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The Rampant Murders of Transgender Women

For all the advancements that the transgender community has seen over the last couple years, there are still staggering statistics of discrimination and oppression that our community faces on a daily basis. We face employment and housing discrimination, the outright denial of adequate healthcare or the coverage thereof, bullying, suicide and murder at alarming rates. Tracee McDaniel of the Juxtaposed Center for Transformation, Cheryl C. Courtney-Evans of T.I.L.T.T, Inc. (Transgender...


The Trans-lation of Marriage Equality

A month ago The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide. NPR’s Nina Totenberg said that this case, Obergefell (OH-ber-guh-fell) v. Hodges is a landmark ruling that is “right up there with Brown v. Board of Education, and Roe v. Wade.” Facebook exploded with rainbow flags and the White House was lit up in rainbow spotlights; and people celebrated in the streets, in their homes and at events. But how does this decision affect the transgender...


Did We Leave Pride, or Did Pride Leave Us?

It’s Pride season again and while so many people are attending festivals, parties and parades to celebrate the equality gains that have been made in the LGBTQ community and rejoicing in the existence of any space that allows us to truly exist in the comfort of our own skins without the judgement and burdens that come with daily life in the non-queer world, I have to ask the question of where the trans community fits into this schema. It’s ironic that we have to have a conversation about...


Is the T Transitioning Out of LGBT?

When it comes to the referring to larger “gay” or “queer” community (and I’m using air quotes here), most people and organizations have settled on the acronym LGBT, or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. While each of these individuals are not identical, nor do they sometimes even share some of the same characteristics, they have found themselves grouped together as one collective community. But why is that? And what are the benefits of the collective versus the individual, or rather...


Tracee McDaniel

Lately most of the news of trans people has been negative. Murders, violence, harmful and ignorant legislation… It is often hard to remember the great things that members of our community are doing in spite of all of this. So tonight we are going to focus on a member of our community that is not only surviving, but thriving and is helping other transgender and gender non-conforming people to do the same: the Founder and CEO of the Juxtaposed Center for Transformation in Atlanta, Tracee...


Transgender Wellness: Access to Care

Access to health care has lately been a hotly debated topic, both inside and outside of the transgender and genderqueer community. What’s covered, what’s not, who is covered and who is not. It’s a discussion that cuts across class, race, sex, and gender identity. Now, with the Affordable Care Act, there is even more debate and discussion. A good number of these decisions particularly affect the trans\* community. Tonight, Danielle Askini – Policy Director at Basic Rights Oregon, will join...


Life’s Transitions: Moving Beyond Gender Reassignment

As trans and genderqueer people we often become so focused on our social, mental and physical transitions that they grow to be larger than life. So much so that we forget that a transition is just another word for a shift. A shift in thinking, a shift in geography, a shift in expectations, a shift in marital status or family size. They all affect us as human beings and they are yet another layer to our complex lives as trans*, gender queer, and queer people. And when we forget, it makes it...


Social Work Diversity in Mental Health

Most people acknowledge that mental health issues are not handled as seriously as other health issues. There are misunderstandings, victim blaming, and the inaccurate belief that someone living with mental illness can simply ‘cheer up’ or get through it. What most people don’t know is the diverse ways in which social workers exist in the world of mental health. There is not only a myriad of ways that social workers practice, but also a requirement for diversity and cultural competence and...


Relationship Politics: Race & Gender Identity in Dating

On this episode of The Strong Stance, we will open the dialogue on gender, race and interracial dating because the reality is that we aren’t as progressive as we like to think we are. The reality is that race and gender do play critical roles in our relationships and how outsiders view those connections–more than we admit in public, polite society. Tune into this show as we talk about the reality and the misconceptions of interracial dating. In what ways do race and gender identity play a...


The Problem With Passing

So many trans folks, especially early in transition, are obsessed with “passing”: posting pics on social media, asking for others opinions, reading blogs on behavior, dress, and actions. Often this status is seen as important not only for safety but also so that the outside world sees you as who you truly are. But how does “passing” negatively affect our community? Tonight join me and guest co-host Jaan Williams as we break down the definition of the word and the concept of “passing” and...


Privilege In All Its (Trans)Formations

On the inaugural episode of The Strong Stance, Annise Mabry, Executive Producer of the Back2Us Radio Network, joins me to tackle the topic of Privilege In All Its (Trans)Formations. What does privilege look like as it relates to gender, race, and even privilege within the trans community? You don’t want to miss this discussion. Download Episode… The post Privilege In All Its (Trans)Formations appeared first on The Strong Stance.