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The Tatiana Show - Scott Horton & Agnieszka Pilat

Tatiana interviews antiwar radio host Scott Horton & artist Agnieszka Pilat. Topics include: --"Poland as a Liberty Hotbed" --"Deskilling in Art and Instagram" --"The Reality of the War in Afghanistan" --"American World Empire" About the Guests: -Polish born artist, Agnieszka Pilat studied painting and illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. She is an award-winning artist and her works can be found in public and private collections in United States, Poland,...

Duration: 01:56:33

The Tatiana Show - Arry Yu Of StormX & Richard Jacobs Of Bitcoin Superconference

Tatiana interviews Arry Yu of StormX & Richard Jacobs of Bitcoin Superconference. Topics include: --"Getting Into Crypto" --"The Bitcoin Superconference" --"Getting into Tech from Music" --"The Evolution of StormX" About the Guests: -Richard Jacobs is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and publisher of the Crypto News Insider newsletter, FutureTech Podcast, and official podcast. Over the last nine months, he has interviewed hundreds of the most influential players and...

Duration: 01:21:55

The Tatiana Show - Cardiff Gerhardt of Crypto vs Metals & Greg Caskey of HipHoponomics

Josh and special guest host Brian Sovryn of Sovryn Tech interviews Cardiff Gerhardt of Crypto vs Metals & Greg Caskey of HipHoponomics. Topics include: --"How Pop Culture Can Teach Important Subjects" --"Hip Hop in Schools" --"Integrating Crypto Investing into Fiction" --"The Trojan Horse of Ideological Media" About the Guests: -CRYPTO VS METALS LLC is an independent media company, founded by Cardiff Gerhardt & Jacqueline Alvidrez -Greg Caskey teaches Economics at the Delaware Military...

Duration: 01:02:26

The Tatiana Show - Erik Voorhees Of ShapeShift & Kat Murti

Tatiana interviews Erik Voorhees of ShapeShift & Kat Murti. Topics include: --"The State of Shapeshift, PRISM, and More" --"The Importance of Hardware Wallets" --"Feminism and Liberty" --"The Drug War" About the Guests: -ShapeShift is revolutionary part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is how digital asset exchange should work. The platform gives you the power to quickly swap between assets – no account required. -Kat Murti is a libertarian, feminist, and activist, working to make the...

Duration: 05:18:38

Tatiana Show - Scott Nelson Of Sweetbridge & Colin Cantrell Of Nexus

Tatiana interviews Scott Nelson of Sweetbridge & Colin Cantrell of Nexus. Topics include: --"The Economy of the Supply Chain" --"The Federal Reserve" --"The Nexus Conference" --"Satellites and Nexus" About the Guests: -Sweetbridge is a blockchain-based economic framework that transforms supply chain and logistics collaboration through a fast, fair and flexible value exchange that unleashes working capital for the benefit of all participants. -Nexus is a decentralized computer network that...

Duration: 05:10:14

The Tatiana Show - Tiana Laurence, Jun Dam of & Terry Brock

Tatiana interviews Tiana Laurence of Blockchain For Dummies, Jun Dam of 100x Blockchain Investors & Terry Brock. Topics Include: --"What is Factom?" --"Blockchain for Dummies" --"100x Investors Blockchain Summit" --"Tips & Strategy for Online Presence" About the Guests: -Terry Brock is a communicator and a lover of liberty and freedom. He works with individuals and organizations on how they can generate more sales by leveraging technology to build strong relationships in business. He...

Duration: 00:44:48

The Tatiana Show - Cally Ulbricht of Beautycounter & Lyn Ulbricht of

Tatiana interviews Cally Ulbricht of Beautycounter & Lyn Ulbricht of Topics Include: --"Men, Women, and Make-up" --"Make-up Techniques" --"Ross Ulbricht Has Been Moved to Another Facility" --"End the Drug War" About the Guests: -Lyn Ulbricht is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the Silk Road website. As a result of his involvement, Ross received a double life sentence without parole for all non-violent charges. Since Ross was arrested Lyn has worked to bring...

Duration: 04:11:06

The Tatiana Show - Brian Sovryn and Dr. Stephanie Murphy of Sex & Science Hour

Tatiana and Josh interview Brian Sovryn and Dr. Stephanie Murphy of Sex & Science Hour. Topics Include: --"The Bitcoin UASF" --"Transgender Sports" --"Polyamory" --"How To Keep Monogamous Relationships Exciting" Books Reference in the Show: --"Dark Android: 2017 Edition" by Brian Sovryn Link: --"Don't Be Nice, Be Real" by Kelly Bryson Link: --"The Ethical Slut" by Janet W. Hardy Link: --"Sex At Dawn" by Christopher Ryan...

Duration: 01:42:15

The Tatiana Show - Arvin Vohra of the Vohra Method & Melyssa Hubbard of Spank City Hall

Tatiana interviews Arvin Vohra of the Vohra Method & Melissa Hubbard of Spank City Hall. Topics Include: --"The Importance of the Libertarian Party" --"Getting Rid of Public Schools" --"PizzaGate" --"Taking Political Action in the Trump Administration" -Arvin Vohra is the creator of the Vohra Method, and the founder of Arvin Vohra Education. His educational programs have transformed the lives of countless students, and he has inspired audiences nationwide through his speeches, books, and...

Duration: 01:13:46

The Tatiana Show - Cally Ulbricht, Nena Whitfield of Ladies of Liberty Alliance & Julie Borowski

Tatiana interviews Cally Ulbricht of Beautycounter, Nena Whitfield of Ladies of Liberty Alliance, and Julie Borowski! Topics Include: --"BeautyCounter Products and the Silk Road Case" --"Ladies of Liberty" --"Free Speech" --"Concerns with Libertarians Going to the Alt-Right" About the Guests: -Cally Ulbricht is with Beautycounter. Beautycounter creates safer and effective skin care and cosmetics for women and families. They meticulously screen their ingredients for safety, and stand on...

Duration: 05:24:20

The Tatiana Show - Comedian Travis Irvine & Brian Sovryn of Sovryn Tech

Tatiana interviews comedian Travis Irvine & Brian Sovryn of Sovryn Tech. TOPICS INCLUDE: --"Comedy and Politics" --"Libertarians Interacting with the Left" --"Dark Android" --"Cryptocurrencies and Privacy" About the Guests: -Dr. Brian Sovryn is the proprietor and developer of Zomia Offline Games, as well as the creator and host of the podcast Sovryn Tech. His background in technology comes from years spent with multiple tech companies, the U.S. Army, and from being involved in the...

Duration: 07:50:51

The Tatiana Show - Matt Philips Of The Free State Project & Rob Viglione Of Zen

Tatiana interviews Matt Philips of The Free State Project & Rob Viglione of Zen. Topics Include: --"Sell the Whales!" --"PorcFest 2017" --"The Importance of Anonymous Payments" --"ZenCash" About the Guests: -Matt Philips majored in Politics at Princeton and interned at the Cato Institute along with FSP founder Jason Sorens before joining Internet advertising pioneer DoubleClick in New York City. He then co-founded Right Media, purchased by Yahoo! in 2007. He now lives in New Hampshire,...

Duration: 00:55:56

The Tatiana Show - Parneet Pal & Cecily Sommers

Tatiana interviews Parneet Pal & Cecily Sommers. Topics Include: --"Can We Live Forever?" --"Living in the Present" --"Meditation and Tips for Young Entrepreneurs" --"The Nature of AI" About the Guests: -Parneet Pal, M.B.B.S., M.S. is a Harvard- and Columbia-trained physician on a mission to scale the ideas that make wellbeing easy and accessible to all using evidence-based medicine and innovative behavior change models. She made a shift from clinical practice to chronic disease...

Duration: 04:23:53

The Tatiana Show - John Barrett Of Bitcoins And Gravy & Sean Malone Of FEE

Tatiana interviews John Barrett of Bitcoins and Gravy & Sean Malone of FEE. Topics Include: "The Importance of Meda in Liberty Outreach" "How To Reach New People To Liberty" "The Modern Music Scene" "Bitcoin and Music" About the Guests: -As the host of Bitcoins and Gravy, John Barrett draws upon a lifetime of experience. With a BA in Communications and Public Address, a background in radio broadcasting, years of live performance experience and a keen knowledge of audio engineering, John...

Duration: 04:47:23

The Tatiana Show - Jeffrey Tucker Of

Tatiana and Josh interview Jeffrey Tucker of Topics Include: "The Catholic Church and Libertarianism" "Trump's New Tax Proposal" "What To Do About Trump" "Prohibition" About the Guest: -Jeffrey Tucker is director of content for the Foundation for Economic Education, CLO of, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, and author of...

Duration: 05:32:25

The Tatiana Show - Tom Woods

Tatiana interviews ever-informative Tom Woods. Topics Include: --"Liberty Classroom" --"The Trump Enigma" --"The Importance of History" --"The Consequences of Voting" About the Guest: -Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is a senior fellow of the Mises Institute and host of The Tom Woods Show, which releases a new episode every weekday. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard and his master’s, M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Columbia University. Woods has appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News Channel,...

Duration: 01:13:14

The Tatiana Show - Amir Taaki & Lyn Ulbricht Of

Tatiana is joined by Lyn Ulbricht of to interview the one and only Amir Taaki, discussing the Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht case, Amir's time in Rojava, revolution, evolution, the philosophy of technology, and so much more! Topics Include: --"Silk Road, DPR, and Ross Ulbricht" --"The Nature of Bitcoin" --"Can Anarchy Work?" --"Revolutionary Visions" About the Guest: -Amir Taaki created the first full reimplementation of the bitcoin protocol named libbitcoin, worked on the...

Duration: 01:30:37

The Tatiana Show - Ryan Dawson Of

Tatiana interviews Ryan Dawson of the One of the best episodes yet, please share! Topics Include: --"The Antiwar Movement" --"Syria" --"North Korea" --"The Military-Industrial Complex" --"Trump and the Possibility of WW3" --"Nuclear Power and What We Can Do About It" One of the best episodes yet, please share! If you like this content, please send a tip with BTC to: 1444meJi7YjgQGNg3U8Z6qYZFA5cgz4Gmj More Info:

Duration: 01:25:48

The Tatiana Show - Will Madden of bridge21

Tatiana interviews Will Madden of bridge21. Topics Include: --"An Original Performance by Tatiana Moroz" --"The Problems with Money Transmitting" --"The Conspiracy of Compliance" --"Have Banks Taken Advantage of Blockchain Yet?" About the Guest: -Will (founder and CEO of bridge21, a web- and mobile-based service that lets you send and store money in any currency) is a financial services veteran who has built payments, prepaid, and remittance products that operate today in over 150...

Duration: 00:38:59

The Tatiana Show - Matt Philips of the Free State Project

Tatiana and Josh interview Matt Phillips of the Free State Project. Topics Include: --"What is the Free State Project?" --"The Importance of Community" --"Scammers" --"Why Liberty?" About the Guests: - Matt Philips majored in politics at Princeton and interned at the Cato Institute before joining Internet advertising pioneer DoubleClick (now owned by Google). He then co-founded Right Media (bought by Yahoo!). He now lives in New Hampshire, where he is an angel investor and the president of...

Duration: 03:50:03

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