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A Perfect Vessel

on this day we remember a patron true a saint of courage and unshakable faith. that's why we all wear our prettiest clothes and paint our faces and present such handsome grins and firm grips of hand. it's why i wear red. what tender boundary tween belief n delusion, how it quivers with our pulse Introductory Prayer Psalm: “The Furrier’s Coat” / “You Do Know” Liturgical Reading: “A Perfect Vessel” Brother Reid’s Song Church Bulletin im not ready to leave you, promise me youll find me soon...


Chunky Burps of Reverence: The Stink War

Everyone bow yur heads for what im about to preach, uh huh: it’s time for juicy business. Get them lips a-smackin, because we got a special guest preacher, Preacher Jackie Zebrowski, spreadin a gospel of right on healthy goo. Sup thee gentle. Introductory Prayer Psalm: “Daniel’s Greasy Feast” Liturgical Reading: “The Stink War” Church Bulletin Get on out of here. Go on. We ain’t got nothin more for yun until next week. Tuesday ther’alikes, I’ll be honest with yun. TSMBT is a podcast by Post...


Yon Steamy Exaltation: A Cowboy's Story

Wipe your hands on your pleats, then clean your nails with yon sopping lips: the Story has been birthed unto us eager acolytes. Oh! how it stews there, such promise and squelching. Ee! how it inspires, gets these hips swayin and tongues drippin. Touch it twice! Quick! Stories like this ain't gonna love you much sweeter. Introductory Prayer Psalm: Spark A Holy Fire/Horse Testes Liturgical Reading: “A Cowboy’s Story” Concluding Invocation Church Bulletin Rejoice with us again next week, uh...


Thy First Greasy Conception: A Man For The Woman

In the name of the grease, the pleas, and the holy crease: we welcome you to Season 2 of The Story Must Be Told. Our congregation is humble, and our drips polite. Please please bow down with us in penitence. Give that kneeler a sniff. Smells like gasoline, don’t it? Ha! Go ‘head and ignore that. Introductory Prayer Psalm: "The Horns of the Beast" Liturgical Reading: “A Man For The Woman” Concluding Invocation Church Bulletin A new Mass awaits ye next Tuesday. And the Tuesday after that....


The Christmas Spectac-U-lar

Do you hear them bells ringin? Do you smell that sweet ham smokin? Why, it's the day for which all the broys and grirls delight: the Story Must Be Told Christmas Spectac-U-lar. Get greasy for one of the more fucked up episodes in recent history, containing: 1. The Wisest of Them All: surprises are in store for yon gentle Star Child 2. He’s Coming to Town: a sweet taste of Yuletide history, the way it SHOULD have happened Comin up later in January, season 2 will begin. Gosh, it's gonna...


November's Delight: Skin Rips & Yuck Yucks

What delights we spread and cheeks we kiss in this healthy November treat. Get them mouths agape, for tidings shall fill thee with MERRIMENT. Stories shared so kindly: 1. More, More Important Stories from Purkley Katzman: ooh, yum yum, so many lil stories, everyone can pick a favorite 2. Yuck Yuck in My Mouth for a Dollar: a man doesn’t like jokes, or DOES he? We have sacrificed this second “monthly” episode at your feet as we prepare a proper season 2. We got one more treat for Christ’s...


October’s Truth: The Feast of All Grins

Enjoy, on this day of spook and froth, a special monthly episode. Be unsettled by our poetry, be merry at our delights, be told of the story. 1. The Man the Sun Forgot: a healthy spooky tale for spooky healthy tots 2. The Auction: Ascension: uh oh, looks like another greasy short about a certain fresh young man heh heh We are huffing and straining to birth a second season for your diligent ears, but in the meantime we shall please you duly with these monthly truths. Look out for the next...


The Season One Finale: The Pestilence of Labor

The season finale has come upon us eager acolytes, blessing our brows with drips of grace. Breathe now, and be consumed with our supple voices: 1. Hard at Work: all living beings undergo a terrifying plague in small town USSA 2. The New Consciousness in Town: Randy Melkin becomes a cell for a newly conscious lube and tire shop Thank you for engaging with us, yon greasy droves. New season in the works, just give us a few months, k? TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music...


The Season's Penultimate Episode: Small, Homely Men

Here's a lil truth for your sweet truth-ears: gosh, it's stories! What kindness and gentle caresses. Featured: "The Unruly Teen’s Display" "The Council" Oooooooh gosh oh goo. Season finale out May 16. TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: gentle hearts with gooey drawers. Instagram and Twitter: @TSMBTpod


A Seventh Episode for You: Phantasmagoria of Truth and Yearning

What glory and what delights are here, waiting for you like a sweet lover. Oh yes, mmmmff, a few short glories of such sweetness as: 1. "Important Short Stories by Purkley Katzman" 2. "Unclean Before the Praetorium" 3. "The Auction" Hot goddamn fuck. Next episode out April 18. TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: a bowel of literary sweetness. Instagram and Twitter: @TSMBTpod


Epsixsode: God Car King

Oh shucks, mmmph, a few lil ol stories for lil ol you, for lil ol me. What delight. What earnestness. The three graces for yon healthy ears: 1. "The First Photo of God" 2. "The Realtor" 3. "The New King" Hot darn, hot goddamn darn. Next episode out April 4. TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: sinners, whose sins are juicy lil storyboys. Instagram and Twitter: @TSMBTpod


Fourth, a Fourth Episode: Spidertheft, Motorskills, Camarolove

Mm hmm i got the stories you want right here heh heh. Oomm, nothing like a few chewy gooey stories to enjoy, stories like: 1. "Spiderbite" 2. "Listney" 3. "Red Hot Camaro" Oh fuckin golly. Next episode out March 7. TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: an idiot trust, a trust of idiots. Instagram and Twitter: @TSMBTpod


Episode the Third: God, Friendship, and Love

There are three deliberate, thoughtful TRUTHS contained in this third episode of The Story Must Be Told, and their names are: 1. "Goats and Sheep" 2. "Burying" 3. "A Simulation of Love" TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Next episode out February 14th. Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: a handful of virtuous youths. Instagram: @tsmbt Twitter: @TSMBTpodcast


The Second Episode: A Hand, A Van, Dreamt City

Stories featured in this second, healthy, virtuous episode of The Story Must Be Told: 1. "Shake My Hand" 2. "The Pilot" 3. "The Dreamt City" TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: a gentle coalition of cowards. Next episode out February 7th.


The First Episode: A Boy, A Boy & BIRDS

Contained in this first, fresh, eager episode of The Story Must Be Told: 1. "An Important Story about Marriage, Feat: The Boy" 2. "Justin and Insignificance" 3. "BIRDS" TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: a modest collective of the humble. Next episode out Jan 24.