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Life as a mom can be demanding, overwhelming and sometimes feel like it's too much for one mom to handle. Now add in your dreams, goals, interests and sprinkle in a few unexpected challenges and you have a life that seems impossible to manage. The choice is ours; crumble under the pressure or rise to the occasion! The Super Mommy Podcast is a place to encourage and empower moms who have chosen to rise to occasion and accomplish the impossible. We feature conversations to help you manage your mom life, build your dream life and live your fulfilled life! Christina Amen founded Super Mommy Consulting to help moms manage more fulfilling, thriving and productive lives while leading healthy and whole families. Christina is a speaker, writer, parenting and family professional, advocate and transformation coach who has spent the last 10 years serving moms and families in the fields of early childhood development, education, parenting coaching and education, ministry and personal development. It became real to her that being a Super Mommy was possible after becoming a mom in 2006; again in 2008, 2010 and 2013 all while starting a business, growing her faith, working on her marriage, finding her identity and never giving up in spite of challenges, mistakes, loss, failures and life junk that tries to weigh us down and stop us from moving forward. Join Christina every Monday and Saturday as she and extraordinary guests dig deep into topics like owning authenticity for more meaningful connections, producing peace in your home, parenting that develops, establishing boundaries that create balance and so much more. Find out why moms from all over the world are turning to Super Mommy Consulting to unleash their inner Super Mommy and accomplish the impossible everyday with energy, excellence and ease.





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