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16: Understanding Your Strengths as a Balcony and a Basement

On this episode, we dive into two pieces of your strengths - balconies and basements. We define what these two pieces of your strengths mean and when they occur. We discuss how perceptions impact how your strengths are viewed - either positive or negative - and what to do about these perceptions. We also chat about what it means to be a balcony or basement person in your business. Lastly, I walk through examples of balconies and basements from two StrengthsFinder® talent themes. Want to...


15: Building Relationships Through Empathy and Achieving #HustleWithEase with Reina Pomeroy

Reina shares with us how she got into the world of coaching, as well as shares her top strengths with us - Empathy, Includer, Focus, and Woo - and how she's used those strengths to build her business. We chat about how she came to step into her strengths with confidence and hone her strengths to put to use in her business and to build her brand. Reina talks about how no idea is truly unique anymore - it's the way that you say it, who says it, and when you say that makes it unique. She...


14: 5 Steps to Embrace Your Strengths and Make Peace with Your Inner Critic

On today's episode, we dive into the topic of how to embrace your strengths and make peace with your inner critic. I share five reasons why it's easy to see where we "lack". Then, we discuss five steps to make peace with your inner critic, including practicing forgiveness, employing a growth mindset, expressing gratitude, finding the right level of generosity, and being mindful. Want to connect with other strengths empowered entrepreneurs, learn more about this episode, or get more tips,...


13: Go From No Business to Paying Clients Using a Heart-centered Approach with Anna Frandsen

Anna shares with us her unique strengths of Ideation, Belief, Positivity, Developer, and Maximizer (StrengthsFinder® themes). She talks about how she tames her Ideation strength to cut back on all of the ideas she has into a few focused ideas instead that will serve her and propel her business forward. She also uses this strength to help her clients do the same, which is so important when fighting off the shiny object syndrome, especially when starting a business! Her natural positive and...


12: How to Remain Action-Oriented and Move Past Analysis Paralysis with Input and Learner

Today's episode is a listener question from Janessa Slangen, a Designer + Brand Experience Strategist, "How do I remain action-oriented and move past analysis paralysis with my Input?". We dive into the topic of how to stay action-oriented and not let your Input and Learner talent themes get in your way and prevent you from making decisions and taking action. I provide tips on how to help you focus, prioritize, and support these strengths so that you can stay in a positive, productive...


11: Earn Flow and Ease in Your Business and Step into Your Role as CEO with Lacey Craig

Lacey shares with us how she's earned both flow and ease in her business by sticking to working in her areas of strength and how she teaches her clients to do the same. We chat about her top strengths - being achievement driven, being a futuristic thinker, having empathy, and being strategic. She ties all of these strengths into her business MSE Framework - Mindset, Strategy, Execution. We talk about what a learned behavior is and how you can be really good at something and still have it...


10: How to Relax and Avoid Burnout as a High Achiever

Today's episode is a listener question from Andrea Pearlstein, a librarian, and artist: "How do I avoid burnout and overwhelm as a high achiever?". We will explore 10 ways to avoid this burnout and overwhelm so that you can stay in a high productivity zone, remain high vibe, and stay consistent in your business. Want to connect with other strengths empowered entrepreneurs, learn more about this episode, or get more tips, strategies, freebies and support to help you create a strong,...


09: Give Your Content a Voice through Teaching + Out-of-the-box Thinking with Lindsay Padilla

Teaching and Learning Consultant and self-coined Rebel Professor, Lindsay Padilla, shares with us her strengths in helping entrepreneurs create courses, membership sites, workshops, challenges, webinars, live streaming, email sequences, and more that their clients can actually learn from, apply and implement, and get results. We chat about closing the gap between teaching course material and actually getting your clients to finish the course and get results. She shares her strengths in...


08: 10 Ways to Keep Focus with Ideation and Avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome

Today's episode is a listener question from Allie Davis, a Mindset & Business Coach, "How do I stay focused and avoid shiny object syndrome with my Ideation?". We will explore 10 different ways to keep focus with Ideation, Input, and Learner talents and avoid the dreaded shiny object syndrome. Want to connect with other strengths empowered entrepreneurs, learn more about this episode, or get more tips, strategies, freebies and support to help you create a strong, successful business that...


07: Evolve Your Business and Refine Your Niche for Biz Success with Taylor Manning

Taylor shares her story of how she started her online business at age 19 and how she's turned that into a business where she's making multiple-five-figure months. She talks about how her strengths in marketing, strategy, and adaptability has allowed her to easily figure out what people want, strategize and plan, and then delivers on that. Taylor talks about the difference between what your client's want vs. what your client's needs, and how to read between the lines and how to mesh those...


06: 4 Tips on How to Execute and Get Things Done Even if You Don't Have Many Executing Talents

Today's episode is a listener question from Kate Ditzler, an Emotional Resilience & Self-Advocacy Coach "What if I don't have many executive strengths, can I still execute?". We dive into the topic of - how do I follow through? How do I finish a project that I start? How do I get out of the rut of feeling like nothing is getting done in business? I share several tips to help you get out to execute and get things done, even if you're more of a big-picture strategy person and you don't have...


05: Using Your Strengths to Boost Your Confidence and Mindset with Kate Crocco

Confidence and Mindset Coach, Kate Crocco, shares how her Self-Assurance strengths empowered her to start not one, but two businesses successfully, even without a huge support system (at first). She uses her Relator and Self-Assurance strengths to encourage people to go after their dreams, step up with confidence, and shift their mindset to abundance. She talks about how her Activator strength allows her to take risks and just figure things out, even when it doesn't seem possible. She...


04: Five Easy Clues to Discover Your Natural Talents

A question I get asked all the time is, "How do I know what my strengths are? How do I know what I'm naturally talented in?" Our talents are so natural, innate and ingrained in who we are that it's really easy to overlook them. It's really easy to miss what we're good at. So, we are diving into five clues to discover your natural talents, including: yearnings, rapid learning, flow, satisfaction, and glimpses of excellence. Want to connect with other strengths empowered entrepreneurs,...


03: Six Daily Habits To Boost Your Business Success with Cassie Howard

Client Attraction Strategist, Cassie Howard, shares six daily habits she instills in her business and what has led her to make multiple six figures a year. We learn about her story of how she got to where she is today and how she uses her laser focus to follow-through on six habits each and every day: journaling and mindset work, sales, lead generation, content creation, messaging, and money tracking. We also talk about goal setting, celebrating accomplishments, what it feels like when...


02: The Benefits of Leveraging Your Strengths in Your Business

There are many benefits to leveraging your strengths in your business. In this episode, we explore why a strengths-based approach to running your business makes the most sense, what a natural talent is, and the snowball effect of strengths awareness and development. Including boosting your confidence and belief in yourself, being inspired to do what you do and excel, engage in your work and get in a business flow, leveraging your strengths, and leading to success, joy, productivity, and...


01: Introducing The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast & Your Host, Joy Martinez

Welcome to The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast where driven entrepreneurs come together to celebrate their unique talents, leverage their strengths to serve and change the world, lead with purpose, and unapologetically be their authentic self so they can create more success, joy, and impact in their business and in the lives of those around them. Today's episode is a welcome message to the podcast and includes what to expect from the podcast, who your host is - Joy Martinez,...


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