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Healing Your Birth Story | The Soul Frequency Show #23

What makes you who you are? It is a mixture of your soul essence, your spirit - your physical, mental and emotional self - along with all of the life experiences that make up your years. This goes all of the way back to the time in your Mother’s womb and your birth. This week, I had Anne Margolis, a holistic certified nurse midwife, Clarity Breathwork practitioner, and yoga teacher on the show to talk about healing your birth story. This is a fascinating topic that is usually not thought of...

Duration: 00:53:27

Connecting To Your Spiritual Gifts | The Soul Frequency Show # 22

Here we go for the beginning of 2018! I can’t think of anything better than starting off this year connecting within, receiving love, and feeling a part of a community. Today, we are talking about connecting with our spiritual gifts. It is easy to feel a lack of clarity or feel like it’s hard to decide on the next steps in life. Only by connecting deep within and to universal energy do we find the answers we are seeking. How To Stop Giving Up And Start Playing The Long Game This week, I had...

Duration: 00:44:03

How To Stop Stressing | The Soul Frequency Show #21

‘Tis the season of snowmen, snowflakes….and stress? It is a merry and happy time of year and yet, there can be some real stressors. Lets face it, stress is impacting us every day of the year in more ways than we probably realize. Let's learn how to stop stressing. Stress today is at record high levels and impacts our digestion, our physical body as a whole, our emotions and our mind. There is not one part of us that is not being impacted by stress and it is time to start figuring out how to...

Duration: 00:45:41

Illness As A Teacher | The Soul Frequency Show #20

Throughout life we will have many teachers that cross our path. Some that will make us feel like we are unstoppable and others that will push our buttons. But our life’s teachers are not only the people that cross our path; they are the things we experience. Today, we are talking all about illness as a teacher. Receiving a diagnosis or having a loved one receive one is often shocking and changes everything on a dime. We usually feel upset, sad, afraid, and even angry with great uncertainty...

Duration: 00:48:58

Bio-Individuality And Quantum Biology | The Soul Frequency Show # 19

“Everything in life is a pattern – we are all math. When math is interrupted by trauma or by pseudo food or by a virus or bacteria you break our natural, innate and divine pattering and that is when we move away from self. We separate our self from the greater consciousness.” – Teri Cochrane, Integrative Practitioner, CCP For those that want to understand frequency at a deeper level, or who have an illness that seems to be a mystery this episode will open your mind, and heart and get your...

Duration: 00:49:20

Defying Age | The Soul Frequency Show # 18

This conversation was so much fun! We talk all about aging and, more importantly, how we can start defying age by doing great things to take care of our bodies. Wouldn’t it be cool to keep the life experience and wisdom yet turn the clock back at bit to have the things that seem to come naturally in the younger years - like great skin, a healthy fit body, and tons of energy? Listen to The Soul Frequency Podcast #18 This episode, I had the beautiful Erin Nielsen on the show to share her...

Duration: 00:37:47

Redefining The Holidays | The Soul Frequency Show #17

The holidays are here! And I am so grateful for this time of year. I like to take this day as an opportunity to review all that I am grateful for. Since gratitude is a very high frequency emotion, it is great to spend some quiet time in gratitude for the year that is ending and for what is to come. Let’s face it, life can throw curve balls and it is easy to be swept up in drama, upset or to focus on things that might not be working, but it is always good to look at what is amazing,...

Duration: 00:13:02

Mind Body Spirit – Skin Health | The Soul Frequency Show #16

C-a-n-c-e-r. Hearing those words stops time. When I was diagnosed with skin cancer on the bridge of my nose, I was in disbelief. How could this happen? What now? I didn’t realize at the time that the skin is an outward reflection of our inner states. I didn’t know all of the ways I could support my health through paying attention to my diet. Through understanding how to safely detoxify and even how my mind and emotions may be suppressing my immune system. I wish I would have known my guest...

Duration: 00:35:16

Dirty Frequencies | The Soul Frequency Podcast #15

Is it possible to have a WiFi allergy? Today’s topic is possibly one of the most fascinating topics. We are talking about dirty frequencies, which exist all around us, but cannot be heard, seen or touched. Listen up! These frequencies are not the high vibe feel good kind of frequencies, but they exist and they may be affecting your health, especially, if you are someone who is highly sensitive to these electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Have you ever really thought about what happens in...

Duration: 00:54:01

Heavy Metal Detox | The Soul Frequency Show #14

Have you ever reached the point where you said to yourself, “I just don’t feel good?" Maybe there was nothing that you could exactly put your finger on, but you just felt tired and blah. Maybe you weren’t sleeping well and your metabolism felt like it came to a screeching halt. These are not just symptoms of a bad day or a lackluster year in your life. They are signs your body is sending you that it needs a little attention. But, what kind of attention? This is where people get stopped....

Duration: 00:40:44

Becoming A Healer | The Soul Frequency Show #13

What exactly does the term “healer” mean? Certainly, there are many forms of healing and many modalities for healing. It can be said that each individual who works in a healing capacity does it in his or her own special way. They bring their own insight to the process. A healer can help with physical symptoms, emotional pain, spiritual wellbeing, and everything in between. Although there are many powerful forms of healing, for the purposes of this conversation we are going to dive right...

Duration: 00:45:16

Food And Mood | The Soul Frequency Show #12

What are you eating? How are you feeling? I have come to realize that these two questions have a correlation. Not because I conducted an actual study, although there are many, but because I have experienced this first hand, and so have the people in my private practice, and even some family members. There is a link between food and mood and it makes sense if you really think about it. The foods we put in our bodies are not only fueling our physical body, but they are fueling our brain. We...

Duration: 00:49:35

Skin Detox | The Soul Frequency Show #11

In this age of information about living a healthier lifestyle, we are quick to focus on our food, and all that goes into our bodies. Important? Yes, absolutely! What tends to get less attention is what goes ON our bodies in the form of lotions, make-up, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, toothpaste, and even laundry detergents and fabric softeners. It turns out we better start paying attention to these personal care products. We tend to use them daily, and you will be surprised to know that...

Duration: 00:50:06

From Victim To Victor | The Soul Frequency Show #10

I have been thinking over and over about what to write about this episode. There are some topics that are hard to find the words to describe - either because they are painful and difficult, or they transcend words. This is one of them. However, I feel that it's important to spread the message that people can move from victim to victor. The human experience, while great, has some tough moments. Many people, at one point or another, will be the victim of something or at the hands of someone....

Duration: 00:44:30

Finding Your Voice | The Soul Frequency Show #9

Have you ever turned on the news only to become depressed by the state of the world? Doesn’t it seem like movies get more violent and kids are getting in to trouble at younger and younger ages. It is all enough to make you through your hands up and shake your head. It is no secret that we could use some more positivity high frequency vibes in the world instead of fear, anger and other low frequency emotions. Right now fear and violence reigns supreme in media. It draws big audiences and...

Duration: 00:44:37

Mystic Medicine | The Soul Frequency Show #8

Gone are the days of looking at health through only one lens. We now know that all aspects of self must be explored and attended to for healing to occur instead of just focusing on the physical, or just the mental. We are living in a time where we are being called up to a new way. It is a time of literally waking up to deeper truths, seeing life through new eyes, and understanding health in brand new ways. Our frequency is changing, and we are starting to see the interconnectedness within...

Duration: 00:49:05

Creating A Life By Design | The Soul Frequency Show #7

Do you have a junk drawer? How about a closet or garage you would rather others not see? For as far back as I can remember, my family has had a junk drawer. It is full of those random items no one knows what to do with, and yet we can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. It is the drawer that we shovel things into when guest are coming over. If you were to come over and happen to open it, you would close it immediately because it is impossible to find anything in there. The truth is that...

Duration: 00:33:50

Stop Fear | The Soul Frequency Show #6

The f word is intense. It is typically running people’s lives from the background without them even knowing it. It is the reason we do or don’t do certain things in life. It can rob us of our dreams and intentions, hold us back; and have us make quick, hasty decisions that aren’t in alignment with living our best lives. It can keep us in dysfunctional relationships, keep us working at jobs we hate, keep us broke, depressed, and feeling uninspired in our lives. Relationship Advice: How To...

Duration: 00:38:56

M-O-N-E-Y Consciousness | The Soul Frequency Show #5

M-O-N-E-Y. Some say it makes the world go round. Others say, it doesn’t grow on trees. Many people think they will never have enough of it. There is so much energy focused on money, and often times it is not the most positive energy. 5 Types of Energy Healing To Reduce Stress The bottom line is that money IS energy. We can either invite that energy into our lives, or we can block it and feel undeserving of it. Transforming your money story might be the most powerful thing you can do to...

Duration: 00:46:01

Emotional Eating | The Soul Frequency Show #4

I am not sure I ever called myself an emotional eater. Yet, in my younger years I was consistently using food to not feel painful feelings such as fear, anger, sadness, and disappointment. Through my deeply personal one-on-one work with women, I have realized that our society does not teach us how to move through our emotions in a healthy manner. This begins in childhood. Emotions can be scary. They can feel big. Let’s face it, no one is cheering us on for getting angry. No one encourages...

Duration: 00:36:20

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