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NFL Free Agency Madness!

The NFL has pushed itself into the main sports window as the NBA has fallen into a pre-playoffs lull. Odell Beckham Jr. is on the move to Cleveland, Antonio Brown is a Raider and LeVeon Bell is still unsigned! We check in on the rest of the free agency field and preview next year's playoffs!


NBA Lakers/Celtics Panic Edition

OK this time the Lakers are really in trouble! Since our last pod, Lebron and company have continued to struggle and now have virtually no chance at making the playoffs. But it's not just the Lakers failing miserably, the Boston Celtics are pushing the boundaries of mediocrity as well as Kyrie Irving continues to be awkward and keep his on on the prize (The New York Knicks) as we head towards the playoffs.


NBA: Pouty Lebron Edition

Well Lebron James has activated playoff mode and so far that has consisted of losing to the Pelicans, beating the Rockets, losing to the Grizzlies and Lebron throwing his teammates under the bus, driving over them, then backing up to run them over again. We break down the Lakers situation and more on this week's edition of The Spread


The Road to Wrestlemania Pt. 1

Welcome back to the Work presented by The Spread! This week, Rich and Brandon give their reactions to both the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber pay per views. We also follow up on the most recent signings for All Elite Wrestling and their latest press conference in Las Vegas. Keep up with us as we head down the road to Wrestlemania!


NBA All Star Wrap Up

Rob and Brandon sit down after a brief Las Vegas break to talk about last weekend's All Star break. We break down each individual competition, look into some of the main rumors and innuendo floating around and check in on the playoff pictures!


NBA Trade Deadline Review!

What an insane NBA Trade deadline! The Lakers miss out on Anthony Davis, the Sixers are rising and Grizzlies have relocated to Tank City! Catch all our thoughts on the big day on today's Trade Deadline Fiesta Pod!


Super Bowl Prop Bet Extravaganza!

It's time for one of the best betting events of the year!!! The Super Bowl, the Big Game, The Patriots regularly scheduled end of season exhibition is upon us! With it comes a copious amount of opportunities to bet on the absurd, the popular and the downright disrespectful prop bets that can make any bad game a great one. Stick around until the end on this one as Ant pushes for Nickleback to get some respect!


NBA Trade Rumors

The Spread here with an update on the NBA trade market, including: Mike Conley Marc Gasol Jabari Parker Anthony Davis Nikola Mirotic Gordon Hayward The entire Lakers organization


The Work - Ep. 2 Royal Rumble Weekend

This week THE WORK crew has a loaded WWE episode for the upcoming Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover: Phoenix Pay Per Views! - News and Highlights around the wrestling world - Recent signings to All Elite Wrestling -WWE Roster Dysfunction -NXT Takeover Preview -WWE Royal Rumble Preview


NFL Conference Championships

Well here we are again. The conference championships and ol Tom Brady is back again! He’s joined by 3 other very exciting quarterbacks to round out an offense oriented weekend of football! Check out our picks, predictions and prop bets as we match towards the Super Bowl!


NBA New Year

2019 is here and with it comes another NBA update as the boys break down some of the more exciting story lines in the Association (Luka); Review Swaggy P punching someone in the balls; Try to figure out what Kawhi does in his spare time; AND take a glance at the NBA All Star voting.


The Work - Episode 1

Thank you for downloading THE WORK presented by The Spread! The same cast and crew of squared circle main eventers, different name. Here's what to expect on our first episode: - New Japan Pro Wrestling: Wrestle Kingdom 13 Match Reviews Overall Event Rating The Future of New Japan - All Elite Wrestling The Jacksonville Press Conference Double or Nothing Announced talent and highlights -Predictions for 2019


NFL Divisional Playoffs

Well the greatest night in the Rich's history has arrived. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card round and he went 3-0-1 on his picks! This week we break down what exactly happened last round and make our picks for next week.


NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Edition

The NFL Playoffs are upon us and The Spread be damned if we're going to stop making ridiculous picks with poorly gathered stats to back them! Our first year has been fun and full of non stop action as we picked our way through 17 weeks of bad coaching, new NFL rules and ESPN shoving bad takes down our throats. Thank you for sticking with us! The action continues this wild card weekend as we make our picks for not only the wild card round, but the Super Bowl as well as some prop bets!


NFL Week 17 Picks

Episode 50!!! Thank you all for sticking with us through 50 greed filled, Vegas bustin', game pickin', team lockin' episodes! We didn't stuff our episodes full of ads and sponsored reads for you the fans and damn it, we probably won't in the near future either! We pick up where left off as we finally hit the end of the NFL regular season. Rich gives us his top 3, bottom 3 of Week 16 and we breakdown all the NFL playoff scenarios for you!


Wrestling Year End

Recorded 12/22 What a year 2018 has been, yet we must say goodbye and we're doing it with a monster, Shockmaster sized episode of The Work, presented by The Spread! This week Jim, Brandon, Rich and Ant walk through WWE's last show of 2018, TLC. We also hop right on in to New Japan Pro Wrestling's upcoming Wrestle Kingdom event and give out some end of the year awards. Just a heads up, some of the awards talk was cut off near the end. Don't worry, we'll get those up on our twitter page...


NFL Week 16

Can you believe we still have two weeks of absolute crap football to watch? We can! This week is another playoff defining smorgasbord of slant routes and bad penalties but we're still bringing the heat after a fairly successful week 15. Check out or picks, locks and thoughts on who is going over this week in the NFL!


NBA 2018 Wrap Up

The storylines are starting to form in the NBA while the playoff picture is not! This week we run through the aftermath of a botched 3 way NBA trade, check out where our NBA Over/Under predictions stand and try to find a way to move key NBA players to other teams!


NFL Week 15 Picks

NFL Week 15 kicked off with a huge game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers! The 4 Horseman of Podcasting round off the rest of the week with a deep fried batch of picks for your NFL pleasure with just a few weeks left to go! Can Seattle and Dallas stay hot? Has Bill Belichick lost his damn mind? Will Rich retweet more than 200 different Dallas Cowboys accounts?! Find out this week on The Spread!


NFL Week 14

NFL Week 13 is in the books and the Super Bowl odds are getting a bit aggressive as we head towards the end of yet another crime infested season. This week we bring contenders like the Chiefs, Rams and Saints back to Earth while looking at odds for some lat season pushers. We also talk about the Jerry Hughes incident and try to figure out who has more swag: Baker Mayfield or Cam Newton?