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Episode 32 - Ex-Aid Special!

After another hiatus, the team returns to discuss Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The series that had divided our opinions since it was first announced. We try to wrap our heads around the bizarre plot, and discuss the menagerie of riders in this very special episode!


Episode 31 - Scientists, Spacemen & Non-Sequiturs!

Kamen Rider build has finally crept over to the western hemisphere, and Kyuranger is making more plot jumps than George R.R. Martin on methamphetamine. We discuss our first impressions with Build and speculate on how the plot will progress, and question just why Toei like to make female villains with secondary sexual characteristics which are questionable for Sunday morning family programming.


Episode 30 - What's new in toku?

After a brief hiatus due to issues in meatspace, the duo return to discuss news in the tokusatsu community! Due to the meatspace issue, they are also accursed by a horrible case of reverb! We look at Lucky's new form in Kyuranger, take on the torrent of Ex-Aid V-Cinema releases, plunder the first few minutes of the JJBA movie, and marvel over Garage Hero's funding progress for Strega!


Episode 29 - The Men Behind the Monster Part 2

The conclusion to our two-part special honouring the men behind 1954 Godzilla. This week, we discuss special effects legend Eiji Tsuburaya and composer Akira Ifukube and talk about our favourite works from each of the five men.


Episode 28 - The Men Behind the Monster Part 1

The loss of Haruo Nakajima was a sobering event that reminded people around the world of the cultural impact of Godzilla. In this two-part special, we look at the big names behind the 1954 classic and explore their lives before and after working on this film.


Episode 27 - Absolutely Smashing!

After the release of the trailer for Kamen Rider Build and the character bios, Kamen Ranger and Hypnopotamus Rex discuss what has been revealed and which of their predictions were horribly wrong. Along the way, they become enamoured with the name of the series' villain faction: The Smash. Additionally, they talk about the latest Kyuranger episode and the chance that the ominous "Orion" character just might be the bad guy.


Episode 26 - Ultra Giga Heisei

As Kamen Rider Build and the abdication of the emperor of Japan approach, we look back on what Toei did to make post-Decade Kamen Rider more successful (and profitable!). We discuss our favourite conventions most of the Neo-Heisei/Heisei Phase 2 shows stuck with, and point out the times they tried something that deviated from the norm (Looking at you, Gaim). It's nothing but hype for the new era!


Episode 25 - Much Ado About Build!

Rejoice! One and all! Scans of Kamen Rider Build have been released and the duo speculate just why he resembles Double so much! We also discuss the scans of the new secondary Rider and the two villain Riders! Exciting times are ahead, so drop us a comment with your opinion on this new Kamen Rider who is really Build-ing up hype!


Episode 24 - Space (Suicide) Squad!

The duo pop a couple of tokusatsu ritalin and focus really hard on the recent Space Sheriff Gavan vs Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger movie! Have you ever dreamed of a science-fiction cop drama about an evil diaper company and a CEO who punctuates his sentences with punches? If you have answered yes to either of those: You are a terrible person, but this movie would be your cup of tea!


Episode 23 - Newscrank 2: Crank Harder

The pair discuss a few choice cuts of this week's news, and engage in tangent after toku tangent! Super Hero Time's timeslot has changed! More developments in Kyuranger! We also talk about the latest images from the Kamen Rider W Manga!


Episode 22 - Newscrank

The duo discuss this week's best tokusatsu news: Kamen Rider Build has a hand crank! That's about it, really. Oh, you want more? Fine: We finally get a look at Ho-Oh Soldier's civilian form and Ultraman Geed has some yellow form in a video game. What's important is that Build has a crank.


Episode 21 - So You Want To Get Into Godzilla?

In a very special super short episode, we discuss the best entry points for people looking to get into the Godzilla franchise. We pore over the significance of '54 and '84, applaud the campy nature of most of Showa, and offer reserved criticism on the semi-serialised nature of Heisei. No normal person has an excuse not to get involved as we clear the air on the subject, with many terrible tangents along the way!


Episode 20 - Technically Tokusatsu!

The duo initially set out to discuss famous monsters from Western Sci-Fi, but become easily distracted by a torrent of terrible tangents, and move onto the most important question of all: Is Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny tokusatsu? Trick question: Of course it is! Plenty of monster riffing and Doctor Who discussion abound - I mean, it's technically toku, right?


Episode 19 - Tangentpocalypse!

More exciting tokusatsu news this week! The new Kamen Rider's name revealed! Visible Stands in the JoJo trailer! Ultraman Geed's transformation gimmick demonstrated! Shocking news about Kyuranger's ending song! All this, and a flood of insane tangents in episode 19!


Episode 17 - Godzilla Generations Part 2

The Godzilla series special comes to a close (for now)! We dive through the Millennium series, share in the campy appeal of Final Wars, and return to Kamen Ranger's favourite medium: Comics. From Millennium to the Monsterverse, nothing is safe from the duo's scrutiny!


Episode 16 - Godzilla Generations Part 1

The duo discuss the Showa and Heisei eras of the Godzilla franchise in another multi-part special! Together, they sail through the campy seas of the late Showa period, struggle to comprehend the logic behind Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, and ask the most important question of all: Why does Hedorah have magic balls?


Episode 15 - Tokutastrophe! ft. Will & Jez

The usual duo are joined by the likes of Will & Jez from Toku Toy Store! Will, in his infinite charisma, sells Ex-Aid in a style that would make P.T. Barnum himself green with envy, Rex is introduced to the horror of Saban's Sailor Moon, and the gang indulge in tangent after tangent in this super special episode! Check out Toku Toy Store:


Episode 13 - Go Go Sentai Rangers Part 3

The conclusion (for now!) of our Super Sentai/Power Rangers comparison series. We balk at the bulk of Boukenger's batch of baddies, jam to the jingle of Jungle Fury, and castigate Kyoryuger's curtailment of character cultivation. Have we missed a tidbit of toku trivia for a show? Tell us in the comments!


Episode 12 - Wizards, Apes & Duelling Robots!

What's new? King Kong, an international robot fight, and plenty more reasons to live in another general discussion episode! Despite the claims of diversity, will the upcoming King Kong series show quality? Will the Kuratas mech be more than a stylish way to commute? Will anybody realise how much Rex loathes Kamen Rider Wizard? Find out in episode 12!


Episode 11 - Go Go Sentai Rangers Part 2

The duo are back with their Super Sentai/Power Rangers comparison special, delving past the rule of Saban and entering the new age of Disney's production of the series! Warning: May contain traces of Jason David Frank.


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