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Andrew Mackay and Josh Morris bring you The Smoking Lamb. A no-holds-baa-aaa-aa-arred, forensic, incendiary and hilarious look at the world of movies.

Andrew Mackay and Josh Morris bring you The Smoking Lamb. A no-holds-baa-aaa-aa-arred, forensic, incendiary and hilarious look at the world of movies.
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Andrew Mackay and Josh Morris bring you The Smoking Lamb. A no-holds-baa-aaa-aa-arred, forensic, incendiary and hilarious look at the world of movies.




TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 049 - Don't Kill It, Wish Upon, Sweet Virginia, Renegades, Stratton

As with last week, we have a whole load of films to cover. In fact we have FIVE reviews, as well as the usual feature sections. Mike and Dave kick things off with DON'T KILL IT and WISH UPON, then Mike and Rich get down with RENEGADES and STRATTON! Finally, Mike, Dave and Will give their views on the Jon Bernthal-starring thriller, SWEET VIRGINIA! CHECK IT OUT AND BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:35:11

TSL - Episode 085 - All The Money - Hostiles - Three Billboards

The cinema show returns for 2018, and gets stuck right in with three reviews of the biggest movies out at the moment. First Mike gives an overview of All The Money In The World, then he and Ricky B take a look at the Christian Bale western, HOSTILES, and Mike and Steve talk at length about THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI. Plus we have the usual News Roundup, Educating Josh, Top Five (worst films nominated for Best Picture) and Ricky B Addresses the Lamb. Check it out and BLEAT THE...

Duration: 01:41:19

TSL - The DTV Digest - Ep 048 - Jump - Start The Year

Happy New Year Everyone! We're back, with a bumper set of reviews for the first episode of 2018! David Wain and Mike take a look at BAD DAY FOR THE CUT, BEYOND SKYLINE and JEEPERS CREEPERS 3, while Mike also gives his opinion on new British Horror movie, AUX. Rich is taking a more "back seat" role for the time-being, but he still manages to join Mike in a discussion of LEATHERFACE, the latest prequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We also see the return of the DTV Chart, Coming Soon and...

Duration: 01:25:04

Episode 084 - Drunk DVD Commentary: London Has Fallen

WARNING! THE FOLLOWING COMMENTARY IS BEST LISTENED TO ALONG WITH THE FILM AS THERE ARE PERIODS OF SILENCE. HOWEVER, IT IS STILL ENTERTAINING EITHER WAY!!!! The Drinking Rules are as follows (we hope you play along). Drink Everytime: 1) Every time it cuts back to the US Situation room 2) Any vehicles gets destroyed 3) Cheesy one-liner 4) Butler kills someone with his bare hands/knife 5) Morgan Freeman clearly isn't with the main cast Check it out, Hope you get Drunk and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:36:06

TSL - The DTV Digest - Ep 047 - End Of Year Special

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! This here is our End of Year special, in which Mike and Rich do a very THOROUGH review of the films we've covered this year (not Rich's original intention, but Mike just wouldn't stop talking!). Not only that but they are also joined by Will Bentley to look ahead and talk about five films each are looking forward to seeing in the first few months of 2018. (note - we recorded this on 10th December, way before Christmas, which is why there's no...

Duration: 02:16:19

Episode 083 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi *END OF YEAR 2017 SPECIAL*

ITS HERE!!!! OUR END OF YEAR SPECIAL!!!!! We have a whopper of an episode that includes: Worst 10 Movies of the Year Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler Review Phil's End of Year Awards Best 10 Movies of the Year Debate the Lamb 2017 Finals Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 02:29:47

Ross And Phil Talk Movies - Episode 001 - Best & Worst of 2017

Phil Hobden is a writer, blogger and failed filmmaker. Ross Boyask is an award winning director, filmmaker and creative director at Evolutionary films. They have known each other for almost 25 years. And now they are podcasting together. Every few weeks (or so) over the course of around half an hour they will pick a topic, mostly ignore it and do what they do best. Talk. There will be debates, agreement, arguments, tantrums, thrown headphones, humour, controversial opinions, surprise guests,...

Duration: 00:34:34

TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 046 - Christmas Horror Special

Merry Christmas everybody! With the big day just around the corner, Mike and Rich have a look at four horror films with a Christmas theme - we have 12 Deaths of Christmas (aka Mother Krampus), Christmas Slay, A Christmas Horror Story and Once Upon a Time at Christmas! Not only that but Rich also acts as Quizmaster and tests Mike's knowledge and memory of the films we've covered this year. Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:34:35

Episode 082 - The Disaster Artist

YOU'RE TEARING ME APART MIKE!!!!!!! Josh is back as him and Mike review The Disaster Artist, a great film based one of the worst films made, The Room. Then we take a depressing note as Josh shares his thoughts on such a depressing film, My Neighbour Totoro. Check it out and BLEAT THE WORLD!

Duration: 01:03:30

TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 045 - White Witch Of Devils End - Shin Godzilla

With a packed out weekend (we were also recording our end of year show), only two films to review this week - Rich takes a gander at the Doctor Who spin-off film, White Witch of Devil's End, which relates to characters from the Jon Pertwee era story, The Daemons. Then Mike reviews the latest Godzilla movie to come out of Japan, which turns out to be a reboot for the whole series. On top of that is the Coming Soon section, a Beginners Guide to French cop thrillers and a tiny bit of washing...

Duration: 01:17:20

TSL - Episode 081 - Wonder

With Josh still in denial that it's Wintertime, Mike and Steve are left holding the baby once more. And what a week - a real test to their integrity as film reviewers, as thanks to the schedule left by Josh they were faced with what sounded like a really mawkish, saccharine saturated feelgood/tearjerker (it could have gone either way from the promos). And yes, they did watch it, and you can hear exactly what we thought of the film on the podcast! Not only that but there is the usual News...

Duration: 01:05:52

TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 044 - Through The Shadows - Special Operations - Stronger Than The World

As the DTV world continues to slow for the Christmas period, Mike and Rich look to warmer climes for their picks this week, specifically Brazil. First there is the period-set supernatural film, Through the Shadow, followed by two films currently available on Netflix. There's the police procedural, Special Operations, and the sports biopic Stronger Than The World. Once again there is no chart nor even a washing up section this week but we do bring you some very nift trailers in the Coming...

Duration: 00:54:55

TSL - Episode 080 - Suburbicon

With Josh giving us a much needed break while he basks in the Sun, Mike and Steve take the helm, trying to steer the Lamb clean and true through the Sargasso Sea that is the current cinema releases. This week, they take a look at SUBURBICON, George Clooney's adaptation of a Coen Brothers script and starring Matt Damon. With just the two participants this week, there's no Address the Lamb but you will find a Top Five People Who'd Stab You in the Back, and Mike reports back on his homework The...

Duration: 00:52:49

TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 043 - A Flying Jatt - Black Lightning - Batman Vs Two Face

What with Justice League finally in the cinemas and Avengers: Infinity War teasing us for next year, Mike and Rich decide to take a look at some alternative superhero shenanigans! Starting off with A FLYING JATT from India, they move on to the non-profit fan movie, BLACK LIGHTNING, then going old school with Adam West and Burt Ward in BATMAN Vs TWO FACE! Now because we are in the Christmas Lull period, DTV releases are currently drying up, as can be witnessed in this week's DTV Chart and...

Duration: 01:40:37

TSL - Episode 79 - Justice League

After ages and ages of waiting, bringing with it a whole load of baggage in its wake, it's finally here at last. Episode 79 of The Smoking Lamb. By which I mean of course Justice League has finally reached the cinemas, dragging behind it a weight of expectations and a whole tea shop's worth of gossip and rumours. We delve into all of that with our review, split into a non-spoiler and spoiler section (which you can find after the end credits of the podcast). In addition we have our top five...

Duration: 01:56:54

TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 042 - Goldstone - Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 - Warrior Savitri - The Villainess

Another smattering of International films for Mike and Rich to delve into. They start off with the Australian "outback noir", GOLDSTONE, then on to the Canadian buddy cop movie, BON COP BAD COP2. After this they tackle the wackiness that is WARRIOR SAVITRI before finally confronting the long anticipated Korean action movie, THE VILLAINESS! On top of all this, we have a very sparse DTV Chart, four trailers to discuss in the Coming Soon section, a welcome return to the Begginer's Guide To...,...

Duration: 01:57:04

TSL - The DTV Digest - Ep 041 - The Hidden Engine - I Remember You - Getaway Plan

This week Mike and Rich tackle three very different international films. First, Rich goes solo to cover HAJWALA: The Hidden Engine, from the United Emirates. Second, Mike and Rich both tackle the Icelandic Noir thriller, I Remember You, and we wind up with the Spanish heist movie, Getaway Plan. Plus our usual DTV Chart, Coming Soon and Washing Up Sections.

Duration: 01:24:35

Episode 078 - Murder On The Orient Express, Jigsaw

I WANT TO PLAY A GAME! In this latest episode we play a game called guess who the murderer is with two twist filled films; Murder on the Orient Express and Jigsaw. We also have a very tough Top 5 on Movie Props and Josh kicks off over a conspiracy in Debate The Lamb. Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:30:48

TSL - The DTV Digest - Ep 040 - The Spacewalker

After the excesses of the Halloween episode, Mike and Rich take it relatively easy this week, with only one review: THE SPACEWALKER, a dramatic retelling of the first space walk conducted by Russian Cosmonaut Leonov. There is also no Beginner's Guide this week, although you'll still find the Coming Soon section, the DTV Chart and the washing up.

Duration: 01:01:13

Episode 077 - Thor: Ragnarok(Non-Spoiler + Spoiler)

Marvel does it again with another superb film! We do a Non-Spoiler + Spoiler of the super fun Thor: Ragnarok, have a Top 5 on Rantable Plot Holes and rant over more depressing news stories. Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 02:12:49

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