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Good Friends Are Important

Join us at the podcasters round table for another edition of The Stir It Up Show. In this weeks episode we talk about the importance of having good friends and why friends can help you attain goals.Also in this weeks episode Dj Poison spits out some facts about the year 2017. Don't Forget To Subscribe!!!


What Men Want In Bed

Join us at the podcasters roundtable for another edition of The Stir It Up Show. In this episode we talk about what men want in the bedroom, sex, head, sexual positions and every else. Also in this weeks episode, we interview a special guest sex expert JC who plays a game with Co-host Zombie.This episode is funny as hell, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! Dont Forget To Subscribe! Thanks For Listening


Check Your Privilege

Join us at the podcasters roundtable for another edition of The Stir It Up show. In this episode we talk about many things from white privilege to Prince Harry allegedly attempting to remove naked photos online of his soon to be wife Meghan Markle. We also dive into the Camron and Mase beef, Rapper Camron said he fucked Mase sister and made her squirt could this be true? Don't Forget To Subscribe Thanks For Listening!!


Black And White

Join us at the podcasters roundtable for a very controversial discussion on the black and white of America. In this episode we talk about the killing of unarmed black men by the police and numerous other topics that are sure to demand your attention. Dj Poison also introduces a new segment to the show listen to find out what the new segment is all about. Dont Forget to Follow Us!!!


New York City Food

Join Dj Poison and Zombie every week at the podcasters table,This weeks episode touches on everything food, if you plan on visiting New York and you want to know where a few good restaurants are. Take a listen to this episode, Dj Poison and Zombie talk about high end restaurants as well as mom and pop shops that only locals know about.Louis Ck, Oj Simpson, Meek Mill, and cheating while traveling are also among the topics covered in this episode. Don't forget to subscribe!! You can also...


Pussy Power

Join us for our first episode at the podcasters roundtable. In this episode Dj Poison and Zombie share many thoughts from extraterrestrial life, Blac China pimping males, Racism in America and the female orgasm. This episode is a complete roller coaster filled with savagery from Zombie, the bad ass of podcasts and Dj Poison the god of music! Don't Forget To Subscribe!!! for exclusive content from Poison & Zombie. Welcome To The Show!