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An in-depth look at the NFL, Sports, & Life through the eyes of Mark Schlereth. Nothing is out of bounds in this interactive show where Mark will draw on his 12 year NFL and 15 year ESPN broadcasting career to take you behind the curtain of what's really going on!




Broncos dominate the Cowboys - Brady and Patriots are fine

Zeke Elliott was beaten so bad by the Broncos, he quit mid game. Tom Brady and the Patriots are just fine. What's happening with the Cardinals? Saints are spent. Giants need a fresh set of eyes. Stink called his first game for FOX Sports, and his partner Dick Stockton called in to tells us how did with the Buccaneers/Bears.

Duration: 00:43:55

Preview of week 2 in the NFL

Stink goes through all of the game in week 2 of the NFL. And Stink gives you his Stinkin' Money Makers.

Duration: 00:37:20

Watch out for the Cowboys - Colts should sign Kaepernick

Cowboys looked great as they thunder punched the Giants. Texans o-line is a joke. Raiders and Chiefs are the balls of the AFC West. Redskins and the mismanagement of their roster. Colts should sign Kaepernick and sit Luck. Adrian Peterson is a one trick pony. Broncos are looking good at QB.

Duration: 00:47:51

Should the Patriots be worried - Preview of the rest of Week 1

The Chiefs hammered the Patriots... is that a good thing for the Pats? Plus, Stink goes around the NFL and previews the rest of games in week 1. And Stink gives you his Stinkin' Money Makers.

Duration: 01:03:34

Colts are in trouble - Michael Rapaport goes around the NFL

How the Texans season will be affected by Hurricane Harvey. Broncos bring back Osweiler. The problem with the Colts. How McCaffrey upgrades the Panthers. What the Bears should do at QB. Future of the Bengals offense. And Sports talk host, comedian, and actor Michael Rapaport joined Stink to talk NY Giants, Jets are garbage, Rams and Chargers don't belong in L.A., appreciating the Patriots greatness.

Duration: 00:51:45

Patriots lost toughness - Stink and Cutler may fight

Patriots lose toughness with Edelman injury. Bears are going with Glennon, but how long till Trubisky gets the start? Cutler and Stink may fight. Why the Jaguars QB's suck. Should Burfict be given a pass? Are Mariota and Winston destined to be great? Are the Saints a playoff team? Broncos will have a winning season... maybe. Are the Chiefs in trouble?

Duration: 00:56:13

Hit on OBJ wasn't dirty - Goodell is highest paid bad guy

Hit on OBJ wasn't dirty. Roger Goodell is highest paid "bad guy" in sports. Why great players deserve big money. Broncos QB drama. Paxton the pirate stopped by. Packers to take the North. Kneeling during the anthem. Mayweather McGregor prediction.

Duration: 00:59:38

Zeke's suspension is a mess - Eli & Rodgers looking up to Brady

Zeke's suspension is a mess. Eli & Rodgers looking up to Brady. The unstable future of Andrew Luck and Cam Newton. Philip Rivers deserves better than the Chargers. Dak will not decline. Behind the scenes of a FOX Sports party. The big reason Jerry Jones is a Hall Of Famer. Joint practices are a great thing. And if Stink was wrestler, what would his signature move be?

Duration: 00:51:20

Cutler Is Best Shot For Fins - Are NY Giants A Top Team

Jay Cutler gives Dolphins best chance to compete. NFL Power Rankings have New York Giants near the top?... That's just stupid. Patriots are too damn good. Crazy stories from the Hall Of Fame inductions. Expect the Falcons to return to the playoffs.

Duration: 00:51:40

Clock Ticking On Aaron Rodgers - Rising To The Hall Of Fame

Clock is ticking for Aaron Rodgers. Cowboys set to fall. Jags are a tease. Dolphins are going old school. Weed should be in the NFL. Players who live paycheck to paycheck. How Terrell Davis almost quit football, then became a Hall Of Famer. Kurt Warner never gave up and became a legend. Jerry Jones is a great owner, horrible GM.

Duration: 01:02:19

Zeke Elliott needs to wise up - Elway is shark in a sea of tuna

Zeke Elliott needs to wise up. The Patriots should aim to be undefeated. The time Stink broke the law. Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald is the forgotten great. John Elway is shark in a sea of tuna.

Duration: 01:06:35

NFL Players Have No Nuts - Crap NFL Teams

Teams who aren't shooting for championships. NFL players have no nuts. Reaction to Joe Montana's comments on Kaepernick. And Stink's move from ESPN to FOX Sports.

Duration: 00:37:39

Trade Philip Rivers - Bears Are Clueless

Time to trade Philip Rivers. Stink wants to write a book, just like Tom Brady! Stink set his son straight, just like Keyshawn Johnson did to his. Chicago Bears are clueless. Stink continues to live up to his nickname.

Duration: 00:53:20

Funny Training Camp Stories - Brilliance of Dak

Hilarious Training Camp stories. The nasty eating habits of an o-lineman. The brilliance of Dak Prescott. Brett Favre would be a bad GM. Clinton Portis almost killed a guy.

Duration: 00:49:35

Vince Young Is An Idiot - Raiders Are A Dumpster Fire

Vince Young is an idiot. Raiders are a dumpster fire. Chiefs are the NFL version of Game Of Thrones. Stink discovers another Patriots conspiracy. Stink's dream of being in the WWE.

Duration: 00:49:08

Titans Strike Gold - Marcus is Better than Cam

The Titans struck GOLD with Eric Decker and Marcus is better than Cam. Pat McAfee sure does hate a lot of stuff. The day Stink ran with the football.

Duration: 01:00:35

OBJ is Smart - The Jets Are NOT

Jets are tanking and it couldn't be more obvious. Stink has a man crush on Tom Brady. Is OBJ skipping out on OTAs a big deal? Question Mark never disappoints.

Duration: 00:49:31

The Kaepernick Conspiracy & Stupid NCAA Rules

Austin Davis over Kaepernick, Really? What's next? Christian McCaffrey is a professional athlete who can't practice as a professional athlete. Just another stupid NCAA rule. Cam Newton and Question mark.

Duration: 00:50:51