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Friction: Passion Brands In The Age Of Disruption - Jeff Rosenblum | TSP 144

Clients want content that inspire them to push themselves and do things that are irrational. This irrational behavior according to author of Friction: Passion Brands In The Age Of Disruption, Jeff Rosenblum, will create loyalty from your customers. If loyalty becomes the core of a big company where people trust each other, then disruption happens and an emotional connection between the customers take place. Jeff shares his stories of being a disruptor in the business world from the get go...

Duration: 00:30:49

Brandscaping – Unleashing The Power Of Partnerships - Andrew Davis | TSP BE07

Clients will always say yes to pitchers who tell a great story, and a great story invites listeners to keep wondering what happens next. If your audience can predict the end of your story before you even get there, then their interest level goes down. Stories that chase answers pique the interest of clients, and to do this your pitch needs to be molded into a story where the ideas are simplified and the focus is not on you, your product or service, but on what you can do to help solve the...

Duration: 00:32:10

100 Things To Do Before You Die - Sebastian Terry | TSP 142

Being tenacious, creative and authentic is what pulls clients in and say yes to your pitch. Sebastian Terry has been all three since he was 24 when he started listing 100 things he wanted to do to find himself. From invading a red carpet event to helping a complete stranger deliver her baby, Sebastian's passion is inspiring other's passion as well. Because he had a healthy internal conversation with himself, Sebastian saw what he stood for.

Duration: 00:24:54

Profit First For Fast Business Growth - Mike Michalowicz | TSP 142

Having to restart a business from almost nothing and coming up on top is one proud experience Mike Michalowicz likes to share with business owners. But this is one life experience Mike doesn’t want to ever encounter again, because now he has learned that by letting go of his ego he rediscovered the meaning of entrepreneurship and felt that he wanted others to learn from his experiences of correcting himself. He is the author of four books including Profit First which Business Week calls...

Duration: 00:28:51

Max My Profit - Ben Fewtrell | TSP 141

In order to earn more, every business owner needs to learn more. Knowledge transforms into confidence that lets business owners try things and not be fearful of change. Even after operating 64 trucks in the transportation industry in Sydney at the age of 24, Ben Fewtrell felt that he was not getting anywhere in life. Now he helps business owners to grow their businesses using the five stages of the Business Exceleration Blueprint. If you are still asking, "How can I max my profit?", the...

Duration: 00:26:46

Success Secrets - Will Bunker | TSP 139

The idea that you have to uproot your life and live in Silicon Valley to make big money may have some truth in it. But this is not necessarily a requirement for Founder Will Bunker when he sold his company for $47 billion. The success secrets he has held onto in order to invest in 170 start-ups are humility, gratefulness and exponential thinking. Don’t be just a clone of the other pitchers that came before you. Have a heart, choose kindness and think outside of the box.

Duration: 00:24:22

FARGO-Exceeding Low Expectations - Greg Tehven | TSP BE06

Collaborating with people and exceeding low expectations is a bigger win any entrepreneur can ask for. Greg Tehven wasn’t an exemption to this notion, because when all he saw in front of him was just metrics and checklists, he knew he had to make a shift and invest in time and experiences instead. Now a co-founder and executive officer of Emerging Prairie, Greg is dedicated to give value to the community and use his skills to serve others and make a difference.

Duration: 00:32:21

Giftology: Make People Feel That They Matter - John Ruhlin | TSP 139

Making people feel that you care and think about them through personalized gifts is the best way to make a connection. Not just because it is your obligation but because you feel it is the right thing to do to show your gratitude. Learn how to give great gives with Giftologoy author John Ruhlin. The gift-giving bar may have been set low by the advancements of technology, but this is the best time to go against the flow and make people feel one-in-a-million.

Duration: 00:32:13

How To Be Irresistible When You Pitch | TSP BE05

Every success has a story behind it. People are pulled in by the origins of a person because that is where the connection happens. John Livesay tries something new as he gets interviewed instead by health and fitness industry influencer Patrick Netter. Listen to the story of origin of John as he shares his experiences from being inspired by Bewitched to working for Fujitsu and ultimately becoming The Pitch Whisperer. Stop being invisible and learn how to be irresistible.

Duration: 00:39:12

Monetize Your Mission - Nicola Grace | TSP 138

Once you have a clear vision of how you want to express your passion in the world that is when you can monetize your mission and keep doing what you love. Nicola Grace can help you make the world a better place and leave a legacy for the next generation. Start acknowledging your dormant gifts and talents, because they can lead you to a passionate career and a life filled with happiness.

Duration: 00:25:11

The Boss Box - Hillary Gadsby | TSP BE04

Instead of competing, team up and learn from and with each other. Hillary Gadsby’s success isn’t defined by how much money she has, it is the people in her circle who paints the most honest picture of who she is. As the founder of The Boss Box, Hillary aims to help women entrepreneurs by showcasing their products through collaborations and educating each other with the many facets of wellness, beauty and fashion. Have fun, be different and rock those stilettos like the boss you really are.

Duration: 00:27:20

How to Raise $120M - Greg Centineo | TSP137

Leveraging can be a huge help when you want to learn how to raise $120M. Most people know how to give their money away but there are some who understand how to leverage money. One way of getting leverage and attracting people is by being brutally honest with proposals instead of giving false hopes. Focus on the goal and get to work because raising $120M isn’t easy, but it is also not impossible to achieve.

Duration: 00:27:12

How To Stop Worrying About Sales Growth – Rick Janezic | TSP136

Rick Janezic is the founder of Ascenceo, which helps entrepreneurs who are waking up in the middle of the night worrying about how they're going to make payroll and how they're going to grow the company, not have to do that anymore. He said, "When emotions are high, that is when facts are few." He gives people the right information on what the problem is whether it's in sales, marketing, onboarding new clients, or keeping new clients, so that the entrepreneurs can have some peace of mind....

Duration: 00:26:28

Up The Mood Elevator – Larry Senn | TSP BE02

Today's guest on the successful pitch is Larry Senn, the author of Up the Mood Elevator. He has some great insights on how you can shift from being angry and irritated to being grateful. He said that really is the key. He’s been called the Father of Corporate Culture so he knows how to get people and teams to work really well together, and of course that's the secret to being successful. His whole premise is if you maintain a gratitude perspective, everything shifts, and that companies...

Duration: 00:28:21

Show Me The Money – Leigh Steinberg | TSP135

Today's guest on The Successful Pitch is Leigh Steinberg who was the inspiration for the character Jerry Maguire. He has a fascinating story of where that famous line, "Show me the money" came from, so you're going to really want to listen to hear how that came about. Leigh is also very interested in making a difference in the world, not only with his own business but for the athletes and coaches and newscasters that he represents. He's all about making sure that people know about...

Duration: 00:25:10

How To Pitch To God – Andrea Gold | TSP BE01

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Andrea Gold. She’s been in business for over 30 years as an entrepreneur, running her own speakers’ bureau. She really knows what it takes to be successful and to not give up. She has a great expression in here about how to pitch to God. She said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want when you’re negotiating with somebody because you might just get it.” She tells a wonderful story of how that happened for her and one of her clients. She said,...

Duration: 00:35:30

How To Be A Winner – Mark Faust | TSP134

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is author Mark Faust who has written several books about high growth leverage. His new book is called Winning Strategy. He has a really interesting look at the strategies that happened during the recent presidential election and how you can see what worked and didn’t work and more importantly, how to apply it to your own business. He said there are really three keys to having a great strategy in anything. One is a vision, two is a focus and the third...

Duration: 00:30:08

Eyes Wide Open – Isaac Lidsky | TSP133

Today's guest on The Successful Pitch is Isaac Lidsky, the author of "Eyes Wide Open." Isaac went blind at the age of 25. It was a slow process when he was in his late teens so he had time to get used to the idea. At first, he thought it was going to be a very sad and small life, but he said, "You know what? I might have lost my sight, but not my vision for what I want my life to be." He really has great insights into the importance of combining nonverbal cues with verbal cues, so that...

Duration: 00:33:56

Live An Adventurous Life – Mark Lovett and Dr. Jeff Salz | TSP132

Today, I have two guests on the podcast. They are Mark Lovett and Jeff Salz, who have a business called Speaker Adventure. They help people craft a story so that they can become compelling no matter what their pitching for. They have great expertise with the TEDx and TED Events and really becoming an adventurer in your life because when you have a story of why you're doing something or why someone should hire you, that gets people engaged with the storytelling, our brain works very...

Duration: 00:33:36

What Made Me Who I Am – Bernie Swain | TSP131

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Bernie Swain, the author of “What Made Me Who I Am”. He’s the founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau, which represents famous presidents, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, athletes, Tom Brokaw, and he talks about how he started his agency, how long he had to wait while working out of a closet to get his first client, and the resilience it takes to become an entrepreneur. He said, “Passion is much more important than talent, and a pitch works when...

Duration: 00:32:53

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