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My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.

My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.
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My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.






SUFB 407: Japan Aquaculture Recovery After A Tsunami

Bonnie Waycott joins me on the podcast today to discuss how the Japanese aquaculture industry is recovering after the March 11th, 2011 Tsunami that devastated part of Japan. Recovery efforts are still ongoing almost 7 years later, where some families are still in temporary housing as their homes are still not back together. Japan is a country that has a bad reputation for Marine Conservation as they are synonymous with Whaling and the Cove; however, it is rare that we get an inside look...

Duration: 01:16:27

SUFB 406: Discussing the Starving Polar Bear Video

Polar Bears have been facing a number of challenges that have played a role in decreasing their global population in the Arctic Environment. Climate change and metal poisoning have been two of the top issues facing Polar Bears. We talk about climate change and its effect on Polar Bears almost every time we discuss the marine mammals. Of course, there are still some people who don't think Climate Change is causing any problem to Polar Bears or any other species for that matter. Environmental...

Duration: 00:35:47

SUFB 405: Ocean Talk Friday

Nathan Johnson joins us on the podcast today to discuss this week's top stories that we think you should know about: 1) Giving Small-Scale Fishing a voice on an international platform; 2) Regular people work to help Sea Turtles; 3) Countries around the world agree that Plastic Pollution in a Global Problem; and, 4) Arctic Countries agree to stop fishing in Arctic High Seas for 16 years so researchers can study the area. Enjoy the Podcast!!! This episode was available first to Patreon...

Duration: 00:50:51

SUFB 404: The Wandering Biologist With Dr. Nathan Robinson

I had the pleasure to catch up with my friend and colleague, Dr. Nathan Robinson, who is a Sea Turtle Biologist, a Marine Scientist, and a Science Communicator. Nathan is known for being the scientist that pulled a straw out of an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle's nose and 4 months later pulled a plastic fork out of another Olive Ridley Sea Turtle's nose about 70 km from the other site. Those videos could arguably be considered as the catalyst to the "Ban Plastic Straw" campaigns that are...

Duration: 01:07:30

SUFB 403: Nations Make Pact To Protect Arctic Fisheries; Science Communication Gone Wrong; and, Chinese Navy Uses Jellyfish Shredder

Science Communication (SciComm) is a great tool for Scientists and Conservationists to use to reach the public. It provides Scientists with the power to drive their own message straight from their own mouths, especially now with social media tools such as podcasting and online videos available to anyone that has a message to provide an audience. However, traditional media such as TV Networks and Newspapers still reach an established and large audience that may not be available to people...

Duration: 00:42:04

SUFB 402: The Science of the Climate Change Denier's Strategy

This week on Ocean Talk Friday, I cover 3 stories: 1) The Science of The Climate Change Denier's Strategy to confuse people; 2) President Trump is reducing the area in National Monuments and allowing mining and commercial fishing in the protected areas; and, 3) A lobster in New Brunswick had the Pepsi logo imprinted on its claw opening a larger conversation of how bad plastic pollution has gotten around the globe Enjoy the Podcast!!! Let me know what you think of the episode by...

Duration: 00:40:26

SUFB 401: Selling a SEA Change With Brennan Fitzpatrick

SEA Change Clothing Co. is a company on a mission to change the way we make decisions when we buy our clothes to reduce plastic pollution. Most shirts and sweaters are made with micro-plastics and every time we wash our clothes, some of those micro-plastics come off the clothes and are added to our waterways. However, Sea Change Clothing is pure organic cotton so there are no micro-plastics in the shirt. In addition to reducing plastics in clothing, Sea Change Clothing's mission is to...

Duration: 01:00:39

SUFB 400: The Media Needs To Stop Throwing Sharks Under The Bus!!! And More

Ocean Update today is a special one...400 EPISODES here on The Speak Up For Blue Podcast!!! I take some time to Thank You for helping me get there and helping me build this fantastic community!!! I also talk about how the Media needs to stop throwing sharks under the bus and start to help their reputation. Specifically, I talk about the spear fisherman that was bitten by a white shark and how the Washington Post said that the guy was "ambushed" by a white shark. Just ridiculous! Other...

Duration: 00:43:55

SUFB 399: Ocean Talk Friday - Keystone Pipeline Leak and Blue Planet II Plastic Pollution

Ocean Talk Friday is all about dealing with human issues (as much of marine conservation is!). I start off today by talking about a 210,000 gallon oil leak of the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota last week as well as some news about the Keystone XL pipeline construction. Next I talk about how we should use science communication for conservation via the Blue Planet II series and their assumption that a pilot whale calf died of toxins related plastic pollution in its mother's milk and how...

Duration: 00:28:40

SUFB 398: OCEANDOTCOMM With Dr. Craig McClain

Dr. Craig McClain is on the podcast. This is his second time on the podcast as he was on our second ever episode, so this is really special. Craig is the Executive Director of the Louisiana Marine Consortium (LUMCON) and the Chief Editor of Craig is on the podcast to chat about OCEANSDOTCOMM, which is an innovative concept he has been wanting to do for a very long time. OCEANSDOTCOMM will be a game changer in Science and Conservation Communication. What is it? Well, you...

Duration: 00:41:02

SUFB 397: 4 Sperm Whales Die While Stranded In Indonesia, Changing The Way We Live and Trump Delays Trophy Hunting Import Decision

I cover 3 unrelated topics this week. The first story is a tragedy, the second is a call to action and the third is a congratulatory story...kind of...let me explain. Here are the topics for today: 1) 4 Sperm Whales Die After Being Stranded In Indonesia (13:51) 2) Opinion: We Need To Change The Way We Live (23:23) 3) Trump Delays Lifting Trophy Hunting Import Ban After Huge Backlash Enjoy The Podcast!!! Let me know what you think of the episode by joining our Facebook Group for the...

Duration: 00:48:54

SUFB 396: 15,000 Scientists Tell Us We Are Screwed...but they say we can still change

An article came out this week where over 15,000 scientists agreed upon on thing: we are screwing up this planet royally. But don't let the title fool you, the authors highlight 9 things that either went wrong or are going wrong. The optimism is to look at the first thing the authors go over: The Ozone Layer. The paper highlights that, as a planet, we overcame ozone depletion and made it strong again. It took change and a Global Effort in how we approached using products such as aerosols,...

Duration: 00:53:41

SUFB 395: All Good Products With Caroline Duell

Products that are good for our health and the environment actually exist!!! I know, right! Today, on the podcast, I have Caroline Duell, founder of All Good Products, which sell products such as lotions and sunscreen that are created from natural ingredients. For example, their sunscreen is reef safe because it is made from natural ingredients and lacks oxybezone, which is deadly to corals. Take a listen to find out how Caroline discovered her path by providing people what they wanted and...

Duration: 00:52:09

SUFB 394: Parachute Science & Walruses Are Losing The Battle Against Climate Change

I comment on a recent article from Oceans Deeply where Dr. Asha de Vos commented on how the Marine Science and Conservation field needs to move away from Parachute Science and support more long term local initiatives in developing countries. Find out what Parachute Science is all about and why we need to stop. Also on the show, we talk about how Climate Change is decreasing the Walrus population in Alaska and how the recent denial of making them Endangered Federally is a slap in the face...

Duration: 00:32:00

SUFB 393: Ocean Talk Friday - The Vaquita, Sea Shepherd and Mexican Land Use

Dr. Edward Hind-Ozan joins us on the podcast today to discuss some major stories that are roaming around the Marine Conservation World this week. Here is the breakdown of the stories: 1) Can we really save the Vaquita? (6:01) 2) Is Sea Shepherd Society turning over a new leaf with combating IUU Fishing? (36:48) 3) An Update form Edd's project in Mexico looking at the affects of Land Use changes in the Province of Quintana Roo, Mexico (50:15) Enjoy The Podcast!!! Let me know what you...

Duration: 01:11:09

SUFB 392: Hustling Like an Oceanpreneur With Dr. Austin Gallagher

Dr. Austin Gallagher is someone who never stops in this Marine Science and Conservation Industry. He conducts research on sharks and other predators all over the world, he founded and leads a non-profit organization called Beneath The Waves; and, he is now a social entrepreneur that quenches your thirst with Tempo, an all organic no sweetener sparkling tea that is built to be good for the Ocean. I am truly honoured to have Austin as my guest today where he tells us about all of his...

Duration: 01:16:18

SUFB 391: Managing Fish by Habitat; Collaborative Marine Conservation Websites Are Good; and, Octopuses Walk on Land

Today's Update episode cover two stories and an opinion piece that I have about something that people freak out on way too much. There is so much news out there that it was tough to pick just 3 things, but I thought these would be the ones that weren't getting the attention that they should. Today I discuss the following: 1) Menhaden fish catches will be reduced to ensure their sustainability (8:40); 2) My Opinion on a post that went down in a Facebook Group about Marine Careers where...

Duration: 00:42:30

SUFB 390: Ocean Talk Friday - Talk on Shark Protection, No expansion of Antarctic MPA, Prestigious award for fishing study and weird sailing story

Dr. Lyne Morissette joins me on the podcast again this week for another instalment of Ocean Talk Friday. Today we talk: 1) Volvo Award goes to Canadian Economist for High Seas Fishing Study; 2) The expansion of an Antarctic Network of Marine Protected Areas does not go ahead...yet; 3) A weird sailing story from two women who were rescued after 90 days stranded at sea, but their stories don't correlate with true accounts; and, 4) More countries collaborate to protect sharks across...

Duration: 00:59:24

SUFB 389: Beyond Data in Fisheries with Ret Talbot

Ret Talbot is a Freelance Fisheries Jounalist, and a friend of Speak Up For Blue, who has recently released a podcast of his own called Beyond Data. It's a podcast about fisheries, the data behind them (or lack thereof) and their story. Ret will explore the stories of fish we know and some we may not knew existed like his first episode on the oyster toadfish in New York. Ret stopped by the podcast to tell us why he moved into podcasting and why he thought is was important to focus on...

Duration: 01:07:27

SUFB 388: Last Ditch Efforts to Save the Vaquita...and more news

On this week's instalment of Ocean Updates, we tackle the last ditch efforts of the collaborative, Mexican-led group, of VaquitaCPR to try to save the last 19 individuals of the endemic Vaquita. If you read the story, you wouldn't think that it was a success as VaquitaCPR caught and had to release the first Vaquita, but the team thinks it was a success. Other stories that I am covering today include my thoughts on industry funded fisheries research with a focus on Dr. Ray Hilborn, who is...

Duration: 00:50:39

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