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SuperFlight - 85 - Midseason Slumps and Horrible Diets with Shameek Mohile

Man, it is cold outside! But Joe's back to keep your ears blazing hot with his ridiculous stories and absurd NBA takes, and here to help him break this stuff down is Shameek Mohile. Joe and Sham get into the Pistons slump and what they can do while Reggie is injured and about the emergence of Reggie Bullock, but it's also cool that Joe got to rub the Sixers win in Sham's face in real time! Then they move on to the Cavs and talk a bit about the Kyrie article that dropped on ESPN this week...

Duration: 01:13:59

SuperFlight - 84 - The Bulls Are Winning? With Tyler Pleiss

"Twas the week before Xmas and all through the pod, Joe's talking about Bulls wins with a guy from a Blog. This week, on the glorious return of the SuperFlight, I talk to long time friend of the podcast, Tyler Pleiss. We break down the Sixers loss to the Bulls, Mirotic's return to the court and the winning streak, broken faces, unsung hero's and a bunch of other random stuff. This is my holiday gift to you so enjoy! You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tyler_Pleiss Learn more about your ad...

Duration: 00:51:43


Just this one time, the SuperFlight is going to be hijacked by THE DUNK TALES PODCAST. It's a brand new show with James Holas a.k.a. Snottie Drippen and Joe Borelli a.k.a. your favorite campfire philosopher and host of the SuperFlight. Going forward these will be two separate podcasts but we wanted to debut it here in order to gain a little traction and let you know what's going on. Don't worry, the SuperFlight is not going anywhere but the DUNK TALES is going to be all NBA and a whole lot...

Duration: 00:49:12

SuperFlight - 83 - Sixers vs Pistons with David Fernandez

Boy, that was some game the other night, huh? If you're a Sixers fan listening to this podcast it's going to be right up your alley. If you're a Pistons fan listening to this podcast, there's still plenty to enjoy. Friend of the show David Fernandez joins Joe this week to talk about the game and the amazing strides the Pistons, in particular Andre Drummond, have make this year. Once that's all over, they dive slightly into what's going on in OKC and what the team can do to correct the...

Duration: 01:15:05

SuperFlight - 82 - Clippers Talk with Aaron Fischman

Aaron Fischman of On The NBA Podcast joins Joe this week to talk about the Clippers struggles and where they go from here. Will the Clippers trade DeAndre? Will Blake be able to figure out the fourth quarter woes? Will Doc be back next season? Will the Clippers rebuild and what would that mean for the fan base? All of these questions will be answered plus what's up with Kawhi and can the Wizards keep winning without Wall? It's a fun conversation, have a listen. You can follow Aaron on...

Duration: 01:11:59

SuperFlight - 81 - Way Too Early All-Stars with Tim Tompkins

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let's talk turkey (it couldn't be helped) about the All Star team. This week Joe has a story for you and then Tim Tompkins joins Joe in some awesome nothing-about-basketball talk, so if you want to skip all the fun and go right to the All Star talk, go right to the 28 minute mark. Then Joe and Tim get into a debate about how many Sixers are going to make the team, the Wiggins vs Covington debate, the who's better Simmons or Embiid debate and if DeRozan is...

Duration: 01:24:18

SuperFlight - 80 - The Celtics Win with James Holas

SuperFlight in the house! It's a bit delayed but better late than never, right? So, the Celtics beat the Warriors last night and James Holas breaks the game down for Joe with the pride of a father who just witnessed the birth of his team of adult sons. Then Joe takes a turn gloating about Embiid, Covington's new contract and a bunch of other nonsense. It's a good one, enjoy! You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen and on Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...

Duration: 01:06:08

SuperFlight - 79 - Bledsoe Finds a New Salon - with Greg Esposito

Well, it's been a minute but Joe's back and ready to talk nonsense for about ten straight minutes. After that, Greg Esposito joins the show to talk about the Eric Bledsoe trade and what it means for the Suns, Bucks and the All Star team. This and so much more coming at ya! Enjoy. You can follow Greg on Twitter @Espo and on the Suns Solar Panel podcast on ABPN Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Duration: 00:49:22

SuperFlight - 78 - Oh, Oh, It's Magic..and Cavs and MEM, BOS, MIL and Halloween! - With @SnottieDirppen

Happy Halloween everyone! Joe's back to break down some NBA stories and share a Halloween story as well. Tonight, James Holas is back as well to break down exactly what's going on with the Cavs and if the Magic and Pistons are for real and tell you about how he feels about trick-or-treaters. Also be sure to tweet at James and let him know he needs a new mic. It's a pretty SPOOKY pod, enjoy! You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen and on Learn more about your ad...

Duration: 01:09:55

SuperFlight - 77 - Trouble in AZ and Early MVP - With Dave DuFour

Another week of basketball, another bunch of crazy, awesome things happened. Dave DuFour is here to break down the craziness in Phoenix to the chances of a Giannis MVP, and everything in between. Plus, Joe and Dave talk about how to really enjoy life and plumbing. It a lot of fun, enjoy! You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveDuFourNBA and at RealGM and Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Duration: 00:58:01

SuperFlight - 76 - Insult to Early Injuries - with @SnottieDrippen

We're just days into the NBA season and we have a plethora of injuries and James is here to talk about how bad the Celtics might be without Gordon Hayward. Well, there's that an a whole lot of swerving all over NBA topics cause Joe has a hard time keeping things together when he's drinking whiskey. It's fun and you'll enjoy it so listen to it! You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen and at

Duration: 01:04:25

SuperFlight - 75 - Embiid, Whiteside and Twitter debates with Max Rappaport

Well, Joe's favorite holiday is fast approaching and he's got a story about being a ten-year-old jerk, you're gonna love it. After that, Max Rappaport of the Step Over Podcast comes on the show to discuss Embiids contract extension, the budding rivalry between Hassan Whiteside and Embiid, Andrew Wiggins contract, and who's a better player - Wiggins or Covington. They wrap the whole thing up with some talk about the Makelle Futz injury and what's going on with his shot. Enjoy! You can...

Duration: 01:08:34

SuperFlight - 74 - The Knicks with David Futernick

If you're looking for a really dumb short story, have a listen to the beginning of the episode it's pretty dumb and indicative of the life experience of one Joe Borelli. After you've had your fill of nonsense, Dave Futernick of TV, Film and The Super Hoopers, joins the podcast to talk more nonsense, but this time in the form of the New York Knickerbockers. It's a great conversation with a brilliant and typically tortured Knicks fan. Enjoy! You can follow David on Twitter @DavidFuternick...

Duration: 01:02:01

SuperFlight - 73 - Season Predictions with @SnottieDrippin

Oh boy, the season's almost here! It's like Christmas in October or Halloween in, well, October! James Holas joins Joe again this time around to talk about the Embiid signing, the awards for MVP, Most Improved, 6th Man and a few random awards you don't want to miss. Hang out, it's gonna be fun~ You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippin and at

Duration: 01:13:20

SuperFlight - 72 - The New Look Kings with Vince Miracle

Woah, time really slips by quickly doesn't it. One day you're doing 14 podcasts in a row and the next thing you know, it's Saturday and the whole week has passed without doing one. Well, you're in luck cause the SuperFlight is back with Vince Miracle and ready to talk all about the Kings! Does Buddy Heild have any future? Will D'Aaron Fox scare Lonzo away every time they play? Can Bogdon win ROY? All of these questions will be answered, plus you'll hear the most epic stalling session ever...

Duration: 01:05:57

SuperFlight - 71 / FUZZ NBA Crossover - Eastern Conference Playoffs

It was a raucous Saturday night with Michael Keith and Byron James of the FUZZ NBA podcast. They joined Joe to talk about the potential playoff bound teams and a bunch of nonsense in between. Enjoy! You can follow Michael and Byron on Twitter @Michael_k_eith and @ByronJKnight

Duration: 01:00:05

SuperFlight - 70 - OMG OKC, Westbrook! With @SnottieDrippin

Hey, Westbrook signed the biggest deal in NBA history! Also, people need to stop farting on the subway! Then James Holas joins Joe to break down the Melo trade and OKC's outlook for the season. It's a good time so hang out and give a liste. You can follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippin and at

Duration: 01:05:44

SuperFlight - 69 - What Can I Say, I'm a Sixers Fan - with Spike Eskin

It's a quick opening this time cause it's Media Day in the NBA and Spike Eskin from the Rights To Ricky Sanchez joins the show to talk all things Sixers. Before they get into that, Joe's asks Spike about his dislike of celery and they talk briefly about Joe's second favorite subject, running. Then, it's on to Ben Simmons chances at ROY, Embiid's health, Fultz fit on the team and so much more. Stay put, it's gonna be fun! You can follow Spike on Twitter @SpikeEskin and The Rights to Ricky...

Duration: 00:57:58

SuperFlight - 68 - Jazzin' It Up with @SnottieDrippen

Man, this is a good one! First, if you wanna hear about life's little moments that just seem to pop out of nowhere to make you happy, listen to the opening. If you're in a hurry and don't care then skip to the 7 minute mark. After that, James Holas joins Joe again to break down the Jazz upcoming season and constantly call Rudy Gobert by his alternate name Rudy Gay. Don't ask. The guys talk about Donovan Mitchell, Gobert versus Hayward as the best player on the team last year and what to...

Duration: 01:15:07

SuperFlight - 67 - Suns and Stuff - with @RadioTimNBA

So, this week Joe has some really innocuous self-perpetuated dialogue about nothing but traveling to Pennsylvania to go to a wedding, If you want to skip this and get to the part where Joe has more innocent dialogue about quitting smoking, meatless Monday's and forgetting things, skip to the 6 minute mark. After Joe and Tim are through talking nonsense the do a deep dive into the Suns upcoming season, Devin Booker's chances at being a superstar, TJ Warren being a fun player with upside and...

Duration: 01:18:20

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