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Episode 55 / Father/Daughter part 2 / Jessi Frick Interview

This week we revisit the Miami and San Francisco-based label, Father/Daughter Records, and Jessi Frick from the label joins us on the phone to talk bands, running a business, and aging, and we check out new and recent releases from Nadine, Shamir, Art School Jocks, Who Is She?, and more from the label. 00:00 - Start 00:29 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:28 - Father/Daughter Records 01:46 - Jessi Frick Interview 27:25 - “Harvard” - Diet Cig 29:48 - Jessi Frick Interview 31:32 - “Saturday” -...

Duration: 01:52:16

Episode 54 / Kanine Records Part 2 / Lio Kanine Interview

This week we revisit the Brooklyn record label Kanine Records, with an in-depth interview with Lio Kanine, who has some great advice for being a successful band and hooking up with the right label, how a label can document a scene and grow with it, and the secrets to good music. We cover the early days with breakout bands Grizzly Bear, Chairlift, Surfer Blood, get into some local NYC music scene nostalgia, Ian Mckaye, skateboarding, kids, showering, venues, Florida, the label's current...

Duration: 02:03:15

Episode 32 / Secretly Canadian

It's Secretly Canadian week on the show, as we spend an hour with releases from the Bloomington, Indiana-based label before checking out some other recent releases from Zuli, Savak, Shamir, Grooms, Double Ferrari, and more! 00:00 - start 00:04 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:12 - SubInev on BTR / Secretly Canadian feature 02:23 - "Instagratification" - Cherry Glazerr 05:08 - "Tokyo London US Korea" - Here We Go Magic 09:58 - "Not You" - Steven A. Clark 13:17 - "What's That Perfume That You...

Duration: 02:00:31

Episode 52 / Exploding In Sound Records / Dan Goldin Interview

This week we finally get to the long-awaited Exploding In Sound Records feature on the show, including an interview with the label's founder, Dan Goldin (who also runs the music blog Post-Trash)! We cover everything from the label's beginnings, to the EIS Tape Club, the Shea Stadium compilation, music blogs, artwork (check out We Three Club design, Adric Giles, and Nicole Rifkin illustration), and more. We even get a little nostalgic about the time Exploding In Sound took over the show...

Duration: 02:03:57

Episode 51 / William Crighton Session And Interview

On October 5, as part of the Mondo.NYC Festival, we took part in the Marauder Radio Room event at Rockwood Music Hall, where Australian artist William Crighton delivered a memorable solo performance, and I (Bryan B) was there to interview him as part of the event. Here we have the full audio from that performance/session, as well as a ton of other great new music to dig into! 00:00 - START 00:03 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:27 - "Night Terror" - A Giant Dog 03:57 - "Morning Terrors Nights...

Duration: 02:03:33

Episode 50 / 40 Label Recap!

For this special edition of the show, we pause to take a look back at the 40 record labels I've featured so far, from Graveface (Episode 1) to Flying Nun (Episode 49)! I want to hear from you! Would you like to hear interviews with the people behind these labels, or do you prefer just enjoying the sweet mixes that I put together? Also, I want to know about your record label, or your friend's record label, or the label you just discovered and want more people to know about! Leave a message...

Duration: 02:08:08

Episode 49 / Flying Nun

We're back at it with another look at Omnian Music Group - this time it's the legendary New Zealand jangle pop label, Flying Nun Records. Get a taste of some classic Kiwi bands as well as newer artists working with the label. For the second half of the show, we check out new music from the past few weeks, keeping the pop and punk vibes of the label feature going with great stuff from Cults, Faith Healer, Partner, and more! 00:00 - Start 00:03 - SubInev on BTR / intro / Flying Nun Records...

Duration: 02:08:59

Episode 48 / Asthmatic Kitty Records

This episode wasn't supposed to be one of our longer record label features, but once you start to dig in to Asthmatic Kitty Records, you can't stop at just 30 minutes... dive in and enjoy music from Sufjan Stevens, Angelo De Augustine, My Brightest Diamond, Helado Negro, and more in this extra-long spotlight! Stick around for the end where we check in on Australian songwriter William Crighton before he comes to town next week for Mondo.NYC (Radio Room info here), and a few sweet new songs...

Duration: 02:00:58

Episode 47

It's our regularly scheduled week off from the record label features, and time to catch up on some excellent new music and favorites from the past few months! Get into new songs from Airpark, DUDS, Emily Haines, Son Little, and more! 00:00 - start 00:08 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:05 - "Daytime TV" - PARTNER 04:29 - "O Me O My" - Son Little 07:19 - "Try ; - )" - Faith Healer 12:50 - "Rats Out" - Black Mekon 15:10 - "Get Lost" - Lina Tullgren 18:29 - "Dream Dictionary" - Psychic Temple...

Duration: 02:04:24

Episode 46 / Bella Union

We're heading to London to kick off this week's show with an hour of music from the label Bella Union! After that, we keep the goodness going with new music from Alvvays, Lomelda, Airpark, A Giant Dog, and more. 00:00 - BEGIN. 00:08 - SubInev on BTR / intro / Bella Union feature 00:59 - “Undercover” - Susanne Sundfør 05:12 - “Pray for Air” - Mammút 09:18 - “Dust” - Charlie Coxedge 14:35 - “Rolling On” - Celebration 18:37 - SubInev on BTR / Bella Union feature 19:16 - “Time of Extinction” -...

Duration: 02:00:38

Episode 44 / Lame-O Records

This week we turn our ears towards Philadelphia to check out the indie/punk label, Lame-O Records! Get into brand new tracks from Slaughter Beach, Dog, Cherry, and more from the label before diving into the rest of our mix, a specially-curated blend of brand new and recent music from our library. 00:04 - SubInev on BTR / intro / Lame - O Records 01:30 - "Gold and Green" - Slaughter Beach, Dog 04:32 - "Under the Sun" - Cherry 08:33 - "Infinity Exposed" - Modern Baseball 10:38 - "Stumptown...

Duration: 02:06:03

Episode 43 / 2MR

In our second trip to the land of Omnian Music Group, Bryan gets over his fear of electronic music with a look at the 2MR label, with brand new music from Kedr Livanskiy, John Barera & Will Martin, Botton, and more, then digs into the music library and for some indie rock to keep you dancing. 00:00 - Start 00:04 - SubInev on BTR / intro / OMNIAN-2MR feature 01:33 - “Ariadna” - Kedr Livanskiy 06:59 - “Polaris” - John Barera & Will Martin 13:08 - “One Last Thing” - Pale Blue 19:11 - “Y/A/M/L...

Duration: 02:04:57

Episode 42

We take a break from the record label features this week for a two-hour long free form journey through a ton of great new music - including the brand new Rainer Maria release - and also take a look at some recent exclusive recordings from BTR Live Studio sessions. 00:00 - BEGIN 00:08 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:27 - "Lower Worlds" - Rainer Maria 05:14 - “Untouchable Heart” - Amy O 07:14 - “Used to Be Cool” - Prism Tats 10:57 - “Kamikaze Ghost Rider” - Thomas Mudrick 15:25 - “Favorite Show”...

Duration: 02:01:42

Episode 41 / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

This week, we're diving into Brooklyn's BEYOND BEYOND IS BEYOND label for a full two hour exploration of their far out, heady jams. Come along for the ride. 00:00 - START 00:16 - SubInev on BTR / intro / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond 02:18 - "I Could Kick Myself (BTR Live Studio, 2017)" - Sam Kogon 04:02 - “Séance” - Heaters 10:27 - “The Chill” - Coke Weed 14:49 - “Chaos & Systems” - Sundays & Cybele 18:04 - “To Dream Again” - Eerie Wanda 20:58 - “Climbing Light” - Prince Rupert's Drops 24:20 -...

Duration: 02:04:18

Episode 40 / Captured Tracks

Starting with the Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based Captured Tracks, this week on the show was begin to take a look at the Omnian Music Group, with brand new music from Naomi Punk, Dinner, and more. 00:00 - start 00:04 - SubInev on BTR / intro / Captured Tracks feature 02:44 - "Cookie" - Naomi Punk 04:31 - "Dog" - Widowspeak 08:14 - "Please Be Mine" - Molly Burch 13:11 - "One More Love Song" - Mac DeMarco 16:56 - "Hammock" - EZTV 20:12 - SubInev on BTR / Captured Tracks feature 21:20 -...

Duration: 02:07:29

Episode 39 / Winspear Records

This week, we start out with a look at the Bloomington, Indiana-based Winspear Records and rock out to new music from Great Grandpa, Anthony Mudrick, and Siberian Traps before revisiting some older favorites from other artists whose new releases have been getting a lot of love on the show! 00:00 - Start 00:05 - SubInev on BTR / intro / Winspear Records Feature 01:14 - “Unfamiliar Ceiling” - CARE 04:42 - “Lavender Night” - Amy O 06:22 - “Mumbo Jumbo” - Major Murphy 10:22 - “Terror, Bright”...

Duration: 02:01:09

Episode 38 / Orange Twin Records

This week we head down to Athens, Georgia to get to know some of the excellent psych-pop music from the Elephant 6-related label, Orange Twin. We also check out new music from Broken Social Scene, Club Night, Great Grandpa, and much, much more! 00:00 - Start 00:07 - SubInev on BTR / intro / Orange Twin Records 01:43 - "Padawan of Your Love" - The Hernies 05:35 - "Watery Shreds" - Elf Power 08:26 - "Are You Underwater" - Gerbils 12:54 - "Mississippi Swells" - Nana Grizol 17:07 - SubInev on...

Duration: 02:04:37

Episode 37

It's our monthly break from the record label features, and a chance to enjoy a playlist full of great music that may have been previously overlooked on the show, as well as a few choice cuts from the latest releases. As always, you can call to share you thoughts and possibly be a part of the show at (408) SUB-INEV. 00:00 - START 00:04 - // SubInev on BTR / intro 01:23 - "Still Beating" - Mac DeMarco 04:16 - "Figures Fair" - High Lonesome 07:01 - "What I Want" - Cende 11:44 - "Come Home...

Duration: 02:03:28

Episode 36 / Double Double Whammy Records

Double Double Whammy grew out of the SUNY Purchase music scene into the awesome musical behemoth that it is these days. You've heard a number of these artists regularly here on the Sub-Inev show, but in this episode we get a proper introduction to the current roster and latest releases. Get into it! 00:00 - BEGIN! 00:06 - SubInev on BTR / intro / DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY feature 01:35 - "Don't Want To" - Cende 03:06 - "Fade" - Great Grandpa 06:00 - "Thick Skin" - Bellows 09:06 - "Sleeping...

Duration: 02:03:38

Episode 35 / Greenway Records

We keep the vibe going a bit from last week, this time around with a summery batch of songs and a record label feature from Greenway Records! 00:00 - BEGIN! 00:06 - SubInev on BTR / intro 01:50 - "Somewhere" - Sleep Good 05:20 - "World Made" - Land of Talk 08:23 - "Dream Beam" (BTR Live Studio, 2017) - Airpark 11:39 - "Knock Louder" - Summer Hymns 13:31 - "Let It Be So" - Southeast Engine 16:52 - "Surfjerk" - Motel Beds 19:29 - "Contact" - Beverly 23:25 - "Numbers" - Strange Lot 27:33 -...

Duration: 02:10:51

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