies underneath it. You'll know what it is. For show notes, head to http://thesimpleshow.com and look for episode 72.

Duration: 00:13:18

Ep. 71: At Home in ...Airports

This is the fourth of a short, five-episode special series of the podcast to celebrate Tsh's new book, At Home in the World. Some are better than others, and some are much, much better than others. Tsh talks about three of my favorites, plus why she actually doesn't hate airplanes. They became spa-like on their trip around-the-world. For show notes, head to http://thesimpleshow.com and look for episode 71.

Duration: 00:11:33

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