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Episode 23 - Keep Ya Head Up

On the show the week we take about Cyber Bullying, Suicide, August Ames, Depression and we have our songs for The Jam Jar

Duration: 00:59:44

Episode 22 - Shite Talkin' Kings

On the show this week we talk about The Killing Of The Sacred Deer, The Northern Border, Roy Moore, Titanfall, EA, Rural Internet, Irish Politics, Jai Paul, MF Doom and The Jam Jar

Duration: 00:56:57

Episode 21 - Schlinders Pissed

On the show this week we talk about Emails, Comic Films, Batman, Marvel, DC, The Killing Of The Sacred, Deer, Mother, Face Off, Nicolas Cage, Blink 182, Still Woozy and The Jam Jar.

Duration: 01:06:33

Episode 20 - Joe Rogan or Roe Jogan

On the show this week we talk about The Viper, Hardy Bucks, Emails, Irish Drinking Culture, Sexual Assault, News Fatigue, Kevin Spacy, Junkies, People Magazine Sexiest Man, The Cracked Podcast, Dead Island, TV Shows, Mass Shootings, The Simpsons and The Jam Jar

Duration: 01:00:33

Episode 19 - Shnakes On A Plane

On the show this week we talk about Affairs in the air, Phone Privacy, Onine Privacy, Hutch Gang, Irish Gangs, Veronica Guerin, Banking Crisis, Dublin Rent, Housing Crisis and The Jam Jar

Duration: 00:58:08

Episode 18 - Acting The Maggot In Ballyragget

On the show this week we talk about Wolfenstein 2, Gaming DLC, Paris Games Week, The Last Of Us 2, The Death Of Stalin , Ballyragget, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacy, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Help and The Jam Jar

Duration: 01:06:11

Episode 17 - The Candy Man

On the show this week we talk about Dean Corll

Duration: 01:17:14

Episode 16 - Spooky Spaghetti

On the show this week we read some creepy pasta.........badly

Duration: 01:03:41

Episode 15 - The Bleedin' Cuphead On Ya

This week on the show we talk about George Hook, Consent, Harvey Weinstein, Blade Runner 2049, Cuphead, Gaming 2017, Geralds Game, 127 Hours, The Rooms, Tom Delonge, Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, Hip Hop and The Jam Jar

Duration: 01:05:54

Episode 14 - Young Beldon

On the show this week we talk about The Irish Bishop and HPV, Vaccinations, The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, Harrison Ford, Las Vegas Shooting, Gun Laws, Gun Control, The Jam Jar, Jimmy Eat World and Stone Temple Pilots

Duration: 01:04:46

Episode 13 - Pewpie Pile Of Shite

On the show this week we talk about The Garage Life, Otherkin, Conors German Trip, PewDiePie, South Park, Racism, Vulfpeck, Documerica, Death Wish, The Hardy Bucks, Suicide in Ireland, Depression, Mr. Rodgers and The Jam Jar

Duration: 01:18:19

Episode 12 - You'll Never Guess What This One White Girl Said

On this weeks show we talk about Vlogging, Podcasting, Product Reviews, The Garage Life, Instagram, Moving House, Prison Dogs, Hetty Douglas, Online Shaming, and Online Bullying.

Duration: 01:00:59

Episode 11 - No Man Skyboys

On the show this week we talk about Catholic Abuse, Reeling In The Years, Project Car Updates, No Man Sky, Escapism, Harry Potter, Northern Lights, Reality, Another Earth, Under The Skin, Terminator 2, Robocop, The Jam Jar, A Tribe Called Quest and Knox FortuneIntro: They Reminisce Over You by Pete Rock & CL SmoothWhere to find usInstagram @_thesmokingjacketEmail thesmokingjacket@outlook.comSpotify spotify:user:thesmokingjacket

Duration: 01:05:56

Episode 10 - The General Lee

On the show this week talk about Project Car Updates, Neo Nazis, Donald Trump, George Washington, Slavery, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Racism, Robert E Lee, Black History Month, Irish School, Trails Of Tears, Native Americans, The Jam Jar, Explosions In The Sky and Lana Del Rey

Duration: 01:07:00

Episode 9 - Ice To Meet You

On the show this week we talk about Batman Forever, Marvel vs DC, Westworld, Tacoma, AI, Machine Rights, The Matrix, The Animatrix, The Uncanny Valley, Machines Replacing Humans, Tesla Cars, Self Driving Cars, Project Car Updates, The Travelling Community, Nick Robinson, Power Abuse, The Jam Jar, Travis Oaks and Lunar

Duration: 01:15:14

Episode 8 - Stone Cold Lock Of The Century

On this weeks show we talk about a friends story involving his girlfriends dad, Ozark, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Playstation, PSVR, Resident Evil 7, Superhot VR, Batman VR, Gone Home, Tacoma, Firewatch, The Orange Box, Half Life, The Uncharted Collection, Cosmic Star Heroine, The Jam Jar, Reviever and The Beastie Boys

Duration: 01:00:34

Episode 7 - Raekwondo

On this weeks show we talk about Linkin Park, Chris Cornell, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Punk Music, Record Labels, RVIVR, Mainstream Music, The Pixies, The Sex Pistols, Women In Punk, Hip Hop, Eminem, Tribe Called Quest, Drake, Bryson Tiller, Roy Woods, Trap Music, Emo, Hipsters, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Cross Fit, Anime, Ghost In The Shell and Sicario.

Duration: 01:09:42

Episode 6 - Crispy Crispy Emails

On this weeks show we talk about Classic Mini's, Project Car Updates, BMW E34, Emails, GAA, Sports Culture, Pub Music, Irish Radio, College Life, Living Away From Home and Work.

Duration: 01:02:20

Episode 5 - Kim Jong Parker

On this weeks show we talk about Spider-man, Iron Man, China, Transformers, North Korea, Movie Trailers, The Dark Knight Rises, Fusion Reactors, Nuclear Bombs, The Space Race, Northern Ireland, The Troubles, Peace Walls, Religion and Conor Eats Some Dog Food.

Duration: 01:18:26

Episode 4 - I'M IN YA FACE

This week on the show we talk about Baby Driver, Edger Wright, The Fast and The Furious, Hot Fuzz, Ja Rule, Early 2000's RnB, The Italian Job, Kerrang, Blink 182, McGreggor and Mayweather Fight, Formula 1, Turbo Engines, Hip Hop, Kayne West and Mark Ronson

Duration: 01:06:35

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