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Episode 20- Digiport Open

This week we talk about the app game digimon links and how much we are enjoying it. We also talk about the Pokemon video game franchise and where it is headed. We talk about the naming of the upcoming Star Wars Anathology film as well as the Black Panther trailer. We also recap the first four episodes of Stranger Things

Duration: 01:38:49

Episode 19- Comics and Cons

In this week’s episode we welcome another guest and friend to our hosts, Von to the podcast. We talk about the critically praised film Blade Runner 2049, the new app game Digimon Links, the newly released Star Wars trailer, the hit fighting game Street Fighter and our main topic pop culture conventions.

Duration: 02:11:03

Episode 18- Return To The West

This week we talk about E-Sports, Updates to Pokemon Go, and Internet access for everyone. Our main topic this week is the upcoming Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Duration: 01:18:59

Ep 17- I Wanna Be A "Toys R Us" Kid

In this week's episode we talk about the recently released Marvel Vs Capcom and the upcoming Dragonball Z FIghter video games. We also recap aand review the Emmys. Our main topic is the bankruptcy of Toys R Us and supporting businesses has gotten us to this point

Duration: 01:23:08

Episode 16- This Is How We Do "IT"

*THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE 2017 HORROR FILM IT* In this episode we discuss the content showed off during the most recent Nintendo Direct Event. We also talk about the hit video game sequel Destiny 2. We dive into our thoughts about the director change for the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX. Our main topic is the brand new horror film IT. We give it our review, dive into the mythos and talk about our favorite parts

Duration: 02:05:34

Episode 15- Wanna Know What We Did Last Summer

After a summer hitaus the Social Pop Culture Experiment is back with the season 2 premiere. We try to catch up on the last three months of pop culture in about an hour an half. From Movies, to TV, to Games listen to us try and do it all.

Duration: 01:45:13

Special Episode: UCG Crossover Episode

In this special episode Social Pop Culture host DeQuan talks with some friends over at the Yotube Channel Ultimate Casual Gaming. They discuss the defintion between a casual gamer and hardcore gamer. Ultimate Casual Gaming-

Duration: 01:06:53

Episode 14- So Little Time So Much To Do

This week we have our first ever guest on the show Anthony. We are playing catch up with weeks worth of content as one of our hosts was on vacation. Giving you our thoughts on everything from comics to video games to movies to TV we hope you enjoy this episode

Duration: 01:22:43

Episode 13- Small Screen Wonders

In this week's episode we talk about the blacklisting of the cult favorite video game Alan Wake. We talk about the amazing and much anticapted content coming to the hit game Overwatch. We offer our thoughts on the death of multi-cam sitcoms. Our main topic in honor of mother's day are our favorite fictional mothers. (This episode contains minor spoilers for Guardians of The Galaxy)

Duration: 01:03:42

Episode 12- We Are Groot

In this week's episode, we talk about superhero television, a legendary Smite player, and some awesome upcoming video games. Our main topic of course is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and be warned there are spoilers.

Duration: 01:30:00

Episode 11- Not All Heroes Wear Capes

In Honor of National Superhero day we talk about some of our favorite heroes and what they mean to us. We also talk about some upcoming flicks as well as some cool MOBAs.

Duration: 01:29:54

Episode 10- The Nickelodeon Special

In this week's episode, we create a colabrative list of the top ten best nickelodeon shows. We talk about why we loved the network so much growing up and debate why each show means so much.

Duration: 01:26:48

Episode 9- I Am One With The Force The Force Is With Me

In this week's episode we talk about all the news from Star Wars Celebration. We also talk about the novel Ready Player One and the upcoming video game Injustice 2.

Duration: 01:10:59

Episode 8- The Prequel

This week we talk about the crazy amount of sequels that exist and how they can be really hit or miss. We also talk about the new Netflix show 13 Reasons why and the upcoming American Gods TV Show.

Duration: 00:52:28

Episode 7- Finale(April 1st)

In our last episode ever recorded on April 1st we talk about the impact of Anime and give some suggestions about some upcoming shows. Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Talk. Joss Whedon directing Batgirl

Duration: 01:12:06

Episode 5- Saint Patrick's Day Special: Enter The Matrix

In our "2nd Annual Saint Patrick's Day Special" we talk about reboots, sequels and adapations

Duration: 00:45:49

Episode 4- Transformers and Furious

In this Episode we talk about upcoming castings for some promising films. we're excited for some upcoming TV Shows. We're sill using our screen (It's not really there). Also we pitch a Transformers/Fast and Furious Crossover

Duration: 00:57:57

Episode 3- The Digivolution Is Up And Running

In this episode we talk about upcoming Marvel and DC Films. A short review of Logan(Spoiler Free). Awesome new video games. Plus we got a new screen ( We don't have one but that's the joke)

Duration: 00:51:58

Episode 2- Now Let's Get *NSYNC

In this episode we talk about the Pokemon Generation 2 update, We also talk about Donald Glover's casting, The DC Extended Universe and Diversity in media

Duration: 01:01:34