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No Mystery - There Are Only Two Choices

Inner lives matter becasuse this dimension can be known. We need to remember that our inner world can be influenced by the ego but NOT controlled. The human heart knows our past but can still live in the present. Because of this gift, the heart demands to be heard! Ironically, the ego has more supporters because we’re asleep to the choices available. Our nature is to explore, inquire, and ask questions. This cultivates our inner lives. The subjective life feels in the same way that the ear...


The False Summary

We would all agree that the excessive chatter of ego can rob our attention. We’ve also learned this distraction is at it’s worst when our inner whisper becomes a scream. While feelings desire a reciprocal communication with ego, emotions simply condemn and demand obedience. Feeling and emotiing is the difference between re-acting or re-enacting our lives. Spiritually, we need to know the source of our ego’s suffering if we are to comprehend its intent. As an adaptive function, we must...


Biggest Trick the EGO Plays

The soul’s wisdom can be ‘dimmed’ by our external lives so much so that we are guided by the ego’s negative self-assessment. The problem becomes that the ego (unless present) cannot experience ‘feelings’ in real-time. Nor, can it SEE that it’s not the observer. Thus, the biggest trick it plays is getting us to believe IT is, in fact, our witness. It accomplishes this by teaching us that a thought/feeling combined is more powerful than a feeling alone. Finding fault or shame in the...


No Rest for a Broken Spirit

We learn very early (and come to believe) that the ego is in charge of our lives. However, the ache in our heart is the hint that this is false. Human angst is our longing to correct a broken spirit or the incongruence between life events and our feelings. When we believe the ego’s distortion of lack or loss, we shift from spiritual suffering to psychological victim. This is why there is no rest for a broken spirit. Separation from the soul’s intent is much different than the division of...


Way Of Ego - Way Of Soul

The differences between the WAY of ego and soul could not be more different. The ego stores beliefs and judgments of the culture and pairs them with our feelings to make emotions. For many, it leaves them swimming in pain. The soul’s objective and neutral vantage point allows us to react or feel our way until we discern the truth of the moment. While the ego devalues our feelings with judgment, the soul offers a context to install the heart as guide. Tune in as we discuss the balancing act...


Grief, Illusion, or Truth? Either Way, We're Awake

There is a low-level feeling (versus emotion) that has permeated the culture. Many of us would call it grief - a wish to reverse our sensation of loss. The question: What is it exactly that we think we’ve lost? It seems from a spiritual perspective, an illusion has fallen. The possibility that we have a shadow side, whether it's personal or collective, for many is uncomfortable and others unacceptable. The point is not that we may be divided or uglier than we imagined, rather that we are...


Are We More Than EGO

We’ve recently learned how anger can haunt us with a whisper. Little and vulnerable we can exhibit our anger by lashing out at the self or others. This is our first preview of the human spirit’s relationship to ego. We either retrieve the soul’s connetion (lost self) or the haunting will persist. You’ve heard the BIG question ‘Why do human beings suffer?’ These teachings give us the answer. Entering this existence as feeling beings we become imprisoned by the judgments of ego. Resolving...


Your Inner Whisper

The Soul’s Intent encourages that we should never ignore our inner voice. Also, that the emotions that accompany these voices are not negative. It is their pairing that teaches and causes growth. We must re-enact the injustice of losing ourselves to hurt feelings if we are to ever recover our connection to our spiritual (soul) beginning. Feelings (before wounding) are manageable. When those feelings get hurt, we are still too young to know what is happening. In truth, spiritual or...


How Our Inner Voices Begin

Our inner voice develops when we are children. Initally, it is felt as incongruence between what our heart knows and our ego believes. Little do we know human suffering (passion) begins when we dare to question why. This is the birth of the human spirit. By design, our agnst begins the long journey of preserving truth against the overwhelming beliefs of the personal and collective ego. Tune in as we discuss the name(s) of these inner voices and how they interact with the 'whole' of who we...


Psychospiritual Made Simple

Psychospiritual means utilizing psychological theories of human development to identify and heal the ego’s division, while simultaneously giving station to the soul, spirit, and heart for navigation.


Spirituality: Definitions Matter

There is a need in today’s culture to have a definition of spirituality that aligns with what many would consider truth. The problem is ten people would give you ten different definitions. Tune in as we expand our discussion to a pure description of spirituality. One that offers integrity in an otherwise blurry dimension of the human experience.


Close Your Eyes & See With Something Else

We hear all the time that some of life's greatest lessons are hiding in plain sight. You can see as a spiritual being when you close your eyes and try to see with something else. This is the vision of the human heart. It’s a perspective that allows us to feel our way through something versus grope in the dark. The ego automatically thinks it needs to have some sort of intellectual engagement with life. Is life right or wrong, fair or unfair. Meanwhile, the heart is simply looking for true...


Emoting to Feeling | Revolution to Evolution

We witnessed this past weekend what happens when the human spirit provokes us into passion and purpose. During the peaceful demonstration of healing and saying 'enough is enough' many are realizing (some for the first time) that this is what it means to have an inner life. *It was/is a spiritual moment! (*Though my cohost Irma Francis sounds telephonic in this recording the content was too good not to post.)


Ego - Soul Relationship

An often-asked question is: How do you tell the difference between your soul's guidance versus your ego's interference? In order to understand this particular show a couple of assumptions are made: the first is human beingx have a soul, the second assumption is that our soul operates as the observer of life. That being said we can proceed to look at how the soul's intent is quite different from the voice of the ego.


One's Outside Life as Reflection of Our Inner World

The soul orchestrates life for us to see on the outside what is happening internally. It turns out, this is a profound way to see what it is we need to change. Most think it is the other way around. If I can just get my life in order 'out here' everything will fall in place on the inside. Few realize spiritual growth is an inside-out process not the reverse. In this way, there is no better teacher than your own soul.


Soul's Experience vs. Ego's Reality

From the soul's perspective we are whole and more than enough. The Soul's Intent is for us to BE fully in this moment without restriction. Meanwhile, the ego is concerned about whether we are deserving, worthy, or good enough. In one reality we are free to love and exude authenticity. In the other, we are suffering for no apparent reason other than guilt or shame. The spiritual question is which reality represents the truth? Your soul knows the answer.


Ego: A Clean Slate Where Every Passerby Leaves Their Mark

Self is defined as a continuity of consciousness where the ego enters this existence as a blank slate. Born with no innate ideas or right and wrong or true and false, knowledge (even enlightenment) is determined by the subjective experience that is you and I through our senses. The soul becomes constricted by these experiences until we shed the character we became to just simply BE.


We Are Spiritual Beings Having Psychological Experiences

We've all heard the dichotomy: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Teilhard de Chardin - Such phrases are important as we seek a valid context for our lives. New wisdom on human suffering suggests: "We are spiritual beings having psychological experiences." -Vecchio-


The Soul's Path Is A Choice

The human spirit is designed to provoke the ego awake which means our feeling re-action to the 'fated break’ from the soul is self-correcting. This can take a lifetime if we never realize that the Soul's Path is a conscious choice.


How the Personality Constricts Your Soul

Spirituality defines soul as the essence of your human potential which is latent within you. We are told it is capable of being actualized and manifested in our daily lives. Most of us foget that the personality or ego is nothing more than a composite container of traits and atttributes used to adapt to our lives. Meanwhile, the soul is the contents of this container and a valid representation of who we really are.


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