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Michael Urie: Origin Story

Alone on stage and getting laughs, Michael Urie had a question. The answer is not what he expected. Click here to listen to his interview on Hamlet.


Michael Urie

Hamlet; Act 2, Scene 2 Hamlet February 27, 2018 Is Hamlet the Paragon of animals or a Quintessence of dust? For Michael Urie, appearing at the Shakespeare Theater of DC, Hamlet is mentally and emotionally ambidextrous and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Mr. Urie, who is directed by Michael Kahn, brings clarity to Hamlet's journey by trusting the text and using himself to the fullest. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text.


Benjamin Curns

Macbeth; Act 3, Scene 1 Macbeth January 25, 2018 Benjamin Curns has been with the American Shakespeare Center for 16 years. In this interview with a recent black belt, Ben describes the magic of ASC, the perspective he has gained over the years and dives deep into an oft overlooked speech from Macbeth. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version of the text.


Patrena Murray

The Winter's Tale Act 3, Scene 2 Paulina December 15, 2017 Have Bard, Will Travel! The Public Theater's Mobil Unit brings Shakespeare all over the 5 boroughs of NYC. Patrena Murray, playing Paulina in the Mobile Unit's production of The Winter's Tale, talks the audiences, the impact and of course what is going on in one of Shakespeare's most beloved "problem" plays. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version...


Blaine Swen

Improvised Shakespeare Company November 15, 2017 Shakespeare as Socrates? … The founder and AD of the Improvised Shakespeare Company, Blaine Swen cozies up to the mic to drop some knowledge. It's anything but Greek philosophy as Blaine shares some tricks of the trade and recites a never before heard Shakespeare Prologue.


Aditi Kapil and Liz Engelman

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Play On! Project Measure for Measure October 6, 2017 Just in time for Halloween… How do you make a 400-year-old laugh? (Tickle his funny bone.) Aditi Kapil and Liz Engelman are digging up ways to breathe life into some of Shakespeare’s (ahem) “mustier” laugh lines for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s “Play On! 36 playwrights translate Shakespeare” project. Aditi and Liz talk about teaming up on Measure for Measure, and the problem with Pompey's posthumous...


Elise Thoron & Julie Felise Dubiner

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Play On! Project August 28, 2017 Play On! Elise Thoron has "translated" The Merchant of Venice for The Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Play On Project. With the help of Julie Dubiner, her dramaturg, Elise tackled some thorny issues, and tricky wordplay to come up with a text she can be proud of. Hear the contrast between the two here. Click here to follow along with the text.


Kevin Rich

Utah Shakespeare Festival July 26, 2017 What is the future of Shakespeare? Brian Vaughn, the Artistic Director of the Utah Shakespeare Festival talks to us about the new developments at the USF, how current events might affect Shakespeare Festivals and what he looks for in an actor. With Mr. Vaughn at the helm, the future looks bright.


Kevin Rich

Illinois Shakespeare Festival I Heart Juliet June 20, 2017 Kevin Rich is on the move. As the Artistic Director of The Illinois Shakespeare Festival, Kevin's commitment to Applied Shakespeare has inspired him to seek out new and bold voices, including the Q Brothers Collective. The Q's will be premiering I Heart Juliet at the ISF this summer. What surprises are in store? Kevin has the answers.


Curt L. Tofteland

Richard II; Act 5, Scene 5 Richard II May 24, 2017 Is there a message of hope in the words that King Richard II speaks to us from his prison cell in the Tower of London? Our guest, Curt Tofteland, is the Founder of the internationally acclaimed Shakespeare Behind Bars program. In 22 years at the helm of SBB, Curt has discovered three noble truths: Humans need a Tribe, Humans need a Story and Humans need to Reflect. Using Shakespeare, Curt teaches the prisoners these truths and the question...


Valerie Clayman Pye

Unearthing Shakespeare March 31, 2017 Dig it. Valerie Clayman Pye discovered the Globe as a student in London. Years later, she has unearthed a way of playing Shakespeare that is fit for the ages. From the stage to the audience and back again in her elliptical training and direct address techniques. Valerie Clayman Pye will be holding a discussion and signing at the Drama Book Shop in New York City on Wednesday, May 17th at 5pm. Her book is available at Amazon.


Vilma Silva

Timon of Athens Act 4, Scene 3 Apemantus February 8, 2017 Claim it. It's yours. If Timon of Athens is a perfect play for these frighteningly uncertain times, who would you cast to play Apemantus? In a world where cynics and flatterers seem to rule the day, Vilma Silva sends a message of hope. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version of the text. Contributing Editor: Andres Montejo


James Shapiro

Macbeth Act 5, Scene 5 Macbeth December 23, 2016 James Shapiro had no interest in Shakespeare in high school and never took a Shakespeare course at college. Today, the author of 1606: William Shakespeare in the Year of Lear, has a legitimate claim to be recognized as one of world’s foremost Shakespeare scholars. Shakespeare's heroes almost always get a last great speech. Not so with Macbeth. When Equivocation rules the land, nothing is as it seems. In our interview, Professor Shapiro...


Ty Jones

Macbeth Act 1, Scene 7 Macbeth November 11, 2016 "Unsexy" and "middle-class" are not words you would naturally associate with Ty Jones, the actor and Producing Artistic Director of the Classical Theatre of Harlem. But when it comes to his vision for the future of the American Theatre, Mr. Jones makes no bones about what it will take for both actors and theatre companies to survive and thrive. We get a taste of his critically-acclaimed turn as the lead in CTH's record-breaking production of...


Jacopo Della Quercia

License to Quill Novel October 6, 2016 Shaken, not Stirred. Was Shakespeare involved in a treasonous conspiracy to bring down the British monarch? Our guest, author and historian Jacopo Della Quercia, spins a fantastical yarn that places Shakespeare at the center of the real-life Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Della Quercia’s latest novel, License to Quill, is a James Bond-esque Spy thriller set in a Elizabethan England where the truth may indeed be stranger than fiction. Click here to see more...


Hamilton Clancy

Henry VI, Part 3 Act 3, Scene 2 Richard of Gloucester August 15, 2016 The pursuit of.... Hamilton Clancy, Artistic Director of The Drilling Company and Shakespeare in the Parking Lot relates Richard of Gloucester's pursuit of the crown with, among other things, the current election and a petulant teenager. Hear the speech and his fascinating take on the character everyone loves to hate. Click here to follow along with the speech. Click here for the First Folio Version. Click here for a...


Maria-Christina Oliveras and Nance Williamson

Macbeth Act 1, Scene 7 Macbeth July 20, 2016 Something wicked this way comes! Maria-Christina Oliveras and Nance Williamson are two-thirds of a three woman Macbeth playing at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. They explore how Macbeth's "vaulting ambition" resonates today, the challenges of doing a three woman play and how the weather changes everything! Click here to follow along with the speech. Click here for the First Folio Version. Click here for a scanned version.


Valorie Curry and Sam Underwood

Titus Andronicus Act 3, Scene 1 Titus Initiative / 26 June 9, 2016 What if you threw a party and sh!t got a little crazy and then you decided to read Shakespeare's entire canon? You might be Valorie Curry and Sam Underwood, two hot young actor/producers with a healthy appetite for wine, wordplay and Bardolatry. Listen as they finish each others sentences, reveal discoveries they have made and bring Titus Andronicus to a whole new place. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here...


Nick Newlin

As You Like It Act 2, Scene 1 Duke Senior May 13, 2016 To Cut or not to Cut... What would you have if the "two hours traffic of our stage?" were trimmed down to the length of your average sit-com? A lot of hard choices. Author, Teacher and Performer Nick Newlin presents The 30-Minute Shakespeare Anthology. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for the First Folio Version. Click here for the scanned version of the text.


Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

Happy Birthday Shakespeare! Hamilton Clancy / Shakespeare in the Parking Lot April 21, 2016 Hamilton Clancy feels that Shakespeare in THE Parking Lot is the perfect place to do Shakespeare. It is a metaphorical melting pot that highlights Shakespeare's diversity of characters. He has some big plans for The Bard's Birthday Celebration! And a fantastic season ahead... Information on the celebration: Shakespeare in the Parking Lot or Bryant Park


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