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The Sporting Probe 18.11.2017

What an incredible week it’s been, a week where too much sport was barely enough but luckily Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson are here to unpack all the big issues including: And if that’s not enough, discover who is behind the big budget bio-pic on the life of Roy’s champion horse, Rooting King (hint: first name Russell, last name Crowe) and who will take the role of young Rooting King (hint: it’s not Winx.) Tally-ho!


The Sporting Probe 11.11.2017

Have you been infected by ghouls? Invaded by troublesome little devils? Then maybe you, like Roy Slaven, need a little exorcism to rid yourself of these evil spirits. Roy and HG Nelson explain what you need to do to deal with this unnerving problem in this week’s podcast (hint: it involves finding a witchdoctor.) Plus, discover if this year’s Melbourne Cup was the best ever (hint: of course it was,) and, Who is the best wicket-keeper in the world today (hint: she has very good...


The Sporting Probe 04.11.2017

Are you a genuine Australian or just some sort of Fiona Nash-style blow in? There is now an easy way to test your dinky-di bona fides thanks to The Sporting Probe – simply download the Am I Australian app created by Roy and HG. The Am I Australian app is easy to use and will give peace of mind to anyone who has found themselves wondering, ‘Am I a genuine Australian?’ All details and operating instructions can be found right here. Luckily, even if you are not a genuine Australian and...


The Sporting Probe 28.10.2017

What a week, a week of massive collects, and the biggest winners of all are you lucky bastards with your fingers poised to download this week’s episode of The Sporting Probe. Topics dissected by Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson include Winx and how the nag’s new sponsorship has the champion driving a specially-modified car which, as listeners will learn, is a step-up from Rooting King’s days as ambassador for Finlay’s Fine Furniture. There’s in-depth analysis of who has the best death...


The Sporting Probe 21.10.2017

If anyone doubts that The Sporting Probe is Australia’s number one educational programme then listen up and you might learn something this week. Subjects covered by Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson include: Not enough learning for you? Then try swotting up on why angry punters are attacking newsagencies with graffiti and how cream should replace green and gold as Australia’s new national colour.


The Sporting Probe 14.10.2017

If nudism offends you please avert your ears from this week’s episode of The Sporting Probe with Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson. Prudish types will understandably be mortified by the in-depth discussion of this year’s Nude Olympics including the nude-specific rules for the running of the relay (hint: the baton must be wedged during the run and the hand-over is achieved by ‘backing in’ to the next runner.) Equally controversial is Roy and HG advocating nudism as appropriate for this...


The Sporting Probe 07.10.2017

Are you confused by what is the correct clobber to sport at big race events? Do you want to learn how to win the fashion stakes when you step out to the track? Then plug your ears in to this episode of The Sporting Probe for a swagful of style tips from the Kings of Couture, Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson. (Hint: Urban turbans are the hot accessory for women while men will love the backless suit concept.) Speaking of horse races, the Everest event is looming and we now have a new...


The Sporting Probe 30.09.2017

Probesters, if you only listen to one Sporting Probe podcast this year this is it. Number one, it’s The Sporting Probe’s Grand Final Special. Number two, it has everything – like probing, there’s lots and lots of probing. And there’s patriotism – this episode is so patriotic you should stand to attention for the whole broadcast. Plus there’s massive collects on the punt – whack the house on The Sporting Probe to win, punters. In short, pilgrims, wander in the wasteland no longer –...


The Sporting Probe 23.09.2017

Probesters, can you answer these questions? If you answered (1) Roy Slaven, (2) Roy Slaven and, (3) Roy Slaven then you have been paying attention to The Sporting Probe and would be a top chance of winning the Annual Sporting Probe Grand Final Quiz where first prize is two tickets to the AFL Grand Final at the MCG. Interested? Salivating? Licking your lips in anticipation? Good. Then get cracking if you live in Rhode Island or Perth or Brisbane because to win these two Grand Final...


The Sporting Probe 16.09.2017

Probesters, patriots, pilgrims and punters, do you want to attend the AFL Grand Final at the MCG? Of course you do and this podcast could be your passport to two tickets to the great game. Here’s how it works, sports fans: It’s that easy: All answers to The Annual Grand Final Sporting Probe Quiz can only be found here so listen up and start winning.


The Sporting Probe 09.09.2017

Probesters, so many questions are answered in this week’s rip-snorting episode – here’s a taste to whet your appetite: Plus find out how the major motion picture about Esme, of Rhode Island, USA, is developing and why Roy and HG think banning trainers dragging horses behind utes is nannyism gone mad (hint: What’s good for Rooting King is good for racing.)


The Sporting Probe 02.09.2017

What a week, Probesters, patriots, pilgrims and punters – a week where too much sport was barely enough with almost too many issues to thrash through but thrash Roy and HG did and successfully, too: Issues include, How long did Roy Slaven’s testimonial dinner last and how much money did the night raise? (Okay, so $105 doesn’t sound like much but wait till you hear what that would buy back in the day.) Now that Manny Pacquaio has postponed his rematch with Jeff “The Fighting Primary...


The Sporting Probe 26.08.2017

In a life-changing moment, podcast listener Esme emailed and now her life is being turned in to a blockbuster Aussie feature film. How did this happen? You’ll be amazed by this inspirational tale. Also inspiring is how Roy and HG propose plugging Australia’s Olympic funding gap (hint: pokies will be installed in all public transport.) Even more inspiring is the true story of why a horse raced with two jockeys and how they argued for the whole race. And...


The Sporting Probe 19.08.2017

Probesters, patriots and punters – will we learn from history or is Russian dictator Stalin’s Great Purge about to be repeated as the AFL attempts to rid football of muck-raking ringholes? And, will this lead to Sam Newman ‘disappearing’ leaving despairing fans holding vigils in Melbourne’s Fed Square? This week Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson fearlessly tackle this red-hot issue plus ask: What makes a grub great and how can an educated crowd influence an umpire to award free kicks...


The Sporting Probe 12.08.2017

This week Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson called on all Australians to join a national conversation on many fronts, all of which may only be resolved by a postal vote. For example, Who is the AFL’s Golden Grub of the Year and, Why are we losing a golden generation of grubs? Then there’s, What has been influencing business decisions made by Australian CEOs? (Hint: substances the Devil uses to tempt Rugby League players.) Or, Who should take charge to save Australian soccer becoming a...


The Sporting Probe 05.08.2017

Probesters, patriots, pilgrims and punters, in a week when too much sport was barely enough so many issues were tackled on The Sporting Probe with Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson including: What do dud greyhounds and ex-Olympians have in common? Why are opposing teams so keen on kissing Swans players? How did Ian ‘The Big Footed One’ Thorpe inspire HG Nelson’s new fashion look? Why is Greg Norman so much fun to live with? What will it take to make Australia’s sporting stadiums...


The Sporting Probe 29.07.2017

WHY is Sports Minister Greg Huuuunnnt responsible for the Australian swim team’s lacklustre performance at the World Championships? WHY should rugby league footballers play in the nude? WHY should One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts captain Australia’s Davis Cup team? WHY is the Sporting Probe the only show in Australia promoting putting poker machines in schools? Discover the answers to these vital questions in this week’s podcast of The Sporting Probe with Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG...


The Sporting Probe 22.07.2017

Is time up for the Footy Show? Heck no, not if Channel 9 listen to this week’s Sporting Probe and heed the advice dished out by Rampaging Roy Nelson and HG Nelson. Tips include holding a plebiscite so Australia can decide on a new format for the Footy Show and hiring Bernard ‘The Tank’ Tomic to co-host alongside Sam ‘The Sulk’ Newman (hint: lots of ‘tude plus cross dressing equals ratings success.) Other issues tackled in a week when too much sport was barely enough include why the...


The Sporting Probe 01.07.2017

A note of caution – there is some devil talk in this week’s episode of The Sporting Probe but if you’re brave enough you will find Roy and HG unpacking the Manny “The Pacman’ Pacquiao v Jeff ‘The Fighting Primary School Teacher’ Horn bout to exclusively reveal the involvement of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, Jeff’s secret 10 point plan to win and how to lose weight fast on the boxer’s diet. Roy also reveals which sporting legend wrote him a reference when he had to front the tribunal...


The Sporting Probe 24.06.2017

This week the ‘two boofheads on the burble’ begin by fine tuning questions for Australia’s new citizenship test, (Example: “What’s the difference between a boxhead, a pinhead and a dickhead?”) before moving on to reveal the three words that depress all Australians, (the first two words are, ‘Rugby,’ and, ‘Union.’) Also, find out why HG Nelson teared up while discussing how sporting differences can kill romance and, discover Roy and HG’s tactic to help Jeff ‘The Fighting Primary School...


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