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EP 55 – The Swift Kick Show – Life and Love With An Entrepreneur

It’s that time of year. During Valentine’s week, I'd like to bring my special guest to talk business and life. On your journey in entrepreneurship, it helps to have someone that you can bounce ideas off of and share in the tragedies and triumphs you go through. This week, my guest Taniza Holmes-Craggette talks with me on life with an entrepreneur. This is a special engagement.


EP 54 – The Swift Kick Show – Growth Can Be Simple

Simplify and multiply. Every business has growing pains but the ones that succeed becomes the leaders in their industry. Funny thing is, the determining factor to success and failure relies on the commitment to consistent improvement and documentation. We have to crawl before we run but once you’re running, you become unstoppable. My guest Justin Burns is a master at business automation and he breaks down how you can start running before you walk.


EP 53 – The Swift Kick Show – Control Your Own Media For Your Business

As you may know, The Swift Kick Show is a big advocate for business owners to control their own media. Especially if your business is small business. Every bit of content, good or bad, can determine how big of a lifeline a business can have. Outside of the branding possibilities, media opens the door for finding emerging markets and my guest Shadeed Eleazer discusses the ins and out of being media for your business and yourself.


EP 52 – The Swift Kick Show – Automate Customer Acquisition

We’ve talked about client-getting and how it’s an art to be effective but it’s even better to have systems in place to do the heavy lifting for you. Imagine if you only had to work on building your business and provide your product/service exclusively without begging for a customer/client…that would be a game changer. My guest Rochelle Odubela helps businesses globally install automation into their workflows and we discuss it.


EP 51 – The Swift Kick Show – Host Your Next Event Internationally

The benchmark of a successful business is the industry trade event. If your business can host a live event, it places both you and the business in high regard. The sticking point is what if your business is still building? How can you create an industry-defining event with little success? Relationships with industry leaders! My guest Declan Mc has built solid relationships that lead to his international event and he details how he did it.


EP 50 – The Swift Kick Show – One Joint Venture Can Change Everything

Leverage is the ultimate tool to advancing your ambitions because you don’t need to have everything in place to succeed. It’s all about shared resources for a mutually beneficial activity but most of us are trained to think competition doesn't allow for collaboration. The term Joint Venture was created to address how two or more businesses can work together for a common goal yet it’s not practiced with precision. My guest Sohail Khan distills the factors that will help you create your...


EP 49 – The Swift Kick Show – Master Your Business This Year

It’s time to start the year off right. For most people, the new year is when resolutions are made and for business owners, it’s the same. A new project, a new promotion, a new partnership. No matter where you are today, this is a time for renewal and my guest Kevin Madison shares with us some awesome insights to set you up for a prosperous new year.