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Live Colts Cast: Ballard Trades with Jets, Releases Hankins; Listener Call-Ins

After an extremely slow start to free agency the Indianapolis Colts certainly made some news Saturday. Chris Ballard worked a trade with the New York Jets to move back to the No. 6 overall pick, and in the process earned 2 more second round picks in this year's draft, as well as another second in the 2019 draft. Additionally, the Colts surprised everyone again by releasing Johnathan Hankins who had a very productive season last year and was instrumental in helping the Colts become a solid...


Colts Latest Free Agency Rumors; Trevor Sikkema Talks NFL Draft, Edge Class

The Indianapolis Colts have some very specific needs as the tampering period has kicked off around the NFL. There have been some rumors in the first hours, and Matt will go through the latest on what's been happening and who the Colts have been reported to be looking at. Also, Trevor Sikkema stops by to talk about this year's NFL Draft class and what he's seeing in the group as a whole, and he and Matt take a longer look at the group of edge rushers to see what we should expect.


Who's Agents Should be on Chris Ballard's Speed Dial to Start Free Agency?

Despite the calm and collected approach of Chris Ballard to this point in his short tenure as the Indianapolis Colts GM, there are a handful of very good, young free agents that he should be reaching out to quickly once noon Monday (the legal tampering period) rolls around. The Colts have well-known holes that need filled, and the draft is more than capable of getting those voids addressed. However, he'll need to lessen the burden of nailing every single pick by going hard after some...


Live Colts Cast: Free Agency Primer; Listener Call-Ins

Matt Danely and Andrew Aziz go live again tonight looking into the Indianapolis Colts' in-house free agents and discussing who should be brought back and who should be allowed to walk. Matt and Andrew also go in on the rest of the league's free agents and share their opinions on which should be worth bringing in as well as differentiating on big-splash players versus rotational players with reasonable contracts. Listener's calls are also answered in tonight's episode. If you stayed around...


NFL Combine Wrap-up, Top Prospects, Colts Draft Strategy w/Chad Forbes

Today we wrap up the NFL Scouting Combine with our look at the defensive backs. There are a large handful of names that we'll want to keep our eyes on well into Day 2 and Day 3 of the NFL Draft. Chad Forbes also stops by to talk about the Indianapolis Colts draft strategy and whether Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb or someone else is the pick at No. 3 overall, Chris Ballard as well as to discuss what he saw from the Combine over the past several days.


Recap of First 2 Days of NFL Combine's Top Performers; Colts Meeting w/Prospects

As the Combine is halfway through the on-field workouts Matt goes through Friday and Saturday's best performances as well as some of those who the Colts should probably pay attention to. The running backs were impressive, the receivers look as though the class may indeed be deeper than previously suggested, and the linemen were better than expected as well. Also, the list of interviews the Colts are conducting with prospects is growing and the vast majority of them are first-round talents....


Andrew Luck Expected Back in April, Colts' Tampa-2 Issues, Gore Won't be Back

Today we're looking at Frank Reich and Chris Ballard's press conferences and all that they revealed. They voiced that HOF running back Frank Gore won't be re-signed, it doesn't look as though the Colts are the least bit interested in re-signing Donte Moncrief and the franchise quarterback -- Andrew Luck -- is expected back when the Colts begin their offseason program in April. Frank Reich also let on that the Colts defensive scheme will resemble that of a Tampa-2 style as opposed to a more...


Live Colts Cast: Colts Week in Review; Combine, Draft, Free Agency & Call-Ins

Matt Danely comes back from a week off with a live Colts Cast to get you prepared for everything coming your way in the next few weeks. Matt will talk about everything that happened last week and will get into the combine, free agency and the draft which is all coming up very soon. Blake Pace, one of the Stampede Blue's newest team members will be joining Matt as the two take listener call-ins and get back to business. Trade possiblities, draft strategy and much more on tonight's show.


What Do Colts Do With No.3 Pick? | Colts Must Target Key Free Agents

The Indianapolis Colts added some new coaches under Frank Reich Thursday with all 3 being exciting new additions. As we head towards the 2018 draft, the Colts will be haunted about what to do with their No. 3 overall pick. What implications does Kirk Cousins have on the rest of the process? Do they take Bradely Chubb no matter what and just worry about one pick at a time afterwards, or do they begin their trading in the second round? Conversely, do the Colts trade back no matter what?...


Dissecting Frank Reich's Introductory Presser | Colts Fans Finally Got Their Guy

The Indianapolis Colts celebrated the hiring of Frank Reich by giving him the same treatment originally planned for Josh McDaniels. Reich's introductory presser could not have been more impressive. He displayed the passion that he has for winning, described exactly what he needed to be successful and took every fan's heart with his explanation of how his offense will be structured to attack opposing defenses. I couldn't help myself but to offer my praise for Reich's approach, and explain...


Live Colts Cast: What We Can Expect From Colts New Head Coach Frank Reich

Tonight Matt and Andrew Aziz go live to discuss the Indianapolis Colts new head coach. We'll welcome Michael Kist (BGN Radio, Inside the Pylon) as he offers some insight into Frank Reich's role as offensive coordinator with the Philadelphia Eagles, and what we can expect to see from the Colts new-look offense under his tutelage. Should we expect him to call plays despite not having those duties with the Eagles? Should we expect to see a similar offensive scheme that Philly runs? We'll...


Looking Into the Colts Second Search for a Head Coach w/@gmbremer

Since the debacle in the first go-round in looking for a new head coach, the Colts have put forth their leader -- Chris Ballard -- giving all Colts fans a moment to relax a bit. George Bremer joins Matt Danely today to discuss how the Colts second act in a search for their leader on the sideline is likely to go, an overview of the known candidates to this point, who each of us is more interested in as well as what we know about their connections around the league. We also go into Andrew...


Live Colts Cast: McDaniels Reneges on Colts HC Job, What to Do Now?

Tonight we were going to talk about how McDaniels could improve the Colts offense and use Luck in ways that hasn't been done. Now, we see that McDaniels is a snake just like we all thought he was to begin with and now the organization is forced to look in another direction for their next head coaching candidate. The Colts reportedly have others in mind and it will be interesting to see how this whole situation plays out. We are here to react to the news and now it's on with the Patriots...


Colts Rumors Won't Stop Until McDaniels Hire is on Paper; Colts Hit with Tragedy

It never fails. Somebody sends out a tweet that says Josh McDaniels is thinking about returning to New England, or simply won't be taking the Indianapolis Colts head coaching job, and then Colts fans lose their minds. One company in particular continues to feed these sourceless rumors despite all other outlets are continuing to report that the Patriots OC has indeed agreed to take the position. In other news Darell Bevell has been stated to be one of McDaniels top targets as the Colts next...


Live Colts Cast: Listener Call-Ins, Draft, Free Agency and Latest Colts News

We're going live tonight for another Colts Cast with listener call-ins! Matt Danely and Stephen Reed will discuss all of the latest news involving the Indianapolis Colts as well as discuss topics regarding the NFL draft as well as free agency while taking and answering listener call-ins. We'll talk about Chris Ballard's approach to each process, the organization's vision for Josh McDaniels and his offense with a healthy Andrew Luck as well as the direction of the defense and much more.


Colts Looking for Right Pull from 2018 NFL Draft w/@BrentSobleski

At this point we still don't know how Chris Ballard views the prospects that we'll endlessly dissect between now and the 2018 NFL draft. One thing is for sure, which Brent Sobleski assists in making evident for us, the talent is there for the Colts in this draft despite it being downplayed by various analysts. We also talk about the latest Colts news including how the new coaching staff is being assembled and what we know about them as we await the hiring of Josh McDaniels to become official.


Josh McDaniels is Hiring into Perfect Ballard-Irsay Support Structure

After meeting with Jim Irsay and Chris Ballard this past Friday, Josh McDaniels is expected to be named the next Indianapolis Colts head coach following the Super Bowl. With so many questions following him from his time in Denver, Chris Blystone joins Matt Danely to talk about the situation that McDaniels will be hiring into with second-year GM Chris Ballard and Colts owner Jim Irsay. His time in Denver was spat on in disapproval and many Colts fans still hold reservations with McDaniels...


Live Colts Cast: Latest Colts News, Draft & Free Agency; Listener Call-Ins

The Senior Bowl has set up nicely to allow some of the Day 2 products to improve their stock, the Indianapolis Colts are hungry to improve their roster in Chris Ballard's second go at it, and free agency and the 2018 NFL draft will be upon us very soon. Matt Danely and Jake Arthur go through a little bit of everything as the offseason thirst is about to get into full swing. The two also cover the latest in Colts news, and take lister's calls.


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