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Andrew Mackay and Josh Morris bring you The Smoking Lamb. A no-holds-baa-aaa-aa-arred, forensic, incendiary and hilarious look at the world of movies.




Episode 070 - Mother!, American Assassin

He's back! Josh returns to a whopper of an episode. We have two great reviews of Mother! and American Assassin, a Top 5 on Posters That Ruined The Movie as well as our most creative Address The Lamb yet! Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:33:53

TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 033 - Escape Room - Living Dark - House On Elm Lake

This week, Mike and Dave review three pretty diverse horror films - Escape Room, Living Dark and The House on Elm Lake. They also talk about the works of action director Craig R Baxley in this week's Beginner's Guide to section, and all the usual trimmings - the DTV chart, the Coming Soon trailers and of course the washing up!

Duration: 01:38:14

TSL - Episode 070 - IT

This week Mike, Steve and Ricky B check out the latest version of Stephen King's IT to hit the screens, and also discuss the film in comparison with the mini-series from 1990. We also have the usual sections - the Top Five concerns movies with kids in leading roles, that aren't kid's movies; Mike brings his homework to class and does a report on Clerks 2, and a loophole is uncovered in this week's Address The Lamb.

Duration: 01:55:20

TSL - The DTV Digest - Ep 032 - Temple - Angel Of Death - Hunters Prayer

This week, Mike and Dave take a look at three recent releases - the Japan-set horror, Temple, the back-from-the-grave revenge horror Angel of Death, and the hitman-with-a-conscience thriller, Hunter's Prayer. Not only that but Dave gives a rundown of the DTV career of director Mark L. Lester, we do the regular DTV chart, Coming Soon and Washing Up!

Duration: 01:19:57

TSL - Episode 069 - Detroit - Logan Lucky

Welcome to episode Sixty Niiiine, Duuuuuude! While Josh indulges in all his Disney fantasies, its left to Mike, Steve and Ricky B to take the helm this week. This week, we look at DETROIT and LOGAN LUCKY, our Top 5 concerns cameos, there is a special Educating section and Ricky and Steve debate my poser in Address The Lamb! Tune in and Bleat the Word!

Duration: 01:21:53

TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 031 - Apocalypse Code- Viking - Tournament Of Death - The Guardians

Greetings, Comrades! This week, Mike and Rich delve into the vodka and caviar to bring the Smoking Lamb's first all-Russian episode, where we pack in four reviews - VIKING, The Apocalypse Code, Tournament of Death and The Guardians...

Duration: 01:41:15

TSL Drunk DVD Commentary Aliens

Join Josh, Mike and Sooz as they crack wise about Aliens: Special Edition and try to keep up with our drinking game: Drink every time Hudson panics, Newt Screams, Bishop looks creepy or a Xenomorph gets killed - and down the whole of whatever you're drinking when you hear "Get away from her YOU BITCH!!!". Will you survive? Will we? Good luck!

Duration: 02:40:52

TSL - The DTV Digest - Ep 030 - Instant Death - London Rampage - Bushwick

This week, Mike and Rich go all urban with three films all set withiin inner-city areas. First up is the Lou Ferrigno starrer, INSTANT DEATH, followed by Greg Burrige's LONDON RAMPAGE and ending up with Dave Bautista in BUSHWICK. Unfortunately our third crew member Tom Jolliffe couldn't join us but did provide us with his notes on PM Entertainment for the Beginner's Guide To... section, and we have the usual DTV Chart, Coming Soon and Washing Up sections...

Duration: 02:09:02

TSL Episode 067 - The Hitman's Bodyguard, The Dark Tower, The Defenders

This week on the show Josh, Stephen and Ricky B bring reviews of The Hitman's Bodyguard, The Dark Tower and The Defenders. Top 5 movies with minimal dialogue, educating Josh and a new hilarious address the lamb. BLEAT THE WORD

Duration: 01:33:22

The DTV Digest - Episode 029 - Drunk DVD Commentary: He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege

WARNING! THE FOLLOWING COMMENTARY IS BEST LISTENED TO ALONG WITH THE FILM AS THERE ARE PERIODS OF SILENCE. HOWEVER, IT IS STILL ENTERTAINING EITHER WAY!!!! The Drinking Rules are as follows (we hope you play along). Drink Everytime: 1) There is an Avid Fart (Stupid Editing Trick) 2) Simon Phillips' Character, Holt, Talks About Downing Street 3) Simon Phillips' Character, Holt, Shoots Someone 4) There Is A "Stupid Error" 5) There Are News Reports Spewing Exposition 6) The Big Explosion Scene...

Duration: 01:33:23

Episode 066 - Annabelle: Creation, Atomic Blonde

In this weeks episode we have two positive (kind of) reviews for you lucky people as well as a Top 5 on Documentaries. But Wait! After his debut win on last weeks show, Josh takes on Rich on Address The Lamb. Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:43:10

TSL - The DTV Digest - EP 028 - Asylum Spectacular

This week, David Wain rejoins Mike and Rich, and regales them with a Beginners Guide To the Asylum films, giving us a top 5 list of gateway films into the studio's immense output. Then we have our main reviews, which in keeping with our theme are all from Asylum: OPERATION DUNKIRK, SHARKNADO 5 and THE FAST AND THE FIERCE. We also have our usual features - the DTV Chart, the Coming Soon Section and the Washing Up!

Duration: 01:39:27

Episode 065 - Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, The Emoji Movie

Sooooo, the films we are reviewing might be dire but we promise the Podcast is not. It is slightly above average! Seriously tho, we have a very entertaining show with two fun reviews, Top 5 Trailers That Lied and Josh opens up about his open on John Wayne films. Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:35:09

The DTV Digest - Episode 027 - Savage Dog, Final Recall, Boyka: Undisputed

This week, Mike and Rich are joined by the latest recruit to the DTV Crew - Tom Jolliffe from! Tom also kicks off a new feature this week, "A Beginner's Guide To..." in which we attempt to provide a gateway into a particular actor/director/genres' ouvre. So this week Tom launches with five Cynthia Rothrock films to check out. As if that weren't enough, we have TWO SCOTT ADKINS FILMS - Savage Dog and the long awaited BOYKA: UNDISPUTED - and Wesley Snipe fighting aliens...

Duration: 01:59:19

Episode 064 - The Big Sick, Captain Underpants, 47 Meters Down, Girls Trip

Wow. We have a medley of reviews of you in The Big Sick, Captain Underpants, 47 Meters Down and Girls Trip! Mike suggests the most boring Top 5 yet ;) and an interesting Address The Lamb causes Mike and Stephen to feel ashamed. Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:32:10

The DTV Digest - Episode 26 - Kung Fu Yoga, The Hollow One, Escape From The Third Reich

Mike and Rich are joined by both Will Bentley and David Wain this week, to tackle three very different films. First up is Jackie Chan's entertaining and family-friendly Kung Fu Yoga (dreaful title though). Next is the decent horror movie The Hollow One, and we round off with the bat-tastically crazy Escape From The Third Reich! Plus the usual DRV Chart, Coming Soon and Washing Up sections!

Duration: 01:54:38

Episode 063 - Dunkirk

A new member of The Smoking Lamb family joins us in this action packed episode. As well as a lengthy discussion on Dunkirk, we have a Top 5 on Underrated Movie Villains and a Tarantino Themed Address The Lamb! Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:49:02

The DTV Digest - Episode 025 - Operation Mekong, London Heist

This week Mike and Rich deal with two crime thrillers - the excellent Elite Force: Operation Mekong and the gritty British crime thriller, London Heist. Plus all the usuals - the DTV Chart, the Coming Soon section and the Washing Up.

Duration: 01:46:13

Episode 062 - War For The Planet Of The Apes, Cars 3

Sooz is back as she joins the guys for an action packed episode. We have reviews of Cars 3 and War for the Planet of the Apes. Josh goes back to school to watch Roadhouse for the first time. AND we have a very debatey Top 5 as the rule book comes out for our Top 5 War Movies Not Set In The Century. Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

Duration: 01:36:55

The DTV Digest - Ep 024 - The Triangle, Francesca, The Wrath , Antimatter

This week, David Wain steps in for Rich and helps Mike cover a whole plethora of entertaining films, some excellent, some rather perplexing! Included this week are The Triangle, Francesca, The Wrath (aka Trash Fire) and Antimatter. Plus, the usual DTV Chart, Coming Soon section and the washing up!

Duration: 01:23:28

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