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Baby Bird- Chapter Four - The Story of Rayne Podcast

Rayne loved to play outside. She loved the feel of the sun on her face, to run through puddles after a storm. She was connected to nature. It made her want to sing. She was only 5 years old when she found that tiny bird. She brought it inside and put it in a small box to heal. Rayne loved her parents, but she always knew there was something more. She never knew about the adoption. Nor did she remember the church, the ladies in waiting or the stained glass, only that she had a broken wing...


Stained Glass- Chapter Three - The Story of Rayne Podcast

The orphanage was full of children but this baby was special. The name Rayne seemed to fit her. Not just because of the circumstances, which brought her there, but because of her beautiful voice. The ladies in waiting fed her and played with her more than the other children. She always seemed to have a song to sing. The colors as the sun would shine through the stained glass, would bring it out. The soft cooing sounds that came from her were like angels crying in the wind.


She Sings- Chapter Two - The Story of Rayne Podcast

The baby was tiny. She only weighed 4 ounces at birth. When her mother came into the church pregnant and dripping from the pounding rain, everyone stared. Why had they stared? Had they never seen a pregnant woman before? Her mother clutched the back of the pew as another labor pain hit and she couldn’t help but scream. She had never felt such an agonizing stabbing feeling. The ladies in waiting looked over her as she writhed and twisted, trying to make the pain subside. Then she fainted....


Winter In July, Chapter One - The Story of Rayne Podcast

She was fed up, done, finished. Time to leave. She pulled the small suitcase off of the top shelf in the closet and began to pack. Not everything can come, she thought. Only her favorite things would make the cut. As she filled the suitcase, she felt the strength of motherhood growing inside her and understood. The baby, my only baby. She had to get away from this little house, a difficult man and a loveless marriage. He had left for the day and she knew he would be back. She knew this was...


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