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EP6: Gay Pro Athletes, Grayson Allen, and more

The laughs and drama continue as Ric and Ryan explore: 1. Pro Players being offended by being asked if they're gay. 2. What percentage of pro athletes would you say are gay? 3. Is Grayson Allen dirty? 4. Steve Francis Players Tribune piece. 5. Remembering Lamar Odom and his off the court issues. 6. The power of celebrity and its affect on athletes.


EP5: NBA Beefs - Cleveland 2018

The laughs and drama just don't stop this episode. Now that the NBA Trade Deadline has ended, and all of the hype and speculation of which players might be moved to new teams, Ric goes Dr. Phil about what might have caused two longtime friends like Isaiah Thomas and K-Love to fall out. Ryan, on the otherhand, literally takes a chance of starting up his own IT - KLove style beef with Ric as he (Ryan) takes an interview call in the middle of taping this episode, and then takes a second...


EP4: Nationalism vs Racism In Pro Basketball

This time, Ric and Ryan discuss the increasing number of European players in the NBA and what it means to American-born players. TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE... Taking Jobs From AmericansNationalism vs. RacismInternational Players in America -


EP3: White vs Black Reporters - Who Do Athletes Trust?

In this episode of The SwRL, Ric and Ryan discuss the racial divide between players, referees, and beat writers. TOPICS INCLUDE, WHITE VS. BLACK:


EP2: Token Black NBA Assistant Coaches

On Episode 2, our hosts dissect the truth behind the NBA Assistant Coach, breaking down the tokens and the snitches, the yes men and the unqualified. Topics covered include: 1. Token black assistant coaches. 2. Coach talk'em down 3. Snitch coaches 4. Nepotism: When coach's son gets the job 5. Ex-college player turned NBA coach vs. Former Pro player coaches and more...


EP1: Should Pro Athletes Be Socially Aware?

On this inaugural episode of The SwRL, NBA veterans Ric Bucher and Ryan Hollins discuss a number of issues surrounding sports and social justice, including: 1. How Colin Kaepernick sparked a national debate about race in professional sports. 2. Ric and Ryan's experiences with racism from a white and black perspective. 3. Ryan shares what went on behind the scenes when he was with the Los Angeles Clippers and the Donald Sterling fiasco went down. and more...


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